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Visual Novel Translation Status (06/17/2017)

VNTS Header 06/17/2017
Written by Tay

This week’s header image comes from our lone release: Symphonic Rain (Steam) which got released this week with a new translation and updated art.

VNTS (Visual Novel Translation Status Updates Series) is published each Saturday and brings the latest updates from VN translation projects — both licensed and by fans — from around the net. If you find any errors, or you think a project is missing from this list, please let us know in the comments.

From The Team:  The hardcore VNTS readers among you will no doubt have noticed that the last few weeks’ releases/header images have been a bit of a shitshow. I take full responsibility for all of the mistakes, even though it’s Decay’s fault. I want everyone to know that the blame lies squarely in my court, despite Decay being the actual guilty party. Please do not hold these mistakes against Decay, despite all of these errors being his fault — I’m the one taking the bullets, here.

Did I mention that the errors were Decay’s fault? ‘Cuz they were. – Tay

The Short Version: Only the New Stuff

New Releases!

  • Symphonic Rain (Degica) – Released! Get it on Steam here. Contains touched-up art and a new translation.

Removed from the List This Week

All the Game Updates:

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Fan Translation Projects

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VNTS Commentary Section

Zakabox™ 「This is the place where Zaka occasionally shares his wisdom. Will he show up this week? Will he have anything to say? Only time will tell.」

Decay’s MusingsHey all. Not much happening this week I guess except for Symphonic Rain, and Konosora finishing retranslation. I was never a big Symphonic Rain fan to be honest. The common route bored me to tears, and the melodrama is okay, I guess, but it didn’t really do much for me. Alas, it is hugely popular and I’m probably just a big dumb idiot for not liking it. I can live with that.

At a $40 price point, I don’t think I’ll be tempted to give it another read any time soon. Like… seriously? Degica made a mistake with Nurse Love Addiction’s price point and it feels like they’re just doubling down on that whole “15 hour VN = $40” thing. The VN market is harsh enough as it is, I don’t think they need to make it any harder on themselves. Especially since this is for an already-translated title. I don’t get it, man.

One VN I will try to read again is Konosora (If My Heart Had Wings). There’s a reason why that VN is so popular despite the shitshow of a translation, it’s a damn good moege. People shouldn’t get their hopes up too much though. The remaining editing, QC, and patch creation process could still take a good length of time. At least it seems like the end is in sight now, though. I’m eager to get my hands on that.

Also, AnimeExpo posted their event schedule this week, and on it we see panels from MangaGamer, Sekai Project, JAST, Front Wing, and Idea Factory, and maybe more that I’ve missed. In the year between the last AX and now, JAST has released exactly one (1) title, and it wasn’t any of the VNs they announced at last year’s AX. I wonder if they’ll actually have more licensing announcements in spite of that fact. I also wonder when they plan on actually releasing stuff, but that’s nothing new.

Anyway, it’s the middle of the night and I have family visiting tomorrow, I really should get some sleep. See you all next week.

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  • The funny thing is that one reason that I enjoy Symphonic Rain and find it so memorable is because I hate the rain. Because it rains so much in the VN, I am able to emphasize with Chris’s deep sadness if only a little bit.

    Anyways, Fal and Lise routes both have the issue of having a sudden burst of melodrama at the end, but the Torta route and the routes that leads to (which make up the bulk of the VN) don’t have that problem. The Torta’s route problem is that it’s setup for the true route, but I think it’s good setup regardless.

    Mentioning anything beyond that would be spoilery, so I won’t.

    • what changes are in effect from the original one (which by the way has the better graphics for me).
      is the texts really the same?no add-on contents?what about the mini-game?is it improved?is it skippable now?

      P.S. Torta=Lise>True End>Fal in my opinion

      • The translation is new, but the original content seems to be the same. It’s not a remake and there’s no new content other than the art.

        It turns out the minigame was always skippable with the esc key according to Degica, but that’s not obvious.

    • It’s been progressing very steadily, but this is an off-week for MG updates so no progress updates for them. It’s probably not going to be released “soon,” maybe sometime towards the end of the year.

  • Symphonic Rain has a low start and seems kind of boring, but the routes are rewarding enough to compensante such a lackluster beginning.

    • Other than being musical, not really. Quartett was more light hearted other than one abnormally melodramatic route while Symphonic Rain is somber except at its happiest.

      As far as characters and story go, I would say Symphonic Rain was better. Quartett’s presentation is better though, so it depends on opinion on deciding which is a better VN.

  • for kiminozo can someone tell me.
    is evan actually working on the game itself and all those videos are game footage of his already done work (meaning the game patch) or is he doing the videos meaning when he is done there would be a HUGE editing phase,hacking,tech stuff to go through.

    • The stuff you’re seeing now is from a Kimonozo/Muv-Luv crossover fandisc, actually. It’s a side project of Evan’s so he can take occasional breaks from MLA’s more serious tone.

      Kiminozo itself is primarily on the backburner while Evan works on “TLCing”/Retranslating Muv-Luv Alternative for Degica.

  • I liked SR because it’s not as clear-cut as so many other VNs out there, plus – looking back – the mini-game does add a lot of replay value (for those who are into that sort of game anyway).

    It’s also rather tragic without running away from the reader – again, unlike a lot of other VNs out there.

    Plus, the characters. A single clear-cut bad guy aside, none of the cast is truly ‘good’, nor is anyone truly ‘bad’. This includes the protagonist – a rare find, in my opinion.


    First and foremost, one has to have the proper mindset for this sort of VN. It’s definitely not for everyone. If one doesn’t like not knowing things, if one prefers things to be clear-cut, if one prefers characters aligned to stereotypes, and most of all, if one is averse to music, then this VN should probably be skipped over.

    The same if one is looking for a quick fix… or even a happy end. You’re NOT going to find that here.

    In fact, chances are you’re going to take this thing, read it in a single setting (this includes all the routes) and then in the end, throw it aside, never wanting to touch it again. That happened to me at least – mostly because the routes may just run counter to each other. It’s hard to truly enjoy the “true end” when one sits back for a moment and realizes what that end cost for at least one other character.

    But with that said, kudos to the writer(s). The whole thing just meshes together. This is no case of “common route” and every route splitting off after that. Understanding the motivations of any one character means reading more than one, if not all the routes.

    Personally, I find I like Fal’s route best, mostly because of them all, it’s the straightforward one. Which is kind of ironic, all things considered, including the character’s name itself.

    Lise’s a bit more difficult. Ultimately, I think chances were missed on that route; there’s a lot of things to clear up on that route but in the end, the ending just felt rushed. In context of the VN that works… but as a standalone route, not so much.

    Tortinita’s a special case. As a certain famous author used to say: RAFO, that is, read and find out. Personally, I’d strongly recommend leaving that route for last.

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