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Visual Novel Translation Status (26/09/2015)

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Greetings, friends. Decay’s back this week and I’ve come to you with an important announcement: Summer is now officially over! In accordance with my earlier explanation for how long summer lasts for, KoiRizo’s release marks the final summer VN release. You can shove those gaudy hawaiian tees back into the closet, and you also better change all of your calendars to denote summer’s new end date, because now it’s finally Official. Also, my apologies to JAST, looks like Shiny Days just barely missed the mark.

Welcome to our weekly APSVNTS (A Pretty Sweet Visual Novel Translation Status) series, in which we track visual novel translation updates in-house (we don’t rely on /jp/ posts on 4ch, for example) and post it for your enlightenment and enjoyment each Saturday. If you find any errors, or you think a project is missing from this list, please let me know in the comments. Any new updates are marked by orange text.

The Short Version:
Only the New Stuff

  • Anniversary no Kuni no Alice – Nice boost to 55% translated
  • AstralAir –  Progress continues to be swift and steady, now up to 46.92%
  • Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort – Released! Download the patch here.
  • Lover Able – New project! At 6.84%
  • Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish – Newly added to the increasingly growing “others” portion of the list, it’s some kind of upcoming mystery VN with a dash of horror being translated by Fruitbat Factory.
  • Oreimo Tsuzuku (Disc 2) – More progress, now 96.6% translated. They’re in need of more volunteers in order to not delay things further, so check them out if you think you can help!
  • Utawarerumono Portable – No tracked progress updates but they issued a new blog post to assure us they’re not dead
  • White Album 2 – TL at 29.43%.
  • From MangaGamer, Sonohana – Remembering How We Met is now released, while release dates for Go Go Nippon (Oct 16) and Kara no Shoujo 2 (Oct 30) have been announced, along with other project updates!
  • JAST seems to be updating their new status page pretty often, which is great for us who like to track it. Flowers is now at 100% translation. Keep it up!
  • We missed some Sekai Project update last week, sorry! Check out their new project status tracker here.
  • Fault Milestone Two was released a couple weeks ago, looks like we’ve slept on that one. Sorry! Get it here.
  • A Kickstarter for Witch boy Magical piece launched last week. It’s a BL visual novel about magical boys transforming into magical girls. It doesn’t look to be doing so hot, so spread the word and support it if BL is your thing.
  • And another Kickstarter, this one for the pretty sweet Muv-Luv series! This bad boy has already gained $350,000 in its first 24 hours and it’s steadily crushing all expectations and records previously established by visual novel Kickstarters. This is “real game” money!


