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The short post-mortem of EVN Chronicles + new content on Fuwanovel

EVN Chronicles is in many ways a huge source of pride for me – a project that I was able to keep running for more than two years, producing an impressive library of content. I’ve learned a lot about VNs and about writing while working on it, trading the early passion for talking about the medium I’ve then recently fell in love with for decent amounts of knowledge and somewhat-justified confidence in my work. While my burnout effectively put a stop to me using that in any meaningful way for many months, I never doubted that my hiatus for writing won’t be permanent, even if the hiatus of the blog itself is.

So, this is enough rambling, I’ll get to the point. Staying in this weird position of ex-blogger that doesn’t do anything useful wasn’t exactly inspiring or comfortable, so I want to close this chapter officially. EVN Chronicles as a project is over. I will continue the Steam Curator, as it is something I just organically do while reading VNs on Steam, but other than that, the blog won’t receive any new updates.

That doesn’t mean I gave up on writing. From now on, any projects and reviews that I find interesting enough to work on will find their way to the Fuwanovel frontpage. The newest piece of content I’ve published there is an interview with one of my favourite upstart VN devs, PunishedHag, but I hope to throw game jam coverage and an occasional review to the mix. It won’t be very frequent, but I want every post I put there to feel worthwhile. Fuwa is a very dear place to me and at this point, I feel it’s way more meaningful to apply myself there than to struggle to keep this personal project alive. I’ll post about everything I post there on Twitter, so if you want to know about my future projects, please consider following me there. 

Once more, thank you all for following this blog and, hopefully, see you on Fuwanovel!


Fuwanovel's resident EVN fanboy. Formerly the author of the (most likely) only blog about non-Japanese visual novels, EVN Chronicles.

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