Visual Novel Translation Status (05/06/2017)

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Written by Decay

There are no new releases, so this week’s header image comes from Chuusotsu – 1st Graduation, currently halfway to its goal on Kickstarter! Back it here.

VNTS (Visual Novel Translation Status Updates Series) is published each Saturday and brings the latest updates from VN translation projects — both licensed and by fans — from around the net. If you find any errors, or you think a project is missing from this list, please let us know in the comments.

From The Team:  Tay is incredibly busy with School/Research/all sorts of other stuff, so it’s time for another all-Decay VNTS! Which also means it’s time for another zero-effort banner and probably a host of mistakes. No releases this week, but there are a several major releases planned for the second half of May though, including the biggest of big daddies. I hope you’re using this time to clear out your backlog. I’m sure not!

The Short Version: Only the New Stuff

All the Game Updates:

Fan Translation Projects

Fan Translation Projects

[wpdatatable id=367]

JAST USA Projects

JAST USA (Updates; Archive)

[wpdatatable id=368]

MangaGamer Projects

MangaGamer (Updates)

[wpdatatable id=369]

Sekai Project Projects

Sekai Project (Update Page)

[wpdatatable id=370]

  • Here’s a handy link to sort Sekai Project’s Steam releases by release date: link

Misc. Projects

Other Projects

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VNTS Commentary Section

Zakabox™ 「This is the place where Zaka occasionally shares his wisdom. Will he show up this week? Will he have anything to say? Only time will tell.」

Decay’s MusingsToday I was going to take a day off from editing Dracu-Riot so I can get some much-needed VN reading done, but the urge to edit was too stronk. Good for DR fans, bad for my backlog. Pygmalion? Nope. Grisaia? Soon, hopefully. Da Capo 3? lmao. It’s okay, we only have Libra coming out in ten days, Utawarerumono on the 23rd, and Dies irae on the 31st. No big d. By the way, did you know that I’ve completely memorized how to spell Utawarerumono? It’s one of the few accomplishments in my life I’m proud of. Maybe next I’ll learn how to pronounce it without stuttering.

It’s been a while since I dropped a track in here apropos of nothing, so enjoy (or not) some of the hipster music I listen to:

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