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Best Friend Forever – Demo Review | Woof, Woof

Rainbow Bay, the paradise for dog lovers.

Those who have been dreaming of a game where you can get to know and date dog lovers, adopt the cutest dog in the world, shower unlimited love on your pet dog, feed your pet dog with delicious treats, groom your pet dog to look its best, listen to your pet dog bark and fart, clean up your pet dog’s poop — well, listen up: Best Friend Forever, an upcoming visual novel game by publisher Alliance and indie game studio Starcolt, lets you do all of that and more!

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Best Friend Forever, which combines dating and pet care management simulations, brings players to Rainbow Bay where pet dogs outnumber local residents. This LGBTQ+ friendly game presents a diverse cast of six (legit human) singles whom one may befriend, date, and fall head over heels in love with. And of course, players get to adopt and take care of their very own virtual pet dog!

While the full game is slated for release on 27 August 2020, a demo covering the first five in-game weeks is already available to play on Steam. My general impressions of the

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