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VN Translation Status (23/05/2015)

Written by Tay

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Hail, reader! I’m writing this post in the afternoon on Friday (5/22/15), so if any juicy updates come out later tonight please be sure to mention them in the comments. If any of you have allergies to awesome or posts written in the same factory as awesome, please be aware that I am writing this post with Queen playing in the background and therefore this post is contaminated with awesome. And shirtlessness.

Anyway! Welcome to our weekly VNTS series, in which we track visual novel translation updates in-house (we don’t rely on /jp/ posts on 4ch, for example) and post it for your enlightenment and enjoyment each Saturday. If you find any errors, or you think a project is missing from this list, please let me know in the comments. Any new updates are marked by orange text.

The Short Version:
Only the New Stuff

  • AstralAir – Common Route completed! Needs a hacker, though, so please see the “recruiting” section below.
  • Ayakashi Gohan! – Another solid week with both Ayakashi Common and Uta routes getting TL updates and a whole slew of routes getting proofreading.
  • Free Friends 2 (MangaGamer) – hit 75% (link)
  • Ima Sugu Onii-chan ni Imouto da tte Iitai! – scripts available (link) (VNDB)
  • Irotoridori no Sekai – PICKED UP (link) (VNDB). Needs 1 Editor (critical) and 1 translator. “Progress: – I’ve almost re-translated the prolog segment. I completely scratched tokidan’s translation since that translation is – pardon my word choice – useless in it’s entirety.   – All sorts of custom patching is under way and basically working which also includes implementation of word-wrapping.  – Image editing is in progress. Should be done in a matter of another week.” Added this to VNTL-Moon but atm the “progress” link is simply to the team’s homepage.
  • Kamikaze ☆ Explorer! – scripts available (link) (VNDB)
  • Lamento – We got an update (link)! “The project is still in progress. Were currently in the beta stages with no ETA as of yet.” … It’s just an update that there’s no update, tho : P
  • Lamune – This project has been dropped for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in resuming the project, you should contact Zoom909. Best wishes to Zoom and we’re grateful for his efforts. This will be taken off the list on 6/6/15.
  • Lilium x Triangle – TLC: Almost 100%; Edit: Almost 50%
  • Majikoi A-1 – Progress across the board! Overall: TL: 51.8% (43/83 scripts); Edit: 22.87% (19/83 scripts); Route Total Progress (TL+Edit): Sayaka – 100%; Benkei – 36.36% Azumi – 0%
  • Majikoi S – Solid bump in TL (up to 76.44%) with progress on Yukie and Agave routes
  • Oreimo Tsuzuku – Solid bumps in TL, TLC and Editing! Great to see this project moving again : )
  • Otome Code Realize – Picked up by Aksys (official site)
  • Rance 5D – small TL bumpup to 42%
  • Rance Quest Magnum – Small TL bump up to 31%
  • Souten No Celenaria – scripts available (link) (VNDB)
  • To Heart 2 – The mysterious poster strikes again! Up to 81.8% TL. TL Routes complete: Konomi, Manaka, Tamaki, Karin, Yuma, Twins, Yuuki, Sasara! Currently translating: Ruuko. Information is on IRC Rizon -> #aikeshi
  • Witch’s Garden – The solid progress march continues! TL up to 43.34%
  • Note: I’m checking into the health of several projects. You can see which ones in the table below. Hopefully I’ll have updates for you next week : ).
  • Love at First Sight (Sekai) – Get it here!
  • Starless (JAST) – Get it here! (Will be removed from list next week)
  • Higurashi When They Cry Hou – Ch.1 Onikakushi (MG)- Get it here! (Will be removed from list next week)
  • AstralAir – “I’ll need a hacker in order to put edited files into the game and do other stuff. However, Favorite uses a specific game engine for all of their games so if you want to apply make sure you know that you can hack and work with their engine first.” (link)
  • Amairo Islenauts – Needs a TLer (link)
  • Black Wolves Saga/ Ken ga Kimi / Starry Sky in Summer (aka: all of Golden Spirit’s projects) — “Urgent need for translators!” (link)
  • Oreimo Tsuzuku (Rinjinbu) – Needs TLCers for disk 2 (contact info)
  • Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete – Editors, TLers, TLCers (link)
  • Witch’s Garden — NEEDS TLC HELP! C’mon, let’s wipe away SpecterZ’s tears : P (link)
  • Please note: I did add a bunch of entries to the “recruiting” section. I don’t always scour project websites for this info, though, so if you’re a project leader and are recruiting, please send me an email/PM/leave a comment!
Newly added to the list and VNTL-Moon this week (but not new projects)
  • Brother Conflict PSP (PassionAndBrilliance)
Removed from the list this week
  • The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0

