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VNTS (All)

Visual Novel Translation Status (08/27/2016)

Written by Decay

This week’s header image comes from Dies Irae which was announced for localization last week, and none of this week’s releases. Because that’s just how I roll. 

Hello, my friends! Tay’s off doing lame stuff like taking medical licensing exams, so I’m here to fill in! And I’m taking the opportunity to commit atrocities in the fan translation section. Shh, nobody tell Tay about all the stuff I’m removing. We’ve got a project with a collapsed team whose prospects look dire, a project with a semi-C&D, and a few long-dormant ones that must go. More stuff might go in the near future (does anyone actually expect Commie to release a Mahoyo patch at this point?).

Anyway! Welcome to our weekly VNTS (Visual Novel Translation Status) series, in which we track visual novel translation updates in-house (we don’t rely on /jp/ posts on 4ch, for example) and post it for your enlightenment and enjoyment each Saturday. If you find any errors, or you think a project is missing from this list, please let me know in the comments.

The Short Version: Only the New Stuff

  • Amagami – TL: 74.8% > 77.3%. Not updated on their site yet, but listed as such in their IRC channel.
  • Bishoujo Mangekyou – Edit: 46.5% > 48%, QC: 25.5% > 36%
  • Chrono Clock (Sekai Project) – TL: 29.41% > 31.44%
  • Clover Day’s – Hekiru TL: 10.25% > 50% (apologies for missing this status for a few weeks)
  • Corpse Party BloodCovered (XSEED) – 3DS version coming October 4th, pre-order here. We had this marked as August 30th for a while but it seems to have been delayed at some point.
  • Detective Masochist (MangaGamer) – Announced… and then released! Buy it on MangaGamer here!
  • Dies Irae (Light) – Announced! Light has posted about it on their DI portal here. Little information is known, but it’s the all-ages and heavily expanded Amantes Amentes version with a remastered 720p resolution, and a kickstarter appears to be planned. This is highly likely (but not confirmed) to be the Conjueror/Garejei/Reading Steiner/Lemnisca secret project.
  • Harumade, Kururu. – Common Route: 25% > 100, as personally confirmed to us by translator TBAC. A trial patch is in the works, and the script for it is currently undergoing heavy revisions.
  • Hoshizora no Memoria (Sekai Project) – TL: 18.38% > 29%
  • Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to. – TL: 45/146 scripts, TLC: 18/146 scripts, Editing: 1/146 scripts (I guess our entire progress formatting was wrong earlier? Not sure what was up with that)
  • Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (mcjohn) – Partial Patch for Chapters 1-6 released here.
  • Maitetsu (Sekai Project) – TL: 22.25% > 24.40%
  • Majo Koi Nikki – TL: 34.2% > 36.2%, Edit: 18.8% > 20.9%, TLC: 10.3% > 11.7%
  • Sakura Shrine Girls (Sekai Project) – Released! Buy it on Steam here.
  • Sayonara o Oshiete – Last week it was reported in error that this was a “legit” release. It is not, this is still an unauthorized fan translation. Sorry for any confusion.
  • Taishou x Alice (E2 Gaming) – First VN in the series is fully translated. Spanish translations for the whole series is also underway. Kickstarter is no longer planned.
  • Tenshin Ranman (Sekai Project) – TL: 37.24% > 40.20%
  • Tsui Yuri – Undergoing retranslatoin, 33% done

New Releases!

Removed from the List This Week

  • Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare- – Unfortunately, Golden Spirit seems to have never recovered from the C&D they received, and even their unrelated projects have come to a halt. After many months of no updates, we’re forced to consider this and Ken ga Kimi dead for the time being.
  • Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient – After a long stretch of inactivity, their tumblr finally updated at some point to tell us that their team has fallen apart. Some members remain, but aren’t optimistic on it ever finishing, and are working on other things at the moment instead.
  • Hanasaki Work Spring – Received an “indirect C&D” (or rather, a stern warning that a C&D was incoming) and so Luna Translations have dropped the project. The team members have moved on to other Luna projects.
  • Iinazuke wa Imouto-sama! – Removed due to inactivity. A fully translated patch was released at some point but the promised script revisions never came, with no word from the translator for many months. Get the unpolished full translation here.
  • Ken ga Kimi – Another dormant Golden Spirit project, see the Black Wolves Saga entry.
  • Supipara (Ch 1) (MangaGamer) – Released! Buy it on MangaGamer here or on Steam here. Keep track of progress towards the Supipara series’ funding goals here.

