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Visual Novel Translation Status (05/07/2016)

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Written by Tay

This week’s header image comes from this week’s three releases: Malus Code (Steam); Rondo Duo (Patch, nsfw); and So-Ra-No-Wo-To: Otome no Quintet (PSP) (Patch)

You know what’s not very fun? Power outages. Or walking home in the rain/hail. Trust me, I’d know. I had both happen today. (They say that these sorts of things build character. I’m not so convinced.) And, lastly, as a public service, I just want to remind everyone that the ChuSinGura Kickstarter is a thing. Doomed, though it be, it’s a thing.

Anyway! Welcome to our weekly VNTS (Visual Novel Translation Status) series, in which we track visual novel translation updates in-house (we don’t rely on /jp/ posts on 4ch, for example) and post it for your enlightenment and enjoyment each Saturday. If you find any errors, or you think a project is missing from this list, please let me know in the comments.

The Short Version:
Only the New Stuff

New Releases

Removed from the list this week

All the Game Updates:

Fan Translation Projects

Fan Translation Projects

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JAST USA Projects

JAST USA (Updates; Archive)

[wpdatatable id=123]
  • Starless – Script check 10%, added new mosaic to fix list.
MangaGamer Projects

MangaGamer (Updates)

[wpdatatable id=124]
  • Rance 5D, Rance VI, and Rance Quest fan translations on hold in anticipation of potential official release by MangaGamer.
  • Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish – Pre-Order is up! (Link)
  • The translation of Kindred Spirits’ Drama CDs have been announced!
  • Free Friends hardcopy has been put up for pre-order and is releasing May 20th!
Sekai Project Projects

Sekai Project (Update Page)

These percentages should be seen as vague indicators of progress, and are not entirely accurate due to a variety of reasons.

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  • Here’s a handy link to sort Sekai Project’s Steam releases by release date: link
Misc. Projects

Other Projects

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The Zakabox

— Commentary Section —

Zakabox™ Commentary

「(We’re all waiting on Zaka-chan…)」


Decay’s Musings

Surprise! This is a week with not just one, but TWO completely out-of-left-field full translation patches. So-Ra-No-Wo-To: Otome no Quintet/Sound of the Sky: Quintet of Maidens is a PSP VN based off of some anime I have never heard of until now. I always wonder if these VN adaptations actually have an audience, but they keep making them in Japan and people keep making translation projects for them here. Anyway, I imagine I’m not in the target audience for this one, congrats to the team nonetheless. You can read about their efforts here.

Keeping a project under wraps for so long can have its downsides, too. Nothing bad happened in So-Ra-No-Wo-To’s case, but in the case of Rondo Duo, it seems someone got burned. Our very own pabloc, leader of the Konosora retranslation effort, had Rondo Duo as a barely-advertised side project for several months now. He was over halfway done with the translation, and his hacker did a lot of work tearing the wonky flash-based game engine apart, when this other patch was suddenly released. They were both keeping their projects at least somewhat hidden, so that’s just how it goes. My heart goes out to those guys, at least they seem to be taking it fairly well. As for the game itself, it’s not really what I’m looking for. It’s a dark yuri nukige with an art style that doesn’t seem very appealing, and a boatload of animation. I know some people who actually really like it, so check it out if that’s your thing.

Oh, and there’s also Malus Code I guess? It’s another VN by the creator of the e-mote engine, who previously made Tokyo School Life. At least this one seems a little bit less generic and not blatantly weeaboo-targeted? I haven’t heard great things about their last game, so I’m still pretty wary about this one. But you never know, they could have turned things around.

It seems like we have some more fan patches coming soon, which is exciting considering how dead the fan tl scene has been. Specifically, it seems that SakuSaku is coming pretty soon! How soon I’m not sure, but their May Update has reason to be optimistic. In it, Akerou talks about how his translation style has changed dramatically since he began translation. I’m not going to lie, the partial patch I played was fairly stiff and literal, and much of the dialogue was awkward. Akerou is promising some big improvements, so I’m excited to see what the final patch has in store for us.

And who here’s excited for Fata Morgana’s release next week? I’m afraid that one’s slipping under the radar for many, but I’ve heard extremely good things about the game. Like, it may secretly be the best VN release this year so far, in a year with several really good ones. I’m interested in it, but I’ve been so busy with other stuff that it may have to wait a month or two. We’ll see.

And in random non-VN news, check out Stellaris, releasing in just a few days. This game looks sick af. I’m a long-time fan of Paradox Game Studio’s games and this one has me really excited. It seems to be correcting a lot of the problems prevalent in space 4X games while still maintaining the Paradox Grand Strategy style. What’s there not to love?

Anyway, that’s it from us. See you all next week!

TAYsteful™ Thoughts

[What? Tay didn’t write a commentary again, despite doing most of this post? For shame! – Decay]

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  • I though So Ra No Wo To is famous(though I’ve put it on-hold for year).

    Too bad that even though SakuSaku near completion there are no progress for IroSekai this week.

      • Pretty well; I got two b’s and an a in my classes. I’m pretty worded-out though so I’ll probably play tf2 or borderlands or something for a while that doesn’t require reading and I can enjoy while non-sober XD.

  • > power outages

    Be glad you don’t live in Soviet Venezuela, where NOT having power for over 4 hours a day it’s the rule, not the exception. And unfortunately they help to destroy character, not to build it…)

  • idk if it’s worth mentioning but people that are following the progression of Ayakahi Gohan should go to the group website and help on the poll about the translation, it’s better help than later complain about how something was translated once the patch is already done

  • Hmmm, still no word on a release date for Labyrinth of Grisaia. Been a while now without any news. They are rather busy. Sekai Project have so many projects in the works, so, I guess that’s the reason why?

    • I kind of doubt that. The staff working on Grisaia is largely separate from the rest of SP’s staff, and Front Wing themselves handle a lot of the technical stuff. Front Wing seems to work at their leisure, as we’ve seen with Fruit’s delays, as well as Himawari.

  • Could you make the release a bit more friendlier for zaka! I only subscribed to this so I could read his comments! even if the VNTS is delayed by a day, I demand Zakabox commentary!

    • It really was my fault this time, had hearthstone stuff to do and zero energy for kinda no reason w

      (I’ve successfully fucked up my sleep schedule to its usual unreasonable hours now, and thus am finally feeling alive again)

  • About ChuSingura46+1.
    Put OP video on KS then “Hey.., give your money so we can translate this VN !”
    They just pop up and asking money, and not even introducing them self.

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