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Project Updates VNTS (All)

VN Translation Status (29/05/2015)

Written by Tay

In case you were not aware, we have cleaned out our subscription database (it was yet another casualty in the war against the spam bot hordes). To continue receiving email updates from the Fuwazette you will need to re-subscribe on this page.

Well, we made it. Somehow we survived the pre-apocalyptic hellscape that was this¬†past week (was it really, really¬†long for anybody else besides just me?), and that means it’s time for more visual novel translation updates. This post was written in the presence of Journey’s ‘Greatest Hits’ album, so if you feel inspired and/or moved while reading this post, you know who to thank.

Anyway! Welcome to our weekly VNTS series, in which we track visual novel translation updates in-house¬†(we don’t rely on /jp/ posts on 4ch, for example) and post it for your enlightenment and enjoyment each Saturday. If you find any errors, or you think a project is missing from this list, please let me know in the comments. There is commentary by myself and Zaka at the end of the post.¬†Any new updates are marked by orange text.

The Short Version:
Only the New Stuff

  • AstralAir – TL up to 16.13%
  • Ayakashi Gohan! – As usual, this project has tons of progress all over the place. I suggest you check it out below and/or check out the update post here. Of note: CryingWestern swooped in and got 100% of the image editing done this week. WOW.
  • Blue* – Added to the list and VNTL-Moon. Full patch release planned for June 14th! Project info:¬†TL: 100%, Editing: 100%,¬†Scripting: 100%,¬†Final TLC: 13.8%,¬†Porting to O2: 2/10 Chapters,¬†Full Release set for 14 June
  • Clover Day’s –¬†NOT DEAD!¬†Izumi route went from 0 – 12% TL. Astro is holding a Clover Day’s Giveaway, so be sure to check it out (link)!
  • Free Friends 2 (MangaGamer) – 100% TLd! (source)
  • * CryingWestern has put back up his¬†Visual Novel Scripts (VNS) page (link). Check out that page/touch-base with him for more info. (PS: Sorry for being so slow getting back to you, CW! Still haven’t heard back, myself, but sorry you had to put up VNS waiting on me)
  • (Nukige)¬†Forbidden Love with My Wife‚Äôs Sister (Mangagamer) – Released. Get it here.
  • Hiiro no Kakera – New chapter up (link)!
  • Holy Breaker – Picked up by Skyspear TL! (VNDB) (Announcement) (Website coming soon)
  • Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki – TL up to 74%
  • Lamune –¬†This project has been dropped for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in resuming the project, you should contact Zoom909.¬†Best wishes to Zoom and we’re grateful for his efforts.¬†This will be taken off the list on 6/6/15.
  • Lilium x Triangle – TL: 100%, TLC: 100%; Edit: 77%. Quite a bit of progress! (Link)
  • Lovely x Cation – New website is up (link)! Updated this list as well as VNTL-Moon. Total project progress: 9.6%. See entry below for the full breakdown.
  • Mangagamer – Lots of small jumps in progress.¬†3 Mystery Fanime Announcements.
  • Majikoi A-1 – Big-picture progress and bump in¬†Benkei route. Overall total (TL+Edit): 40.36%!
  • Majikoi S – Several¬†of routes hit 100%, and we saw a great bump up to total progress (TL + Edit):¬†56.18%
  • Norn9: Var Commons Coming to PS Vita This Fall (Link)
  • Rance 5D – TL hit 53%
  • Rance VI – Big bump up to TL¬†74.2%!
  • Rewrite Harvest Festa – Shizuru’s route is finished. Total progress: 18647/30040 (62.07%) Needs hackers (link)! Also, the website has been down for a while. Hope everything’s okay behind-the-scenes!
  • Sekai Project – Some updates worth checking out. Video Recap for this month is now online.
  • Shiny Days (JAST) –¬†Preorders up on J-List
  • To Heart 2 – Bump up to TL: 92.1%; ETA for full patch: 3 months. Ittaku updates/posts regularly in his Fuwa thread¬†(and probably in his Reddit thread, too) if you have questions.
  • Witch’s Garden – TL up to 44.22%
  • Note: I’m checking into the health of several projects. You can see which ones in the table below. Hopefully I’ll have updates for you next week : ).
  • The Fruit of the Grisaia – In theory this came¬†out “yesterday”. You can probably get it here. (This post was written Friday evening, and at the time of writing it looks like the game will go live a little after midnight EST. Sekai tweeted¬†this¬†to reassure y’all.)
  • (Nukige)¬†Forbidden Love with My Wife‚Äôs Sister (Mangagamer) – Get it here.
  • Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1 (Sekai Project) – Released on Steam. Get it here.
  • AstralAir – “I‚Äôll need a hacker in order to put edited files into the game and do other stuff. However, Favorite uses a specific game engine for all of their games so if you want to apply make sure you know that you can hack and work with their engine first.”¬†(link)
  • Amairo Islenauts – Needs a TLer (link)
  • Black Wolves Saga/ Ken ga Kimi / Starry Sky in Summer (aka: all of Golden Spirit’s projects) — “Urgent need for translators!” (link)
  • Holy Breaker (Skyspear) –¬†Picked up. Looking for TLC, Editor, Image Editor (link)
  • Oreimo Tsuzuku (Rinjinbu) – Needs TLCers for disk 2 (contact info)
  • Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete – Editors, TLers, TLCers (link)
  • Witch’s Garden — NEEDS TLC HELP! C’mon, let’s wipe away SpecterZ’s tears : P (link)
  • Please note: I did add a bunch of entries to the “recruiting” section. I don’t always scour project websites for this info, though, so if you’re a project leader and are recruiting, please send me an email/PM/leave a comment!
Removed from the list this week (Also removed from our TL Updates Aggregator)
  • Starless (JAST) – Get it here! (Will be removed from list next week)
  • Higurashi When They Cry – Ch.1 Onikakushi (MG)- Get it here!
  • Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai – Dropped (link)
  • Lamune¬†(VNDB) – Zoom909 asks that if you want to contact him, please do so on his Fuwa thread. The Lamune blog is no longer being used.
Added to the list and VNTL-Moon