Fan Translation

Fan TL ProjectTeamBrief Status Summary
Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino
AkaAka TL
  • TL: 98%;
  • Editing: 15%; 2/3 of common proofread; Demo being tested
Ni Shi Shi TL
  • TL: 61.1% (1410/2308)
Amairo Islenauts
Sakura Subs
  • Prologue TL: 100%; Edit: 100%
  • Common TL: 100%; Edit: 99%
  • Airi: TL: 0%; Edit: 0%
  • Masaki TL: 40%; TLC: 25%
  • Shirley TL: 20%; TLC: 10%
  • Yune TL: 0%; Edit: 0%
  • Konoka TL: 40%; TLC: 20%
  • Bonus TL: 20%; Edit: 0%
Anniversary no Kuni no Alice
Märchen TL (Progress)
  • TL: 55%;
  • Edit: 39%;
  • Proofread: 28%
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (Aokana)
  • “The common route is now finished, in addition to Asuka and Misaki’s routes. This includes editing.”
AstralAir TL
  • TL: 29,998/63,940 (46.92%)
Ayakashi Gohan!
Hanataba TL
  • Ayakashi common route: 100%
  • Asagi’s route: 1667/5631 lines (30%)
  • Haginosuke’s route: 3798/4634 lines (82%)
  • Manatsu: 2041/4358 lines (47%)
  • Suou’s route: 2588/5246 lines (49%)
  • Uta: 100%!
  • Yomi: 1429/5349 lines (27%)
  • Trial is translated and patch is available! (link)
Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare-
Golden Spirit
  • TL: 55/65 scripts
  • Edit: 49/65 scripts
Brother Conflict PSP
  • Passion Pink: TL – 100%
  • Brilliant Blue: TL – : 5%
  • Note: Despite JP Vita release, the team is continuing the project (link)
Bunny Black 2
Seiha TL
  • Aroduc put together the to-do list and project plan. (Update topic)
Clover Day’s
Yakusoku TL
  • Common TL: 100%;
  • Anzu TL: 49%;
  • Anri TL: 16%;
  • Hekiru TL: 10.25%;
  • Tsubame TL: 40%;
  • Izumi: 12%;
Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient
Hysteric 4 U
  • New Goal: Late ’15/ Early ’16
  • (Counter on site isn’t accurate)
DSP #3
(Denwatls’ Secret Project)
  • TL: 10% (Project began on 20 July 2015)
Gore Screaming Show
Crying TL
  • TL – 29%
  • TLC- 0%
  • Editing – 12% (Re-editing)
  • Image Editing – 11%
Loe Quality TL
Haruka Na Sora
  • The team is currently focusing on Yosuga no Sora before working on this one.
Hatsukoi 1/1
Kousetsu Translations
  • TL: 11409 lines
  • Edit: ~10200 lines
Hiiro no Kakera
Otome Game TL
Hoka no Onna no Ko to H wo Shiteiru Ore wo Mite Koufun Suru Kanojo
  • TL: 5882 lines
  • Edit: 2024 lines
Holy Breaker
Skyspear TL
(Website Coming Soon) (Thread)
Iinazuke wa Imouto-sama!
Imouto TL
Immoral Little
Tiny Lilly
  • Translation started
Imouto Paradise 2
Regulator Software
  • Added to the list. NSFW. 63/298
Irotoridori no Sekai
SakuSaku TL
  • PICKED UP. Some progress already reported (link).
  • Needs 1 Editor (critical) and 1 translator.
  • Pretty sure the main project is still Koisaku atm, tho.
Ken ga Kimi
Golden Spirit
  • TL: 115/122 scripts
  • Edit: 81/122
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
Alternative Projects
  • First chapter’s translation completed (link)
Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki (Koisaku)
SakuSaku TL
  • TL: 46265/49257 (94%)
  • Edit: 31858/49257 (65%)
  • QC: 31858/49257 (65%)
Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (Koichoco)
Basic TL
  • TL: 100%
  • Edit: 100%
  • QC: 85.6%% (340/397)
Koiken Otome
Flying Pantsu
  • TL: 96.55% (39,304 lines);
  • TLC: 90.38% (36,792 lines);
  • Edit: 83.09% (33,824 lines);
  • QC: 81.53% (33,192/ 40,710 lines); Prologue patch released.
Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort
(Updates: Page, Doc)
  • TL: 89% (34139/38001);
  • Edit: 58% (22248/38001)
Kono Oozora Retranslation Project
(Progress in this thread)
