Visual Novel Translation Status (06/10/2017)

VNTS Header 06/10/2017
Written by Tay

No releases this week, so our header image is Grisaia: Phantom Trigger because we feel like it.

VNTS (Visual Novel Translation Status Updates Series) is published each Saturday and brings the latest updates from VN translation projects — both licensed and by fans — from around the net. If you find any errors, or you think a project is missing from this list, please let us know in the comments.

From The Team:  Hey everybody, hope you had a good week. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with car maintenance and complicated finances all week, so I hope you’re jealous! Setting that aside, lots of good VN translation progress to catch up on this week, so let’s get to it. – Tay

The Short Version: Only the New Stuff

Removed from the List This Week

All the Game Updates:

Fan Translation Projects

Fan Translation Projects

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JAST USA Projects

JAST USA (Updates; Archive)

[wpdatatable id=394]

MangaGamer Projects

MangaGamer (Updates)

[wpdatatable id=395]

Sekai Project Projects

Sekai Project (Update Page)

[wpdatatable id=396]

  • Here’s a handy link to sort Sekai Project’s Steam releases by release date: link

Misc. Projects

Other Projects

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VNTS Commentary Section

Zakabox™ 「It’s been a while. I was only going to fix the Phantom Trigger thing, but it kind of feels wrong to not write anything here when I’m already editing the post. So uhh, first of all I should congratulate Haro on finishing her re-translation of Hadaka Shitsuji. Not sure who’s on Sorcery Jokers, but good to see that completed as well. Marabou’s toffee whole nut 300g tablet might be worth the price, but the Oreo filled one probably isn’t… where was I?

Right. Visual novels. In case you’re wondering why nikuniku was taken off the list, Dergonu handed off the project to someone else and that someone seems to be neither progressing fast nor wanting to make any public announcements. Maybe they’ll finish before Muramasa is out. Either way there’s not much to track and not much certainty of completion, so it’ll stay off the list for now.

In other news, I have now finished four VNs in Japanese and three of them were short yuri themed doujins (the fourth didn’t have the yuri part). スキトキメキトキス is the best one I’ve read so far, though I suppose with the competition, that’s not saying too much. Remind me to write an actual description for it on vndb today… for I shall be off. Hopefully Decay can write something more substantial later.」

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