Fan Translation

Fan TL ProjectTeamBrief Status Summary
Lemnisca TL
TL: 100%;
Editing: 4% (3/72);
QC: 0%
Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino
AkaAka TL
TL: 98%;
Editing: 15%; 2/3 of common proofread; Demo being tested
Ni Shi Shi TL
TL: 60.2% (1391/2308); latest updates will be found on the project’s IRC channel (#[email protected])
Amairo Islenauts
Sakura Subs
Prologue TL: 100%; Edit: 100%
Common TL: 100%; Edit: 99%
Airi: TL: 0%; Edit: 0%
Masaki TL: 18.5%; Edit: 0%
Shirley TL: 10%; Edit: 0%
Yune TL: 0%; Edit: 0%
Konoka TL: 55%; Edit: 0%
Bonus TL: 20%; Edit: 0%
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (Aokana)
Ep 1 TL: 23% (482/2085)
AstralAir TL
TL: 16.13% (10,317/63,940)Common Rotue Completed (link)
Ayakashi Gohan!
Hanataba TL
Prologue: 100%; Proofread: 100%Human Common:¬†100%; Proofread: 100%Ayakashi Common: 42% (3319/7886); Proofread: 27%Haginosuke‚Äôs Route: 32%¬†(1476/4634); Proofread: 32%Asagi‚Äôs Route: 5% (314/5631); Proofread: 5%Manatsu‚Äôs route ‚Äď 1.7% (71/4358)Yomi’s Route: 10% (528/5349); Proofread: 8%¬†Omake: 26% (456/1774); Proofread: 12%¬†Uta’s Route: 26% (1247/8315)¬†Image-editing: 47/47 images (100%) <- THANK YOU CRYINGWESTERN!
Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare-
Golden Spirit
15/65 scripts translated; Needs Translators!
Blue* (VNDB)Kuoee TL
TL: 100% (11177/11177)
Editing: 100%
Scripting: 100%
Final TLC: 13.8%
Porting to O2: 2/10 Chapters
Full Release set for 14 June
Brother Conflict PSP
Bunny Black 2
Seiha TL
Aroduc put together the to-do list and project plan. (Update topic)
Clover Day’s
Yakusoku TL
Common TL: 100%;
Anzu TL: 49%;
Anri TL: 16%;
Hekiru TL: 10.25%;
Tsubame TL: 0%;
Izumi: 12%;
Denwatls’ Secret Project 2Denwatls
TL: 75.214%
Gore Screaming Show
Crying TL
Common & Other TL: 36%; Edit: 36%
Akane TL: 0%;
Aoi TL: 0%;
Kiika TL: 0%;
Yamiko TL: 50% (ish, maybe);
Yuka TL: 12%;
Loe Quality
44% beta patch released on Feb 25, 2015
Haruka Na Sora
The team is currently focusing on Yosuga no Sora before working on this one.
Hatsukoi 1/1
Kousetsu Translations
TL: 10962 lines (unknown %);
Edit: ~9900 lines4/11 – Posted new videos! Link
Hiiro no Kakera
Otome Game TL
Being translated, see site. Latest post: [HnK] Chapter 1 РDay 2 РPart 2 
Holy Breaker
Skyspear TL
(Website Coming Soon)