  • “Common route, Kotori’s route and twins’ routes are 100% translated”. (link)
Kud Wafter
Project Wafuu
  • TL: 39.18%
Kurukuru Fanatic
Dark Eye
  • TL: 87.5%
Little Busters EX/ME
Doki & Fuzzy
(Updates: Page, Doc)
  • Total TL: 98.5% (29712);
  • Total Edit: 58.27% (17576)
  • Total QC: 0%
Lovely x Cation
Elevator TL
  • Overall: 21%
Lover Able
  • TL: 6.84%
Mahoutsukai no Yoru
Commie Fansubs
(Progress – outdated)
  • Fully translated, undergoing editing.
Mahoutsukai no Yoru
 Loe Quality
  •  2.2/200+ scripts translated
Majikoi A-1
Maji TL
  • Overall: 11.4%
Monster Girl Quest Paradox
(Blog) (MGQP-Related Posts)
  • “Progress: Not as much as I’d like”
  • MGQ Paradox English Patch v1.21a released (see this post).
Muv-Luv Altered Fable
Jutsuki Sen
  • 3rd patch released in 2014: with Sumika, Meiya, Kashiwagi routes
Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse
Alternative Projects
Noble Works
Oxford Comma
  • TL: 92.9% (53,589/57,690)
Nursery Rhyme
  • Needs a hacker! TL: 25.9% (8543/32977)
  • Edit: 2% (805 / 32977)
Oreimo Tsuzuku (Disc 2)
  • TL:: 96.6%;
  • TLC: 80.6%;
  • Edit: 71.6%
  • Needs more volunteers!
  • TL: 43%
  • Edit: 33%
  • NOT DEAD! Dealing with lots of errors. “So far I have all of Raoul’s and Fantome’s routes translated. I am working on Philip sand would say I’m about half done with them.”
Princess Maker 5
(Updates: Page, Doc)
  • TL (100 – unTLd): 86.06%;
  • Finalized TL: 32.91%
Rance 5D
2.0 TL
  • TL: 100%,
  • Edit: 100%;
  • Now being revised
Rance Quest Magnum
2.0 TL
  • TL: 42%
Rance VI
Re:Birthday Song
Otome Adventures
  • TL: 22%
Rewrite Harvest Festa
  • Total Lines: 22583/30040 (75.18%)
  •  Needs hackers
Sanarara R
Gao Gao
  • TL: 14.5% (15/103 parts).
  • TL on hold, awaiting new tools.
Sayonara wo Oshiete
  • TL: 29.8% (4269/14309);
  • Edit: 0%
Shin Koihime Musou
SKM Team
  • Story: 100%
  • Character Events: 85.9%
  • H-Scenes: 17.2% (Everyone hates H-Scenes)
  • Battle: 34%
  • Comprehensive Total: 69.2% (Including Battles)
  • Non-weighted Total: 74.8% (Excluding Battles)
SonoHana 10
Yuri Project
  • Some TL , some editing and QC done
SonoHana 11
Yuri Project
  • Some TL done
Starry Sky ~in Summer~
Golden Spirit
  • TL: 173/177 scripts
  • Edit: 154/177 scripts
Subarashiki Hibi (SubaHibi)
  • TL: 100%;
  • Edit: 98.4%;
Supreme Candy
  • TL: ~33.7% (~14573/43261)
Sweet Pool
Aarin Community
  • Translation: 100%
  • Translation checking: 100%
  • Editing: 100%
  • Proofreading: 96%
  • Insertion: 96%
Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen
  • TL, Edit & TLC : 100%;
  • To do:
    • 1) Fix technical stuff (95% done);
    • 2) Image Editing;
    • 2) QC
To Heart 2
Ittaku Subs
  • TL: 100%;
  • Edit: 15%;
  • Follow here for the latest. (9/12: some update info here)
  • Got enough editors, STILL NEEDS TLC
Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road
(Progress) (Repository Link)
  • Translated: 4.02%
  • Quality Checked: 2.17%
  • Play Tested: 2.17%
Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete
  • TL: 15.7%. Looking for TLCers, and editors (link)
  • Opened a Rizon group #WareMete
Utawarerumono Portable
BLACKlabel translations
  • Approximately 20000/37500 lines translated
Wand of Fortune
Otome Game TL
White Album 2
(Updates: Page, Stats)
  • TL: 29.43%; Rough patch released
  • Introductory Chapter has undergone editing.
Witch’s Garden
  • TL: 56.56% (38012/67201);
  • TLC: 4.63%; (3113/67201)
  • Edit: 3.31% (2221/67201);
  • QC: 3.11% (2089/67201);
Yosuga no Sora
  • Overall TL: 84.07% (33109/39383)