Fan Translation

Fan TL Project Team Brief Status Summary
Lemnisca TL
TL: 100%;
Editing: 4% (3/72);
QC: 0%
Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino
AkaAka TL
TL: 98%;
Editing: 15%; 2/3 of common proofread; Demo being tested
Ni Shi Shi TL
TL: 60.2% (1391/2308); latest updates will be found on the project’s IRC channel (
Amairo Islenauts
Sakura Subs
Prologue TL: 100%; Edit: 100%
Common TL: 100%; Edit: 99%
Airi: TL: 0%; Edit: 0%
Masaki TL: 18.5%; Edit: 0%
Shirley TL: 10%; Edit: 0%
Yune TL: 0%; Edit: 0%
Konoka TL: 55%; Edit: 0%
Bonus TL: 20%; Edit: 0%
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (Aokana)
Ep 1 TL: 23% (482/2085)
AstralAir TL
TL: 13.79% (8,820/63,940)Common Rotue Completed (link)
Ayakashi Gohan!
Hanataba TL
Overall: TL: ~17% Prologue: 100%; Proofread: 19%Human Common: 100%; Proofread: 58%Ayakashi Common: 26% (2079/7886)Haginosuke’s Route: 32% (1476/4634); Proofread: 3%Asagi’s Route: 5% (314/5631); Proofread: 5%Manatsu’s route – 1.7% (71/4358)Yomi’s Route: 10% (528/5349); Proofread: 4%Omake: 12% (213/1774); Proofread: 12%Uta’s Route: 7% (590/8315)
Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare-
Golden Spirit
15/65 scripts translated; Needs Translators!
Brother Conflict PSP
Bunny Black 2
Seiha TL
Aroduc put together the to-do list and project plan. (Update topic)
Clover Day’s
Yakusoku TL
Common TL: 100%;
Anzu TL: 49%;
Anri TL: 16%;
Hekiru TL: 10.25%;
Tsubame TL: 0%;
Izumi: 0%;
Anzu partial patch released, (link)
Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai
Library Shepherd
Our best wishes to Library Shepherd. Due to real life circumstances, this project has been dropped for the foreseeable future.

To see what has been done (or to use LS’s files as a starting point when picking up the project), you’ll find an upload link in this post.

This entry will be removed from the list next week. If any new team picks this up, please let me know!

Denwatls’ Secret Project 2 Denwatls
TL: 75.214%
Gore Screaming Show
Crying TL
Common & Other TL: 36%; Edit: 36%
Akane TL: 0%;
Aoi TL: 0%;
Kiika TL: 0%;
Yamiko TL: 50% (ish, maybe);
Yuka TL: 12%;
Editing: 10%;
Loe Quality
44% beta patch released on Feb 25, 2015
Haruka Na Sora
The team is currently focusing on Yosuga no Sora before working on this one.
Hatsukoi 1/1
Kousetsu Translations
TL: 10962 lines (unknown %);
Edit: ~9900 lines4/11 – Posted new videos! Link
Hiiro no Kakera
Otome Game TL
Being translated, see site. Latest post: [HnK] Chapter 1 – Day 2 – Pt 1
Irotoridori no Sekai
SakuSaku TL
PICKED UP.Some progress already reported (link). Needs 1 Editor (critical) and 1 translator. 
Ken ga Kimi
Golden Spirit
TL: 37.7%. (46/122 scripts) Needs Translators!
Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki (Koisaku)
SakuSaku TL
TL: 70% (34,119/49257);
Edit: 46% (22891/49257);
QC: 46% (22891/49257);
Konami & Mio Patch Version 1.10 released, almost done with Yuri route.
Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (Koichoco)
Basic TL
TL: 100%
Edit: 98% (390/397)
QC: 53% (217/397).First partial patch out
Koiken Otome
Flying Pantsu
TL: 95% (39,028 lines);
TLC: 87.99% (35,819 lines);
Edit: 83% (33,824 lines);
QC: 75.81% (30,863lines);Prologue patch released.
Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort
(Updates: Page, Doc)
TL: 100%;
First-Pass Edit: 84.24% (30,600/36325)
TL: 89% (34139/38001);
Edit: 58% (22248/38001)5/22/15 – I’m working to check on the health of the project. Hopefully I’ll have an update for you next week. – Tay
Kurukuru Fanatic
Dark Eye
TL: 74.79%
Aarin Community
5/22/2015 – We got an update! (Link). “The project is still in progress. Were currently in the beta stages with no ETA as of yet.” You’ll need an Aarin account.
Project Zoom909
This project has been dropped for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in resuming the project, you should contact Zoom909. Best wishes to Zoom and we’re grateful for his efforts.This will be taken off the list on 6/6/15.
Lilium x Triangle
Tiny Lily
TL: 100%TLC: Almost 100%Edit: Almost 50%
Little Busters EX/ME
Doki & Fuzzy
(Updates: Page, Doc)
Total TL: 98.5% (29712);
Total Edit: 58.27% (17576)
Total QC: 0%
Lovely x Cation
Elevator TL
EldritchCherub posted an update here.
Magical Marriage Lunatics!!
(Progress) Common Route
Translated: 11,856/15,935 = 74.4%,
TLC : 1433/15,935 =8.99%
Edited : 1433/15,935 = 8.99%Routes Total
11,856/64,062 = 18.51% Note: Decay reports the project is at 13,534 lines. I’m going by their website, here, however so that’s why my numbers are lower.
Majikoi A-1
Skyspear TL
TL: 51.8% (43/83 scripts)
Edit: 22.87% (19/83 scripts)————————Route Total Progress (TL+Edit)
Sayaka – 100%
Benkei – 36.36%
Azumi – 0%
Majikoi S
Skyspear TL
TL: 76.44% (198/259 scripts)
Edit: 12.3% (32/259 scripts)————————Route Total Progress (TL+Edit)
Common – 50.00%
Koyuki – 0%
Momoyo – 100%

