August Forums FuwApocalypse

Written by Tay

If you’re trying to reach the forums and are getting an error message, you aren’t alone! Something triggered a bunch of issues with the forums starting on Tuesday, and it’s been a bit of a cascading snowball since then. That said, I have good news (and bad news) for you:

  • Good News: I know what the problem is. It has to do with how the forums identify and use PHP on our server.
  • Good News: No data has been lost. Thus, I don’t expect any “rollback” will occur. Your posts are safe.
  • Bad News: I’m waiting on Invision, so the timetable is out of my hands. Thus, no ETA for a fix.
  • Bad News: I didn’t get to break the site. It broke on its own. Hmph.

I’ll keep you updated as I know more. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

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I'm the Fuwanovel community admin and a big fan of Visual Novels. The easiest way to get a hold of me is via a PM on the Fuwanovel Forums, by twitter (@ArchmageTay), or by email.


  • Buahahahahaha IPS Community’s site is broken as well! I wonder how many other sites that uses IPS is broken.

  • Love the pick u chose Tay, funny anime. Best of luck getting forums back online. A piece of my daily routine has been missing since they went down.

  • Well, as long as you bring us Sakura no Uta english translation, I’ll forgive you there in regard of FuwApocalypse XDDDDDD.

    In all seriousness, hopefully the Invision problem could be taken care sooner considering that it’s been a week since the forum broke down. Although of course even if I said this, I would say that I started to missing the forum here. Good luck to you there in regard of fix the forum.

  • Oh so that’s what happened. Yeah it started with not being able to post anything or check PMs, then KABOOOM ><

  • Since I keep on releasing blog posts daily at blogspot, I’ve like 10 posts piled up already since FuwApocalypse… will have to double post for the number of days that FuwApocalypse lasts…

  • The Otakon announcements are just around the corner and the forum is still down. Fantastic timing! *sigh*

  • I would kind of like an update as well… it is frustrating not to have the community around to browse for stress relief.

  • First of all I’m sorry if you dislike my question here, and anyway here’s my questions below:
    1. Is it REALLY impossible to fix the problem by yourself there?
    2. Did you REALLY already requested at the IPS board for the new Invision there?

    I asking this because I saw some forum that was use IPS and they working fine from what I knew, especially their main site. So perhaps I think you could ask them of how to fix whatever problem that bugging Fuwanovel forum, and if possible I think you could just use a new software there. Hope you managed to fix the forum whenever you could.

    PS – If possible, I want a detail explanation in regard of IPS board especially the error here

  • Tay, please a sign of life.
    Or an update.

    Both would be nice, yeah both would be best.
    Would be plenty happy with only one of them tough.

  • Forums are back up. rejoice! And sorry for not having the time these past weeks to help out Tay and the community at large.

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