JAST USA (Updates; Archive)

GameBrief Status Summary
Bitch na Ichinichi
  • TL: 100%
  • Editing in Prog
  • Waiting on TL
  • Translation finished!
  • Preparing for engine port.
  • Game site is up
  • Translation and coding finished
  • Waiting on LE materials
Shiny Days
  • TL is done
  • Editing in prog
Sweet Home
  • TL: 10%
Trample on Schatten
  • Main scenario 100% translated and edited
  • Extra content 33% done.



MangaGamer (Updates)

MangagamerBrief Status Summary
A Kiss for the Petals – Remembering How We Met
  • Released!
Beat Blades Haruka
  • TL: 50%
  • Edit: 45.7%
  • TL: 66.5%
  • Edit: 30.05%
Da Capo 3
  • Translation: 58.8%
  • Editing: 8.7%
Free Friends 2
  • TL and Editing Complete
  • TL: 100%;
  • Edit: 70%
Go Go Nippon 2015
Higurashi (Retranslation)
  • Second chapter – TL + Edit are done
  • In Scripting
Himawari -a pebble in the sky-!
  • TL: 100%;
  • Edit: 100%;
  • Side Stories: done!
House in Fata Morgana
  • TL: 79.29%;
  • Edit: 1.3%
Kara no Shoujo 2
  • Releases October 30th.
  • Pre-order here
  • Demo is up (link)
Kindred Spirits On The Roof
  • TL: 52%;
  • Edit: 41%;
  • TL: 18.13%;
  • Edit: 18.13%
  • TL: 32%
My Boss’ Wife is My Ex!
  • TL: 100%;
  • Edit: 100%
  • TL: 82%
Princess Evangile W Happiness
  • Announced at Otakon
The Shadows of Pygmalion
  • Announced at Otakon
Supipara (Ch 1)
  • TL: 100%;
  • Edit: 68.63%
Tokyo Babel
  • TL: 34%
Umineko When They Cry.
  • Announced

Other pre-orders on MangaGamer:

  • The Menagerie (Lupiesoft) – Link
  • No One But You – Link
  • Sekaiju – Yggdrasil – Link



Sekai Project (Release Cal)

GameRelease Date / Status
Atom GrrrlTL: 100%
CLANNADQ4 2015 (TL is done, First edit almost done). Side stories fully translated.
Chrono ClockTBD
Dizzy HeartsTBD
fault -milestone two- side:aboveReleased! (Steam page)
G-Senjou no MaouPicked up! Coming this summer! Yup, totes. -Zaka
Human Reignition ProjectTBD
Kokonoe KokoroEngine Integration/QA
Memory’s DogmaTBD
Narcissu Trilogy RemakeNarcissu 3rd TL: 3.83%, Narcissu 0 TL: 1.27%
Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of KyotoTL: 25.43%
No One But YouSteam Page (Link); Pre-order on MangaGamer (Link)
November BoyTBD
Planet RulerEngine debug + QA
RaidersSphere4thSteam Early Access Link
Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend EditionTBD
Rising Angels: FatesTBD
Sacrament SheepEngine debug and QA
Sakura BeachReleased! (quite some time ago — Sorry!) Buy it here.
Sakura Swim ClubReleased! Buy it here.
Shizuku no OtoTL: 25% + Edit: 20%; Demo Released
Sierra OpsDecember release, Demo Released
Starlight VegaTBD
Sunrider: Liberation DayAX PV released
WAS -The Hourglass of Lepidoptera-Backers have access to private alpha
Witch boy Magical piece Kickstarter launched! (Link)
WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.03 TL: 7.39%

Here’s a handy link to sort Sekai Project’s Steam releases by release date: link



Stuff from me/Decay/Zaka/helpful friends:

  • Muv-Luv kickstarter is live! (Link)
  • Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish (vndb) to be released on Steam this winter.
  • Miu-path of “Dracu-Riot!” going on here.
  • Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Hits PS Vita This Fall (link).
  • Norn9: Var Commons Coming to PS Vita This Fall (link).
  • Wish Tale of the Sixteenth Night – Kickstarter successfully funded.

Stuff from /jp/ poster VNTS (thank her/him, not me, if you find this helpful!):

  • Eiyuu Senki – Delayed until…. later this year?
  • Moenovel is working on another title
  • Lucky Dog – Possible iOS released based on the ongoing text only fanTL
  • Harvest December – 3DS ports being released


The Zakabox

Zakabox™ Commentary

「Hey look, Koirizo’s out. Did nothing for it in the end, as did 3 of the 5 QCs that were originally in for it apparently. I guess a good QC that also actually does quality check is pretty hard to find… RIP. I do hope they fixed that “hmm” for a very non-hmm sound right at the start… where was I?