All the Game Updates:

Fan Translation Projects

Fan Translation Projects

[wpdatatable id=31]
JAST USA Projects

JAST USA (Updates; Archive)

[wpdatatable id=33]
  • Starless – Script check 10%, added new mosaic to fix list.
MangaGamer Projects

MangaGamer (Updates)

[wpdatatable id=35]
  • Rance 5D, Rance VI, and Rance Quest fan translations on hold in anticipation of potential official release by MangaGamer.
Sekai Project Projects

Sekai Project (Update Page)

These percentages should be seen as vague indicators of progress, and are not entirely accurate due to a variety of reasons.

[wpdatatable id=36]
  • Here’s a handy link to sort Sekai Project’s Steam releases by release date: link
Misc. Projects

Other Projects

[wpdatatable id=37]


— Commentary Section —

Zakabox™ Commentary

「…」Zaka is still off wrestling with bears in the Swedish arctic. Gotta love those month-long Swedish summer vacations.

Decay’s Musings

Man, this week’s VNTS took a really long time. I went in and inspected each and every one of the projects on the list and tried to find any possible hint of activity for the dormant ones. As a result, a few have been cut. And no, Aokana wasn’t among them. Despite what many may think or believe, we received confirmation in private that the project is still moving along in some form back when the Aokana project site became a fan site. I do understand why some people think it should be removed, and I’m personally a little unsure of what exactly is happening. Like many other projects, we’ll keep a close eye on it and let you all know if or when we find anything out. Some other projects that are on the Secret Fuwa Watchlist include Tokyo Necro which stopped delivering updates a week or two after its debut several months ago, and Commie’s Mahoyo project, for which we’ve last received word of activity some time last year. I’m also a little concerned about Brother Conflict. It’s so close! It was at 100% TL and then appeared to have stalled. I hope things are okay with it.

I’m also pretty bummed out about the Hanasaki Work Spring semi-C&D. Despite an admittedly shaky beginning and end, I was actually fairly optimistic from what I’ve seen of it. It looked like one of the better produced fan translations out there for sure, and the game itself seems pretty interesting. I wonder what this really means. Saga Planets, Hanasaki Work Spring’s developer, is owned by VisualArts, which also owns Key and we all know how active in the localization game they have been in recent years. This could be a sign that VisualArts is ready to begin offering localizations of their other brands. VisualArt’s CEO Takahiro Baba has named Saga Planets’ Hatsuyuki Sakura as his personal favorite non-Key VN, just a little tidbit for you.

Oh, and Dies Irae, huh? So yeah, last week that blindsided the VN community. We were waiting for 100% official confirmation before listing it here, and that luckily didn’t take too long. The version they’re releasing is the Amantes Amentes version, and literally every single person I know who has played it prefers it. It seems to seriously expand the VN in some important directions, and some of many people’s favorite scenes seem to be exclusive to it. It’s all-ages, so that has stirred some controversy, but I’m actually rather happy with the community’s reaction at large. They just seem to be happy to be getting Dies Irae at all, and they seem willing to sacrifice what are apparently some pretty bad h-scenes in a game that’s not about porn at all, for a far superior version. There are still those who complain despite knowing all this. I just don’t get it. I’m not sure I even want to get it. The original version these people are clamoring for is by all accounts pretty barebones, which they don’t seem to understand because none of them have actually played Dies Irae. I’ll always believe that there’s nothing sacred about the original version of a work anyway. Protecting its sanctity is meaningless.

Short-ish commentary from me again this week. I’m gonna basically send this post live right away and then hit the sack. Nighty night!*

*(It’s 7am actually because I spent all freaking night on this)


TAYsteful™ Thoughts

As previously mentioned, Tay is really busy with actual important real life things this week. I’m only a little bit jealous. -Decay

About the author


Hello, I'm Decay, an avid fan of visual novels and a regular poster on Fuwanovel. Also, I now review and write about VNs officially for Fuwanovel? Yeah, that started happening at some point. You may also see me on VNDB as dk382.