Picked up. Looking for TLC, Editor, Image Editor
Irotoridori no Sekai
SakuSaku TL
PICKED UP.Some progress already reported (link). Needs 1 Editor (critical) and 1 translator.
Ken ga Kimi
Golden Spirit
TL: 37.7%. (46/122 scripts) Needs Translators!
Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki (Koisaku)
SakuSaku TL
TL: 74% (36397/49257);
Edit: 46% (22891/49257);
QC: 46% (22891/49257);
Konami & Mio Patch Version 1.10 released, almost done with Yuri route.
Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (Koichoco)
Basic TL
TL: 100%
Edit: 98% (390/397)
QC: 53% (217/397).First partial patch out
Koiken Otome
Flying Pantsu
TL: 95% (39,028 lines);
TLC: 87.99% (35,819 lines);
Edit: 83% (33,824 lines);
QC: 75.81% (30,863lines); Prologue patch released.
Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort
(Updates: Page, Doc)
TL: 100%;
First-Pass Edit: 84.24% (30,600/36325)
TL: 89% (34139/38001);
Edit: 58% (22248/38001)5/22/15 – I’m working to check on the health of the project. Hopefully I’ll have an update for you next week. – Tay
Kurukuru Fanatic
Dark Eye
TL: 74.79%
Aarin Community
5/22/2015 – We got an update! (Link). “The project is still in progress. Were currently in the beta stages with no ETA as of yet.”¬†You’ll need an Aarin account.
Lilium x Triangle
Tiny Lily
TL: 100% TLC: 100% Edit: 77%
Little Busters EX/ME
Doki & Fuzzy
(Updates: Page, Doc)
Total TL: 98.5% (29712);
Total Edit: 58.27% (17576)
Total QC: 0%
Lovely x Cation
Elevator TL
New website is up! (Link) This post as well as VNTL-Moon has been updated. Percents below include TL + Edit:TOTAL: 9.6%Common: 42%Aya: 17%Yuuki: 16%Yuni: 0%Sera: 0%Misasa: 0%April 16th/Bad End: 100%After school: 0%Afterstory: 0%
Magical Marriage Lunatics!!
(Progress)Common Route
Translated: 11,856/15,935 = 74.4%,
TLC : 1433/15,935 =8.99%
Edited : 1433/15,935 = 8.99%All Routes Total
~18.5% (11,856/64,062)Note: Decay reports the project is at 13,534 lines. I’m going by their website, here, however so that’s why my numbers are lower.
Majikoi A-1
Skyspear TL
TL: 51.8% (43/83 scripts)
Edit: 28.9% (24/83 scripts)————————Route Total Progress (TL+Edit)
Sayaka – 100%
Benkei – 43.94%
Azumi –¬†0%
Majikoi S
Skyspear TL
Overall (TL + Edit) :¬†56.18%————————Route Total Progress (TL+Edit)
Common – 50.00%
Koyuki – 0%
Momoyo – 100%

