Visual Novel Translation Status (10/08/2016)

VNTS Header 10/08/2016
Written by Tay

This week’s header image comes from one of our three releases: Higurashi Retranslation (MangaGamer) – Chapter 4 -which you can pick up here, or get all four chapters in the Question Arc bundle

Hey everybody, I need a favor. Take a sec and let me know in the comments how you’d answer the following question:

Q: When you check VNTS each week, are you tracking specific games? If so, approximately how many are you tracking?
Answer in the comments section at the end of the post.

Lastly, I wanted to apologize for not posting Sekai Project’s updates last week: when I tried to access their updates tracker, the site was down.

Anyway! Welcome to our weekly VNTS (Visual Novel Translation Status) series, in which we track visual novel translation updates in-house (we don’t rely on /jp/ posts on 4ch, for example) and post it for your enlightenment and enjoyment each Saturday. If you find any errors, or you think a project is missing from this list, please let me know in the comments.

The Short Version: Only the New Stuff

New Releases!

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Fan Translation Projects

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— Commentary Section —

Zakabox™ Commentary

「So, uhh, I didn’t write anything for ages. Actually, have I actually done anything for ages? I’m not actually sure if I currently exist, or why I love the word actually so much. Anyway, consider this a tentative return to actually hoping for and not getting commentary half the time.

I’m going to start with Enigma. Fruitbat Factory doesn’t seem to get that much brand recognition over here, despite the fact that they’re currently involved in the localization of frickin’ Little Busters EX. There’s a funny story about Enigma; apparently they thought Conjueror really wanted to translate something with an island in it, but what he really wanted was to translate Front Wing’s ISLAND. I’m not sure how much is true and how much is meme, but nevertheless he took the job so maybe there’s something to it. It’s “a fantasy/mystery VN about a terminally ill ex-soldier looking for answers on a mysterious isolated island” according to Conjueror, which sounds pretty good to me. They actually have a steam page up. I wonder if that one’s in our tables… well, whatever.

Himawari is at last out of beta. Good. It’s probably still going to need some Front Wing cooperation. Bad. I think I’m just going to invoke JAST time on this baby, despite the good news.

Deccy says below that ch. 5-8 of Higurashi will probably be edited rather than re-translated, but I never heard anything definitive on the issue. While 5-8 was better than 1-4 for sure, I have to wonder if just a tlc+edit pass is really what we want. It will probably go faster in that case, so I suppose that’s a plus. From recent experience though, sometimes you might have the TLC not find actual fault with a line, but have it bad enough that the editor can’t really make it sound well either or risk dropping the actual meaning. In the end, I was able to rewrite some pretty meh lines after doing a random check of the release candidate version – because I know some Japanese. Now this was a fan project for an R-Rated doujin so standards were going to be low no matter what, but I don’t think official localizations would in any way be immune to this. Not doing a re-translation will probably save cash, so I can see it happening. From what I remember of reading it a few years ago the editor will have their work cut out for them if they want it to actually sound fully natural, so good luck if you go that route, I guess.

SukiSuki’s translation is almost done! Pretty fast job it feels like, and editing is keeping up as well. Moege fans should be happy, though the nebulous scripting and beta testing phase could of course take silly amounts of time. At least it’s not Front Wing, I suppose.

MYTH should be interesting, Ne no Kami’s first part is hopefully fairly self-contained as part 2 was in-dev back when SP licensed it, and Sharin no Kuni’s second campaign will hopefully bring us some better PR or they might just get another bleak winter thrust upon them. They did make many of the changes requested by the community, so things are looking up. Hopefully.

Anyway, I managed to canoodle dad into getting us pizza tonight, and apparently canoodle has some sexual implications I totally didn’t know about when I wrote it out, but I’m going to use it anyway and damn you all I’m having pizza so I win anyway. Inc closing, since Deccy posted some music link below, allow me to foist upon you something interesting of my own. In link form, of course, wouldn’t want to be too flashy.」

Decay’s Musings

Hello everyone! I’ve been asked about the Dracu-Riot patch so I made a quick post on the fuwa forums about it here. We won’t list it here because it’s not even really meant to exist. It wasn’t ready for prime time. If you want to play it anyway, it’s out there, you can find it.

Big week for MangaGamer this week. Arguably a bigger week than last week. I can’t be the only one more excited by Myth’s release date and Himawari’s “soon” status than by the Umineko fighter and GGN 2016. The Umineko fighter actually has a decent number of fans, so I’m sure it’s not bad. But I’m also not really sure why that setting needs a fighter, and if I ever do play a fighter these days, I’d rather have it be one with a top-notch gameplay system and only an okay story than the other way around. I’m not big on fighting games either way, though, so what do I know? The jumps in MG’s numbers were also pretty sizeable this week and the clicker fan in me is very pleased, but do keep in mind that this progress was over the course of three weeks.