  • Something I forgot to do this week: Run a search on VNDB for new english database entries added in the last week. I can already see the incoming TrickZZter comment. (I love you TrickZZter)

  • Thanks for releasing yet another VNTS. Appreciate the effort you put in into doing it yourself even though you were down 2 members. Take a break once in awhile will yah? haha. Good luck on your exams Tay! Cheers, have a good week guys.

    • Not really, Realta Nua didn’t really add any new content beyond voices as far as I know. Amantes Amentes adds a crapload of content. New routes, epilogues, side stories, extra scenes within existing routes, etc. People say the ending is much more satisfying with it.

  • mangagamer announced detective masochist then released, wait? what?
    also whos hype about sakura shrine girls? not me

  • So what’s the difference between currently translated Dies Irae and original +18 version of it? Is it removing more than H-content? You just said its better you didn’t give any details.

    • Now I looked it up a little bit it really seems Amantes Amentes heavily upgraded version of original game with lots of new content. But I wonder why they removed H content even from windows version of Amantes Amentes.

    • The Amantes version removes h-scenes, censor some stuff and turns down the gore in some parts. In turn it adds drama cd’s to avg in game, 2 more endings, and one more route.

      Honestly if you can only choose one version, amantes is best. But if you can read jp and want the h-stuff. Just read the Acta version. Afterwards just install the amantes version. And read the added content: The 2 endings, drama cds and the 1 extra route.

      • I don’t understand why it’s an either/or proposition. The new content and the removed content are not mutually exclusive. You can have both.

        As long as the removal of H-scenes was handled with care, and not simply snipped I don’t mind their absense. But why censor the gore? Why aim for All-ages? Is this supposed to be child-friendly? Something you could give your kid instead of Harry Potter?

        • You’re misunderstanding what “all-ages” means in this context. They aren’t making Dies Irae a VN actually suitable for all ages. “all-ages” is just a catch-all label for a VN without any pornographic content. There is still gore, just mildly toned down in the Amantes Amentes version. And they still have not yet stated if they plan to restore some content for the PC version, so I think you should wait to hear more details before jumping to conclusions.

          • Has there been any (originally 18+) all-ages VN (with new content) released in the west where any content from the old version actually got restored?

          • I want to say that MangaGamer did some muxing of the all-ages and 18+ versions of Princess Evangile, but I think that was primarily adding all-ages exclusive CGs into the 18+ version.

            Still, Steam has different content restrictions than Sony, and if Light is savvy enough they’ll identify that the western market won’t actually just automatically buy this because it’s Dies Irae, and they need to put together the most attractive package possible for Steam. They’re already making modifications to this version of the game by remastering it in higher resolution, it’s just a matter of which version of the CGs they pick for that process.

  • New PC-98 Eroge Translation patch release. The 2 game are Réserve and Réserve 1/2. The patch’s on Mega.nz (link on VNDB) and i am currently asking a fan website of PC-98 who has shitty low bandwidth if he could send me in email the 2 roms so i could upload it on nyaa (since the company bankrupt in 2000). I might have found it instead on another website but it’s in a set, so i will need to look it up.

  • Please don’t “remaster” Dies Irae to 720p. Preserve the 4:3 aspect ratio. I don’t want CGs to be cropped.

    If you’re going to remaster it, how about 1280×960, or even 1024×768?

  • Late, but Fruitbat Factory made a localization announcement on Twitter earlier for a doujin visual novel called ENIGMA: developed by Uzumeya:


    They’ve already got a Steam page ( http://store.steampowered.com/app/494100/ ) and promo site ( http://fruitbatfactory.com/enigma/ ) up for it.

    According to Conjueror, who’s responsible for ENIGMA:’s translation, the game is currently 33% translated:


    Fruitbat Factory’s already got Steam key pre-orders for up on their store for a discount of 10% off:


    (On a similar note, Fruitbat Factory also has pre-orders for Miniature Garden Steam keys are also open for a discount of 25% off on their store too: http://sites.fastspring.com/fruitbatfactory/product/buy#productOptionGroupZtm37tEKQvOaqF8SusH9jA)

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