Wanko – 100%
Miyako –¬†0%
Yukie – 100%
Chris – 0%
Yumiko – 0%
Agave – 100%
Margit – 50%
Kororo –¬†100%
Iyo – 100%
Tsubame – 50%
Monshiro – 50%
Takei – 0%
Misc Р0% 
Monster Girl Quest Paradox
“Temporarily on hold: No, it‚Äôs definitely not dead!”Small patch was released last month (link)
Muv-Luv Altered Fable
Jutsuki Sen
3rd patch released in 2014: with Sumika, Meiya, Kashiwagi routes
Noble Works
Oxford Comma
TL: 74.9% (43,216 / 57,690);
Partial patch out
Nursery Rhyme
TL: 19% (6302 / 32977)
Edit: 2% (805 / 32977)
Oreimo Tsuzuku
—Disk 1—
Patch released;

—Disk 2—
TL:: 89.9% (241);
TLC: 76.9% (206);
Edit: 65.7% (176)

(Progress)TL: 43%Edit: 33%NOT DEAD! Dealing with lots of errors. “So far I have all of Raoul‚Äôs and Fantome‚Äôs routes translated. I am working on Philip sand would say I‚Äôm about half done with them.”
Princess Maker 5
(Updates: Page, Doc)TL (100 – unTLd): 86.06%;
Finalized TL: 32.91%
Prism Ark
Common route translated. Check out forum post here to follow. (It’s kind of hard to understand how aroduc formats his posts, but essentially he makes to-do lists and marks items off or deletes them as he goes)
Rance 5D
2.0 TL
TL: 53%
TLC: 36%
Rance Quest Magnum
2.0 TL
TL: 31%
Rance VI
TL: 74.2%
Rewrite Harvest Festa
Shizuru’s route is finished. Total progress: 18647/30040 (62.07%)Needs hackers (link)! Also, the website has been down for a while. Hope everything’s okay behind-the-scenes!
Rose Guns Days 3+4
Witch Hunt
TL: 100%; Edit: 60%
Sanarara R
Gao Gao
TL: 14.5% (15/103 parts)
Sayonara wo Oshiete
TL: 29.8% (4269/14309);
Edit: 0%
SonoHana 10
Yuri Project
Some TL , some editing and QC done
SonoHana 11
Yuri Project
Some TL done
Starry Sky ~in Summer~
Golden Spirit
TL: 16.9% (30/177) scripts; Needs TLer!
Subarashiki Hibi (SubaHibi)
TL: 97.2% (51798/53290);
Edit: 90.4% (46254/53290);
Supreme Candy
(Progress)TL: ~33.7% (~14573/43261)
Sweet Pool
Aarin Community
Translation: 100%
Translation checking: 100%
Editing: 100%
Proofreading: 96%
Insertion: 96%5/16/15 – Getting some PMs about this one. No update in the thread since 3/26 – Tay
Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen
TL, Edit & TLC : 100%;To do:
1) Fix technical stuff;
2) QC
To Heart 2
(Progress)TL: 92.1%; Alpha4 Patch Up ETA for complete patch: 3 Months
Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete
TL: 12.2% (4282/35056) Looking for TLers, TLCers, and editors (link)
Wand of Fortune
Otome Game TL
Being translated; see site.Latest post: Week 1 – Day 1 {Part 9}
White Album 2
(Updates: Page, Stats)
TL: 22.32% (15684/70253); Rough patch released
Witch’s Garden
TL: 44.22% (29128/67201);
TLC: 4.35%; (2926/67201)
Edit: 3.11% (2089/67201);
QC: 3.11% (2089/67201);
Prologue patch available. NEEDS TLC HELP.
Yosuga no Sora
Overall TL: 82.92% (32655/39383)

