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Visual Novel Translation Status (04/08/2017)

Written by Decay

This week’s header image comes from Aiyoku no Eustia, a fan TL project we added to the table this week!

VNTS (Visual Novel Translation Status Updates Series) is published each Saturday and brings the latest updates from VN translation projects — both licensed and by fans — from around the net. If you find any errors, or you think a project is missing from this list, please let us know in the comments.

From The Team:  Tay wanted to cancel this week’s VNTS and I was having none of it. Luckily, he passed out from the exhaustion and stress of his heavy real-life responsibilities, allowing me to do as I please! So here’s a rogue VNTS update coming right at ya! Who’s gonna stop me? (Also, seriously, please give all your energy to Tay, he needs it!)

The Short Version: Only the New Stuff

All the Game Updates:

Fan Translation Projects

Fan Translation Projects

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JAST USA Projects

JAST USA (Updates; Archive)

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MangaGamer Projects

MangaGamer (Updates)

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Sekai Project Projects

Sekai Project (Update Page)

  • Note: There’s an issue with their progress tracker where some projects end up looking stuck at a high percentage of completion. Those projects are actually fully translated.

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  • Here’s a handy link to sort Sekai Project’s Steam releases by release date: link

Misc. Projects

Other Projects

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VNTS Commentary Section

Zakabox™ 「To start, I’d like to congratulate Verde for getting Fashioning Little Miss Three… uhm, Miss Lonesome to 97% translated (edit: nope, she’s actually completely done. Why’d I write this dang thing on Friday, anyway?). She’s really swamped with work and life atm, and I admire her ability to not just get destroyed like I would probably be, lol. Also she’s cute, but she knows that already!

If there’s an otomege I actually want to play, it’s FLML; it’s got porn and seems really entertaining in general, plus far as I can tell the protag is atypical, which tends to be a good thing no matter what the VN’s intended demographic. I wonder how many sales it will get from guys, lol.

When it comes to my fan translation “career”, apparently our more worldly cousin thought our name, Sekkai Project, was a bit overly meddlesome, so the group translating Maki Fes is now known as “Bueeh?! Translations, Though“. I’m probably saltier about this than I have any right to be. The though is officially part of the name, so have fun fitting that into whatever you write about us, O totally existent VN journalists reporting on nukige fan patches (wait, that’s us vnts writers. shit).

After a super duper heroic effort from me where I probably translated like, AT LEAST THIRTY lines per day (for two days!), and a middling effort where tbac TLCd like everything and translated his own script too jeez man, we can safely say that unless we get stuck in editing or QC – and considering we’ve got the formidable Ryechu on our team, at least editing should be smooth – we should be able to release the patch on Maki’s birthday, the 19th of April, and that I really should have split this into two or more sentences instead of abusing the poor en dash.

If you only feel like playing one scene, I recommend the bottom right choice; it’s the scene I translated. While our tlc killed quite a few memes in other scripts, he spared most of mine… including some that have received near-universal praise on the Twitters and such. I should note that I’m using the looser definition of “meme translation” here – really you could call it part troll, part joke, and all part of the fun while still mostly maintaining the meaning of the original line.

…y’know, translating short stuff can be surprisingly fun. I might come out with a certain other thing under 500 lines at some point this year, though knowing me, I will give no guarantees. I only have like 40 lines left to translate, though, so at this point maybe someone actually should kick me up the arse. And having affixed that ominous sign to my posterior… I bid thee adieu for today.」

Decay’s MusingsI couldn’t let a week go by without a VNTS. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I will ensure our VNTS arrives at your doorstep every week unless our servers are literally on fire. And even then, we’ll find a way. Maybe the day for me to move on will eventually come, but that ain’t any time soon.

Kinda sad to see a week without any releases, but maybe that’s for the best considering everyone and their mother are playing Persona 5 right now. I’ve already logged around 25 hours in and yup, I’m addicted again. Even as someone who has been an avid gamer for 25 years, Persona 4 became one of my favorite games of all time. Will P5 surpass it? So far it’s fun and addicting as hell with loads of improvements over P4, but I’m not feeling the cast quite as much. I’m “only” 25 hours in right now and haven’t met a lot the main cast yet, though, so I’m really eager to see how things develop from here. People seem to be liking it a lot, though, which I’m glad to see.

On top of P5, a new hearthstone expansion released, and a new Europa Universalis IV expansion released. So yeah, I got pretty much zero VN reading and editing done last week. It’s getting hard to tell what the next major release will be. SP has hinted in the past that a WagaHigh release was imminent, but it seems that’s taking a bit longer to get out the door than expected. MangaGamer also has a variety of games sitting at 100% with no reported technical/porting progress, so I’m not really sure what’s up with them.

Meanwhile, VisualArts is teasing Little Busters. It looks like we might actually be getting that in the near future. I suspect that’s going to be a huge release when it hits. I’m sensing more hype for it than I did for Clannad, and the English OP they posted to Youtube got over 10k views in a week, which is really impressive for a promotional video for a VN. I know I want to revisit it, both to see the new content and to see if I like the old stuff as much as I remember.

Well, back to P5 for me. Gotta clear up some Mementos quests!

TAYsteful Thoughts™Have a good week, everybody!

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Hello, I'm Decay, an avid fan of visual novels and a regular poster on Fuwanovel. Also, I now review and write about VNs officially for Fuwanovel? Yeah, that started happening at some point. You may also see me on VNDB as dk382.