The Higurashi release is pretty cool. With this, the retranslation phase is over. I’m not fully sure of what MangaGamer’s plans are with Chapters 5-8, but when they first announced this re-release effort, they stated that only the first four chapters would be retranslated. I have to assume that they’re sticking to this plan. I don’t know what this means for 5-8’s release schedule, however. They still have to give those editing and QC passes, so maybe they’ll still be released piecemeal, although for some reason I was under the impression that they’ll be released in one big chunk, like how Umineko 1-4 was. Eh, guess I don’t have any answers for this, hopefully we’ll find out soon. I’m excited for that to happen, since that’s basically when the “real” Higurashi starts.

In non-VN news, Mafia III doesn’t run on my PC :(. I’ve got a real aging CPU but it still works fine for like 98% of everything I want to do. It’s the kind of thing they can patch in support for if they decide to do so. Hopefully they do. It’s missing an instruction set and could probably otherwise run the game fine. It kind of annoys me when developers drop support for hardware that is actually perfectly capable of running their game, so they have fewer configurations to test. C’mon guys, I know there’s not many of us Phenom II users left, but, well, we’re poor! Throw our destitute asses a bone here! Thankfully, Civ VI seems like it will run for me. So at least I have that going for me.

This week’s Album of the Week is Psychic, by Darkside. Nicolas Jaar’s new album actually came out a couple weeks ago. It’s good, but it really got me listening to Psychic again and god damn. That’s one hell of an album.


TAYsteful™ Thoughts

Have a good week, everybody!

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  • I just check here most of the time for vn updates… else i only check vn’s when they’re near complete on their translation pages. Etc i followed Koiken otome on their page pretty much daily for updates. (I also check the fuwanovel tweets)

  • Just looking for what is coming, i really just wait for Kara no Shoujo 3, sooooooo no, dont track any novel for the moment…

  • I read almost all the post each week but I’m only really tracking the progression of about 10 VN like Himawari Grisaia Sorcery Jokers Dies Irae… Well about everything with a mark superior to 8 on VNDB to be honest

  • Yes. I’m tracking some of my long awaiting VNs translation, but sometimes i’m also disappointed when they dont appear in VNTS updates. Hmm.. dunno. Maybe about 4-5 VNs ?

  • Yep. most of MGs moeges I suppose. Approximately 4-5.

    I do love hearing new news by you guys though. Thanks for the post guys.

  • Yep, I track 3-4.

    But also it’s an awesome section to descover new VNs I didn’t know about (didn’t know about Chrono Clock and Clover Days untill i found them here).

    I hope too you can give me some light about Hoshimemo’s FanDisc. Is there at least a really long term project to transale it in the future ??


  • First post here. I check the short version and then check rapidly the table. For the vn I follow, I would say 6-7.

  • I just watch everything that is updated and when something is near to be completed I check the project to see if is from my interest.

  • I check for 2 or 3 VNs specifically but I’m always on the lookout to see what else is getting released or announced.

  • I have about a dozen that I check on each time, but only 3 or 4 that I really expect any significant progress from anytime soon. I also check out any new releases that are posted that I might not have been aware of.
    The vnts updates are definitely a bright spot in my week. Thanks for all your hard work =)

  • I’m tracking 8 or 9 VNs every time I check the VNTS.
    But I’m also always checking the new stuff and how are some other titles going

  • I check almost everything, but I especially check to see if Amagami SS is progressing, and what Mangagamer games have progressed.

  • I check for maybe…. 3-5 VNs? But I also check for whatever is close to completion or released to see if there’s anything interesting. I check every week and Thank You for the weekly VNTS’s!

  • I check specifically for Himawari, some other storiges and otome conspiracy, but I also check all of the updates to see what else interesting is in translation. So, maybe 7 titles?

  • I’m watching about 10 of the translations and check for anything new most of the ones I’m watching for I have subscribed to the RSS feed for their sites thank for compiling them though

  • I’m not tracking specific games much anymore, cause my backlog is long and I follow the official companies and Fuwanovel on twitter anyway. I mostly read every week for the commentary.
    Himawari hyyype~ This title is actually why I’m so :/ towards Frontwing. Taking so long definitely lowered my opinion of them…

  • I mostly check which otome/BL games have updated, but I love to read yalls commentary since I trust your opinions about games and have discovered a few that sound interesting despite not being otome/BL thanks to your bringing them to our attention.

  • Yes, I do track specific games on every VNTS update. At the moment I’m tracking 16 games.