It seems Shiny Days is now out for (a sloooow) digital download, though hard copies are still set to be shipped on the 29th. I’d mock JAST some more, not least because apparently it has a crash bug in fullscreen early on, but I expect Decay to do the job for me below.

Shiny Days aside, Flowers hitting 100% translated is nice. The “engine integration” part is interesting – Doddler, who ports visual novels for MangaGamer, was a bit confused at the timeline promised by JAST as the work he had to do for other Innocent Grey VNs was fairly extensive, yet he wasn’t contacted about it. Then he did the usual Doddler thing and said that was maybe a bit unprofessional and probably deleted some tweets, as one does. He later wrote a more thought-out response on At least MG got to kinda-sorta NTR Sekai Project…

Keeping on the Yuri track, the all-ages (no, it does not have an adult version) Sono Hanabira VN is set to hit Steam in… about 2 hours, they say. The porn to plot ratio of the originals always was a bit much for me (and I enjoy muh 2d porn), and I liked the earlier all-ages spinoff Hanahira!, so this might be quite nice.

…For the final blast of lesbianism, Atom Grrrl!!! (PV) is indeed an adult yuri visual novel. It’s apparently kinda dark and about thug lyfe and stuff, one two of the CGs on the vndb page has a gun involved, and a character is named Big E, and uhh, I like what I see – also, that video is quite something. The sales of this will apparently determine if my previously hyped Love, Guitars and Blue Skies will make it over.

I should say something about the Muv-Luv Kickstarter, but I’m strangely uninterested. Probably because as an Ixrec translation, I have been advised by the Japanese-Reading Overlords to avoid it, and I actually am currently reading easy VNs in Japanese so that might actually happen. Also because I really don’t know if I can handle a 50 hour VN when I seem to drop stall them like flies recently.

Oreimo Tsuzuku’s second disc sure feels a lot closer to done than it probably is. Considering a lot of routes in the first disc ended poorly, we can hope for some level of continuation in the next part, which you could potentially help get out yourself.

The Sonohana game unlocks in one hour now… still much more interested in Yuri Ghosts though. I may or may not be writing something about the SonoHana one soon! And with that, I should probably end this before I reach the yuri singularity.」


Decay’s Musings

“B has come to”

Hello, my friends. Multiple releases this week, very exciting! So naturally I’ve been neck deep in Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort, right? Well, I’ve been waylaid by a certain project that has me pretty excited and that takes precedent over finishing KoiRizo. I’m sure you’ll learn more about that project eventually, but for now, what I can say about KoiRizo is that it’s not bad. It’s also not great. Maybe even not good, I’m not sure. I’ve only read most of one route before getting sidetracked, but I plan to come back to it soon. It definitely has its charms, though, and the art is quite good, so I’m not going to tell you to stay away from it. I hope to have better things to say next week, after I’ve spent more time with it. I will say that the translation is quite good, so hats off to mdz, Darbury, and everyone else who worked on that, you guys did a bang-up job.

Shiny Days is also out (download codes for pre-order folk)! From my rant last week you might have pegged me for an impassioned fan. That’s not entirely true. I first played School Days just a month or two ago after it was in one of JAST’s bundles for mega cheap. It was a peculiar experience that I didn’t fully enjoy, but I did find it unique and interesting enough to want to play Shiny Days. One thing I find fascinating is how Setsuna was set up to be a major heroine in School Days but it felt like they sort of ran out of time for that story arc and ended it part way through, never to touch on it again. In Shiny Days, Setsuna is the main heroine, taking center stage, so it feels like they’re making amends for that misstep. Her character was also not particularly well developed in School Days, so I’m really interested to see how they handle that in Shiny Days. But I’m not sure when I’ll get to that. Eventually I will, maybe soon, maybe not?