JAST USA (Updates)

GameBrief Status Summary
Raidy IIIRelease date: July 20th
SeinarukanaTranslation is done. Game’s engine is being localized and tested.
Shiny DaysRelease Date: August 25, 2015. Preorders up on J-List.
StarlessRELEASED (Get it here)(Will be removed from this list next week)


MangagamerBrief Status Summary
BokutenTL: 66.5% Edit: 26.6%
Da Capo 3Translation: 46.7%
Euphoria‚Äď Translation Complete
‚Äď Editing Complete
‚Äď Compiling Demo Scripts
Free FriendsTL done. Now doing stuff. Y’know. Stuff. Dev stuff. Stop asking.
Free Friends 2TL: 100% (link)
Edit: 25.3%
GahkthunTL: 90%;
Edit: 21.5%
Higurashi (Retranslation)TL: Watanagashi at 24.3
House in Fata MorganaTL: 56.5%;
Edit: 1.3%
Kara no Shoujo 2TL and testing complete.Edit: 66.1%
OZMAFIA!!TL: 37.5%
SupiparaIntend to fund through Eden’s sales; see http://www.mangagamer.org/minori/

3 Mystery Fanime Announcements, soon.

Sekai Project

Sekai ProjectRelease Date
Ame no MarginalEngine Debug
fault -milestone two-Demo released, full version slated for Q4 2015
Hitomebore Love at first SightReleased! Get it here. (Will be removed from list next week)
Kokonoe KokoroEditing + engine integration
November BoyTBD
Planet RulerEngine debug + QA
RaidersSphere4thSteam Early Access Link
Shizuku no OtoTL: 25% + Edit: 20%
The Fruit of GrisaiaHopefully it released ‘yesterday’. Meaning Friday. Get it here. Probably.
WAS -The Hourglass of Lepidoptera-Backers have access to private alpha
WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.02Alpha is out for Backers only
  • We’ll update the list of announced-but-no-release-date-info next week. Lots to add. : )
  • Two Sekai games magically appeared for us. One is a VN, one isn’t:
    • Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon – Released. Get it here. (Not a VN)
    • Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1 –¬†Released. Get it here.

The Zakabox

Zakabox‚ĄĘ Commentary



This took a good while longer than I expected. And to think I used to be able to whip one of these out in an hour! Well, part of the problem was that VNTL-Moon exploded. It has since been fixed, but I was definitely grumpy and hypertensive for a while there.

This section has been renamed “TAYsteful‚ĄĘ Thoughts”. “Why?”, you ask? Well, I no longer have the time (or energy) to get up and write my blurb after Zaka has written the Zakabox, so this section hasn’t really been a response to Zaka’s commentary for a while now.

It’s been a busy week for VNs: three¬†releases (Grisaia, a nukige game from MG, and Sakura Fantasy Ch 1), two games added to our tracking list/VNTL-Moon (Holy Breaker picked up, Blue* added), and a whole host of games falling off the list. Whew. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

RE: Fuwa and Sekai — I’ve been getting several PMs/emails asking why Fuwa hasn’t done a better job covering Sekai’s Grisaia release¬†— some¬†sites have even come¬†out with reviews, and we haven’t had any coverage. It’s largely¬†my fault: I reached out to Sekai at the end of April¬†to try and get this planned, and somehow their response got archived in my inbox without me seeing it. By the time I noticed it, much of May had already slipped past. I did reply, but I haven’t heard back from them — so, my apologies to Evan and everybody at Sekai for dropping the ball.¬†They’ve been great to work with so far, and as long as they’re willing to give it another go, I’m game.