    Also, hoooooooly moly! Someone sure stepped on the accelerator when translating Wagamama High Spec. It made an amazing leap!

  • “When you check VNTS each week, are you tracking specific games? If so, approximately how many are you tracking?”

    Sort of. I am mostly interested in MangaGamer’s releases so I always look through those first. There are maybe about five games I am most interested in. But I look through all the sections at least once a month.

    How long is Myth? MangaGamer says they usually price their games based on the length. Myth is very inexpensive, priced like a very short game. But it seemed to take forever to translate and edit it, so I thought it was longer.

    • Myth seemed to have been plagued by issues other than translation and editing, AFAIK that stuff was finished many months ago. VNDB says 10-30 hours. I expect it to be on the short side of average. It’s probably inexpensive because it’s a low-res doujin title and only partially voiced. Hard to justify charging a lot of money for it when the production values are honestly kind of cheap.

  • Q: When you check VNTS each week, are you tracking specific games? If so, approximately how many are you tracking?

    Around 8-10… but i really just check the “Short Version” every week. That way i won’t miss any updates or see new projects on this side. I then compare the list here in other sources.

  • I’m tracking around +40 VNs
    And I’m reading all the VNTS content every week.
    It’s like part of my routine now.

  • Sorry for being very late here. Here’s my VNTS Review for this week, and by the way you forgot Grisaia update. Rakuen (Eden) was already 75% translated while Meikyuu (Labyrinth) unrated version was finished the editing and preparing for the technical work iirc.

    As for answering Tay question, I’d like to answer that I keep my eyes on one VN here, and it was Chrono Clock if only the reason here was Sekai like to update the progress daily. Hope my answer here help.

  • I usually check in to see the VNs that I’m interested in but also take a look at other VNs which I might like as well.

    I guess it can vary from 1-2 or 10-12. This time it’s around 8 VNs that I’m keeping an eye on.

    On a different note, How the hell did Wagamama High Spec get a huge translation boost just recently?

  • “When you check VNTS each week, are you tracking specific games? If so, approximately how many are you tracking?”

    Not tracking anything in particular. Translations often stall forever or get C&D’d, so I’m not holding my breath for any of them, it’s done when it’s done. I just check the new releases section and add the ones I find interesting to my VNDB wishlist.

  • I mostly check VNTS for the rare otome/yaoi release, and the odd game that might catch my attention, like Fata Morgana (Thank you guys SO MUCH for promoting it–I can’t wait for Another Episode!).

    Also, your comments are really funny, so I’m always looking forward to them C:

  • I have a few I want to see translated/completed. But I usually only check the status of one particular vn. I always hope to see new finished products though. I don’t remember all the vns being translated at the moment so it’s always a nice surprise to see something I overlooked finished all of a sudden.

  • I’m always looking for info on SubaHibi but when I read the updates there’s normally something else to catch my interest

  • Hello and thank you for the work you put in every release. I’m not specifically waiting for a game or another as I know how painfully boring that can be. This layout brings both the new and the old so I always appreciated it. If I had to change or add something then let me say a few of my wishes which can be ignored :). I wish there would be a way to differentiate between projects that are updated often and those that receive updates slower. This way I can at least make an idea about how long I have to wait. I’ve seen project in 100% translated and 100% edited not being released for months. Also, if it doesn’t sound to preposterous I’d like to point out the fact that all the visual novels that are not from Japan should be in a special category .. at the bottom of all the releases. My experience with them goes from being bored to being awed by the sheer stupidity of those that try to deliver a failed product. Lastly, Nukige or NTR seem a little too hardcore to be called visual novels. Visual faping material novel would fit better.

  • Chrono Clock, Da Capo, ImoPara2, Maitetsu, Miniature Garden, Princess Evangile W Happiness , Wagamama High Spec, Amagami, Clover Day’s, Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai, Dracu-Riot! (was but won’t be waiting anymore), Irotoridori no Sekai, Kono Oozora, Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete, Witch’s Garden, Yosuga no Sora, Eiyuu*Senki, Go Go Nippon 2016!, Baldr Sky, A Clockwork Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk (depends on uncensored ver or not), Eden of Grisaia, Hoshizora no Memoria, Koi ga Saku Koro, Labyrinth of Grisaia, Kimi ga Nozomu, Libra of the Vampire Princess, The Melody of Grisaia, and the Rest of Muv-Luv series.

    Dunno what’s up with Ao no Kanata so will just believe it’s gone till its released for real and not some ruse again.

  • Mostly just checking the new updates, although I’m keeping an eye on some titles *cough* Da Capo *cough*.

    Also, the commentary is interesting.

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