The Muv Luv kickstarter is also really interesting. I’m not a huge ML fan. I thought Extra was pretty terrible, actually, and I know I’m not alone in thinking this. But Unlimited didn’t really do a whole lot to make up for that and Alternative was good, but, well, I never actually finished it. Crazy, I know. Oh, right, the Kickstarter. As of this writing, it’s currently sitting pretty at $370,000. That’s a lot of ducats for a little over a day’s worth of effort. Things are going to slow down for a long while then they’ll spike again on the last day, as that’s how all Kickstarters operate. But at this point, I’d like to say that the $720,000 stretch goal seems achievable, and possibly even much more. That’s kind of ridiculous, Degica and age have to be feeling good about where things are headed for them.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the folks behind Witch boy Magical piece. One quarter of the way through the campaign, it’s sitting at $6,600 out of $57,000. It’s looking pretty dire for them and they most probably won’t make it unless something unexpected and drastic happens. This will also probably be Sekai Project’s first KS failure, I wonder how they’ll handle it. In the past, other developers and publishers have made second attempts after a failed campaign, with lower goals and reduced scope. Or maybe SP will write off BL crowdfunding as not viable? It’s hard to say.

For those wondering about Tay, don’t worry, he’s okay. His life of adventure seems to have calmed down a little and he was ready to do this week’s update, but I took it upon myself to do it anyways. Gotta keep you guys guessing! Now for this week’s final thought: “Pomeranian Swingers” is a pretty sweet company name. This week’s header image is from Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort.


Hello, I'm Decay, an avid fan of visual novels and a regular poster on Fuwanovel. Also, I now review and write about VNs officially for Fuwanovel? Yeah, that started happening at some point. You may also see me on VNDB as dk382.

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8 years ago

“It was a peculiar experience that I didn’t fully enjoy, but I did find it unique and interesting enough to want to play Shiny Days.” – that was exactly my experience with School Days. Now I’m just waiting to get a working download code for Shiny Days.

I still enjoy seeing Sakura Beach listed with a TBD, despite it being released a month and a half ago.

Reply to  JJ
8 years ago

RE: Sakura Beach —

True explanation: Guilty as charged : P. Sekai’s old project tracker page isn’t often updated, isn’t organized well, and is the last thing we check before publishing the VNTS posts (meaning sometimes it’s a bit rushed).

“True” explanation: it’s Zaka’s fault.

8 years ago

I’m waiting, waiting, and waiting for “euphoria” FOREVER! ( ≧Д≦) Is it released any time sooner?!?!? *sighs* ( ̄へ ̄)

8 years ago

I noticed that the Tenshin Ranman project is not on the list:
AFAIK it’s still ongoing..

8 years ago

In case someone don’t know Rewrite getting anime adaptation by 8bit the same studio that did Grisaia.

8 years ago

Well it’s not exactly a translation project but will you consider adding F/HA voice porting project to list?

Also Eternal Hearth isn’t at the list too. Though I don’t know if there is a reason for that.

Reply to  You-kun
8 years ago

Yes. Just PM/email/comment me the details and I’d be happy to add a F/HA patch to the list.

Thrilled, actually. Like crazy thrilled.

8 years ago

A little detail that wasn’t pointed on the list: the SonoHana title on Steam has multiplatform versions, including Linux! That was a complete surprise for me, but then lately a lot of VNs launched there are multiplatform, including japanese ones.

> $10 on Steam account
> must survive ’till Winter sale for ETS2 DLC because Soviet Venezuela
> butbutbut yuri + Linux = more happy than Cirno freezing frogs

must… resist… temptation!

8 years ago

shiny days is rated 18 game but have few scenes removed? when is the patch coming and who were working at that?

also is da capo 3 that is translating by mangagamer is that long or they have only few translators?

thanks and sorry for my english

Reply to  wyldstrykr
8 years ago

Apparently Da Capo 3 is absolutely huge. Also, Kouryuu is the translator working on it and he is basically the highest-ranking employee not based in Japan, so he has a lot of other responsibilities that take his time.