December 2016 Plans

Check out our plans for December 2016
Written by Tay

Hey everybody, hope you’re safe and doing well (and doing well in Final Exams, if that applies to you). This post is to brief you on the various initiatives I and other Fuwa team members hope to accomplish by the end of the year.

Original VN Tracker

Last month Batman announced that we were looking into tracking original visual novels (VNs) in an analogous fashion to VNTS and translated VNs. While I don’t want to spoil the specifics, I can confirm both my project prototype and database were completed and approved by the rest of the team. In essence, that means this project is about ready to roll, so please look forward to its launch later this month.

Note to VN Devs: In the coming days/weeks we will be rolling out the listing standards and directed contact information. It’s difficult for me to track all of the devs which have contacted me on this issue, so please stay tuned for more information published to this site. I will not have policy or standards ready for you before that time.

Year-End Surveys

I’ve consulted with the math geeks who help me out each December, and I’m told the statistical models are ready. All that remains is for me to finish writing the surveys and pass them by volunteer editors for comment and feedback. I can’t promise an ETA, but I do plan on running the surveys for approximately one week (as is the usual for our year-end surveys).

Games Database (Front Site)

The games database will now focus on releases (original VNs; Licensed TLs; Fan-Translated Patches). My goal is to add entries near or at the same time as sitting down to complete VNTS posts. By December’s end, my goal is to have all 2016 releases added to the site.  Lastly, while I do not have any progress to report regarding a true-database implementation, I can confirm that I am still actively working on this issue.

For your edification, here is a nearly-complete listing of VN translation projects which were released in 2016. I believe we are missing only a handful.

Translated Games Released in 2016

Completed Translation Projects
Licensed & Fan-Produced

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True Org Email with Unified Lists

Clearly the sexiest update on the post: the email system for administrators and project leaders is going to be overhauled, and certain team members will receive complete org software (limited by cost).

Year-End Public Report

Once the surveys are completed, I will be posting a year-end report of the state of the site. I plan on breaking down traffic patterns, survey results, site finances, and planned action items.


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  • 103+ releases this year.. may fansubs ever prosper.

    Looking forward to another year of VNTS guys. Thanks for all the work.

  • Would be great if you could keep it very clear which edition of the VN which the translation patch is for. A lot of VNs has different releases for 18+ version, 15+ version and so on.
    And i know some or possibly many of the steam releases has been edited to remove any sex scenes and also altered the plot before being published.

    A good reason to be very sceptical to steam VNs sadly 🙁

    • I can’t tell if you mean the front site VN database or VNTS. With the VN database, one of the goals is to provide as much information as possible about the English releases and this means that we will definitely try to make it so the nature of every release is made clear.

      With VNTS we try to be upfront about the kinds of releases they are. I will look into making sure that the information is reliably presented.

      A few things to keep in mind:

      Anything on Steam will have its sex scenes removed as a matter of course due to content restrictions on the platform, unless those scenes are really tame. We currently assume our readers will realize that all Steam releases lack these scenes unless we otherwise specify, is this something we should be clearer about?

      Also actual plot alterations are extremely rare. If this does ever happen, we will definitely mention it.

      And for many announced projects, we simply do not know what their English releases will look like. You can interpret a lack of any information as us simply not knowing.

      Thank you for your feedback.

  • Also a list of VNs should preferably have both the translated name and the japanese name. Would make it much easier to search for.
    Like for example: Sakura no Ki no Shita Ni wa / Beneath The Cherry Trees

    • While other VNTS style posts on the internet use the Japanese names, we find that this isn’t necessarily the most useful way to list them. I know I often found myself confused as to which game was which when I was comparing what I was reading about from official companies to what I was seeing on VNTS posts on 4chan. We provide VNDB links to every game so people have very easy access to the most comprehensive information database on VNs out there. And if you search on VNDB for the english translations of these titles, you will be brought to their page all the same. We do not feel that it is much of a hinderance to not have the original Japanese titles, but we will consider this change some more.

  • I prefer VN’s with voice-actors, would it be possible when there is a new translation, to mention if it’s with speech?

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