  • Thanks for your dedication in bringing this weekly lol

    Same as you i’ve been stuck playing other games and have no time for VNs, Horizon Zero Dawn, Yakuza 0 New Dark Souls dlc to name a few, 2017 is an amazing year so far

  • I hope the BGMs of Little Busters! English edition, just like the Perfect edition were preserved and not altered like Clannad.

  • holy shit, ive been hoping a group would pick up aiyoku no eustia since yandere disappeared, i can not wait for that 😀

  • Holyshit have been waiting for a full translation of Aiyoku no Eustia for a damn long time. Glad to see it got picked up

  • What happened with Trinoline? I thought Mangagamer said they were already working on translation a year ago, while it was still in development, so they could have the Japanese and English version released as close as possible. I don’t know, maybe my memory is failing me.

    Decay, thanks for putting the VNTS out there, even if there isn’t much status or releases. This is one of the few things I look forward to every week. Really appreciate all the hard work you guys do to make sure this gets out every week. I just realized that even though you guys might have been a day late a time or two, I am pretty sure there has never been a week that it has not made it out, at least since I started coming here weekly the last couple years.

    Thank You, I really appreciate it!

  • Had some good news for you guys, BakaTsuki had been steadily progressing White Album 2’s translation. Currently, more than a half of the Closing Chapter were translated. Hope they can finished translated it before the end of 2017.

    Anyway, it’s really good to know that Aiyoku no Eustia had a new team picked it up. If I’m not mistaken, the last team managed to translate two of the routes in the visual novel. Hope this one can finish it completely.

    Aaargh! Many things to look forward.

    Thanks for the usual info updates! 😀

  • I guess the difference between Clannad and LB releases comes from the fact that a lot of people were waiting for the Saya, Kanata and Sasami routes to be translated (still waiting since I read it 5 years ago tbh) whereas Clannad was already totally fan-translated a long time ago and there was no new content to be hyped for.

  • Decay saves the day! I’ve been playing Mass Effect Andromeda. It’s terrible compared to previous ME games (good god the faces are painful) but it’s really fun exploring the planets with the vehicle the Mako should have been.

    I hope P5 comes to the Vita sometime soon!

    • P5 isn’t getting a Vita port tho, the director said very early that he would take his time on this game (thats why it got delayed that many times) so it wouldn’t be getting re-releases and from the success of Catherine being an home console game he wouldn’t make for portable consoles

  • Grisaia campaign was hugely successful this week, 150k->180k in roughly 2 days. Heard that with the final stretch goal, an 18+ patch will be released alongside with the complete box. Confirmed or just a hoax?

    • There appears to be some form of misunderstanding arising from how Frontwing worded their post. I believe they claimed that the complete box containing the original Grisaia trilogy and its spinoffs/fandiscs will be 18+, but they have made no statement for Phantom Trigger. They’ve actually doubled down on the “Phantom Trigger was made to be all-ages from the beginning” talk, implying that there’s not much of a chance for 18+ content there.

      So in short, no, there will be no 18+ patch for Phantom Trigger. They were only talking about the versions of the older games that will be in the Complete Box.

      • Yes, Frontwing said the reason they could get the voice cast the got is because it is all ages.

  • The real question is…how much will Persona 5 slow down fan TL progress over the next month or so? Persona 4 single handedly killed or stalled a few projects on its own when it came out.

  • I thought there will be no VNTS after Tay’s tweet here. But turned out I was wrong here, so it’s good. Anyway, I did attempt to made it on my own VNTS Review earlier here, so enjoy (Although for the title I chose was not Eustia though, but rather from Hatsukoi 1/1 to reflect Kyou’s patch release).

    Too bad I couldn’t play Persona 5 here, but at least I knew the plot here (I want to play it though if possible). As for Mangagamer 100% projects lines, if I remember (Or just refresh my memory by searching their Twitter to be exact) both of Dal Segno and Suki Suki were about entering the testing back at January. Just hope that it’ll be released this year for now.

    Good thing that you add Eustia here by the way, Decay. The opening song once again was quite good. Oh, and right now I’m interested with Little Busters Steam a little bit, if only for the three new routes there (I’m very certain that our Solidbatman would be not interested though. At all).

  • Thank you very much for keeping the post up each week. Just realized about that English OP released by VisualArt … but why it has to be on April 1st -_-

    Anyway, although i’m happy about the new team that will be translating Aiyoku no Eustia – isn’t the reason the previous team disbanded because they receive a “notification” from August (iirc) ?

    • The only other group to seriously attempt Eustia was Yandere Translations, and they stopped when Takajun, their lead translator, got a job and stopped translating. I don’t think a C&D had anything to do with it.

    • What can you expect from Sekai Project? They announced Saku Saku back last July and labelled it a SOON release, but nothing has been heard ever since. It seems at least another year is needed for Tenshin Ranman to happen.

    • It’s possible that it’s fully translated and the tools aren’t registering quite all the lines as complete, this has happened with a few other SP projects before.

  • Not going to lie, I choked when I saw that thumbnail, I can’t believe Aiyoku no Eustia is back, I’ve been wanting to play Eris’s route for so long! I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up but still a good luck to the translation team!

  • Still no anoucement for the release date of Rewrite +?
    Just finished the anime and loved it, cannot wait for this “remake” to be translated!

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