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“Who Is Mike?” Support a free VN on Steam Greenlight

Written by Tay

Have you heard about Fervent Studio’s mystery/thriller visual novel, “Who is Mike“? If not, there are four things you should know about it: 1) it came out in April of this year, 2) it’s free, 3) it’s been well-received by players, and 4) it’s on Steam Greenlight and needs your support! The game is finished and it’s already 62% of the way to being “Greenlit”. At this point, every vote goes a long way.

You wake up with an aching head and the world out of focus. In front of you is a man accusing you of being “fake”. He looks exactly like you, down to the last scar and pimple, has the same memories, the same voice and the same personality. But who is lying and who is telling the truth? Who is fake and who is real?

With over nine different possibilities, you can either end up as the tragic hero, the sly villain, or an innocent victim. Will you keep your cool or pick a fight? Play through all the endings and take a peek at the truth of your demise. Whatever action you take, ultimately, you must answer the question: “Who is Mike?”

I think Fervent’s goal is fairly impressive: release free visual novels on Steam for new and experienced VN fans to enjoy. Please take 30 seconds and support a VN dev who is clearly putting themselves out there! Hopefully we’ll have more coverage of this game in the near future: we’ve got a lot of questions about the game, and the team seems like a bunch of really nice people.


Story & Art: ameliori
Music/SFX: stock music, Kevin Mcleod, Freesound
Programming: Marionette
Proofs: ColaCat, Saltome
Marketing and PR: Barzini
Translations: Marcel Weyers (German)
The game is roughly 10.5k words long (they suggest this is ~2 hours gameplay), and the devs rated it PG-16+ for strong language and violence.

Link: Vote for “Who is Mike?” on Steam Greenlight
Link: Fervent Studio’s Website

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