RE: That link to MangaGamer’s Nukige Title — I’m opposed to promoting nukige games on Fuwanovel, but a handful of you (who, I can only assume, watch my every move looking for a chance to shiv me and take the Fuwa throne) noticed that Ryechu’s been allowed to post nukige game reviews on the reviews hub. Those reviews and the link up above aren’t indicative of a policy shift (as has been whispered in certain dark corners). I don’t have any plans to add nukige titles to the front site, but links to releases and Ryechu’s reviews will probably continue to happen.

This week’s header image (as far as I know) comes from Clover Day’s to celebrate Astro’s giveaway (rules/entry here) (VNDB). Have a nice week, everybody : )

About the author


I'm the Fuwanovel community admin and a big fan of Visual Novels. The easiest way to get a hold of me is via a PM on the Fuwanovel Forums, by twitter (@ArchmageTay), or by email.


  • “* CryingWestern has put back up his Visual Novel Scripts (VNS) page (link). Check out that page/touch-base with him for more info. (PS: Sorry for being so slow getting back to you, CW! Still haven‚Äôt heard back, myself, but sorry you had to put up VNS waiting on me)”

    it’s ok, i’ll keep doing it like this until further notice…

  • According to Steam reviews Sakura Fantasy is a wonderful game. It’s awesome to have a trustworthy resource to rely on when looking for information…

    Good to see Grisaia on Steam.

    The RPG fan within me is ecstatic at Rance VI’s progression.

    The announcement of ‘Norn9: Var Commons’ is wonderful news for otome fans. I predict much rejoicing and merriment.

      • The Steam reviews of Sakura Fantasy (and all the Sakura games) are obviously untrustworthy, that’s not in question.

    • I’m not 100% sure, anymore. I think at one point there was talk about an 18+ patch on denpasoft sometime this year…? I don’t want to lead you astray, tho, so hopefully another knowledgeable person comes along who can give us some confirmation.

    • No patch, standalone release. Denpasoft will indeed carry it. The initial timeline was a vague “one month after all-ages version”.

    • I’ve asked through multiple avenues and I haven’t been able to get an answer from them about the 18+ version’s release. I dunno why they’re being tight-lipped about it. I guess they don’t want to be seen talking about porn at all when releasing what they feel like should be a respectable VN with some amount of mass appeal.

      But they already took some people’s money for the 18+ versions of the entire trilogy via backerkit, so either they release those versions or have to refund a lot of money. The plan was a month after the all-ages release. Let’s just hope they stick to that.

      • I actually see that they did say something about this during today’s update on the kickstarter page:

        “Yes, Denpasoft will be delivering the 18+ versions. The first game does not have a date yet because we JUST finished getting the game ready for Steam. We now have to redo engine integration and testing before we can give a firm date on when it will be released.”

        That’s probably all you’ll get from them for now.

      • They don’t know yet when it will be released. So far all of their stuff has been on Steam, Humble, and/or Denpasoft only. Based on that, it is unlikely that it will be someplace else – like J-List.

    • wow okay thanks everyone, already downloaded the first one but I guess I’ll buy it if they release a 18+ version (supporting industry and such) and can’t wait to play the sequels.

  • Thanks as always for your updates. But.. pleeease Majikoi S write her name correctly. ): It’s Kokoro not Kororo (was wrong in last weeks update, too). She’s one of my favourite girls for various reasons owing to my preferences so it’s a bit disheartening.

    They did not yet charge me for my 18+ Addon but I already read the first VN of Grisaia at least 3 times anyway.. I guess I’ll wait until the second is released and read the first in preparation.

    • If nobody says anything, maybe Tay could be tricked into putting Lilium x Triangle onto the front page, just like the SonoHana games. :p

  • i want to join in vn translation iam a half japanese with good english and i want to translate vn in my free time if anyone is interested just let me know

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