Wanko – 100%
Miyako – 0%
Yukie – 23.33%
Chris – 0%
Yumiko – 0%
Agave – 50%
Margit – 50%
Kororo – 50%
Iyo – 100%
Tsubame – 50%
Monshiro – 50%
Takei – 0%
Misc – 0% 
Monster Girl Quest Paradox
“Temporarily on hold: No, it’s definitely not dead!”Small patch was released last month (link)
Muv-Luv Altered Fable
Jutsuki Sen
3rd patch released in 2014: with Sumika, Meiya, Kashiwagi routes
Noble Works
Oxford Comma
TL: 74.9% (43,216 / 57,690);
Partial patch out
Nursery Rhyme
TL: 19% (6302 / 32977)
Edit: 2% (805 / 32977)
Oreimo Tsuzuku
 —Disk 1—
Patch released;—Disk 2—
TL:: 89.9% (241);
TLC: 76.9% (206);
Edit: 65.7% (176)
(Progress) TL: 43%Edit: 33%NOT DEAD! Dealing with lots of errors. “So far I have all of Raoul’s and Fantome’s routes translated. I am working on Philip sand would say I’m about half done with them.”
Princess Maker 5
(Updates: Page, Doc) TL (100 – unTLd): 86.06%;
Finalized TL: 32.91%
Prism Ark
Common route translated. Check out forum post here to follow. (It’s kind of hard to understand how aroduc formats his posts, but essentially he makes to-do lists and marks items off or deletes them as he goes)
Rance 5D
2.0 TL
TL: 42%
TLC: 36%
Rance Quest Magnum
2.0 TL
TL: 31%
Rance VI
TL: 69.8%
Rewrite Harvest Festa
TL (total lines): 50.46% (15,158/30040 lines)
Rose Guns Days 3+4
Witch Hunt
TL: 100%; Edit: 60%
Sanarara R
Gao Gao
TL: 14.5% (15/103 parts)
Sayonara wo Oshiete
TL: 29.8% (4269/14309);
Edit: 0%
SonoHana 10
Yuri Project
Some TL , some editing and QC done
SonoHana 11
Yuri Project
Some TL done
Starry Sky ~in Summer~
Golden Spirit
TL: 16.9% (30/177) scripts; Needs TLer!
Subarashiki Hibi (SubaHibi)
TL: 97.2% (51798/53290);
Edit: 90.4% (46254/53290);
Supreme Candy
(Progress) TL: ~33.7% (~14573/43261)
Sweet Pool
Aarin Community
Translation: 100%
Translation checking: 100%
Editing: 100%
Proofreading: 96%
Insertion: 96%5/16/15 – Getting some PMs about this one. No update in the thread since 3/26 – Tay
Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen
TL, Edit & TLC : 100%;To do:
1) Fix technical stuff;
2) QC
To Heart 2
(Progress) TL: 81.8%; Alpha4 Patch Up
Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete
TL: 12.2% (4282/35056) Looking for TLers, TLCers, and editors (link)
Wand of Fortune
Otome Game TL
Being translated; see site.Latest post: Week 1 – Day 1 {Part 9}
White Album 2
(Updates: Page, Stats)
TL: 22.32% (15684/70253); Rough patch released
Witch’s Garden
TL: 43.34% (29128/67201);
TLC: 4.35%; (2926/67201)
Edit: 3.11% (2089/67201);
QC: 3.11% (2089/67201);Prologue patch availableNEEDS TLC HELP
Yosuga no Sora
Overall TL: 82.92% (32655/39383)

JAST USA (Updates)

Game Brief Status Summary
Raidy III Release date: July 20th
Seinarukana Translation is done. Game’s engine is being localized and tested.
Shiny Days Release Date: August 25, 2015. Preorders up on J-List.
Starless RELEASED (Get it here)


Mangagamer Brief Status Summary
Bokuten TL: 66.3%Edit: 26.1%
Da Capo 3 Translation: 44.4%
Euphoria – Translation Complete
– Editing Complete
– Compiling Demo Scripts
Free Friends TL: 100%
Edit: 34%
Free Friends 2 TL: 75% (link)
Edit: 25.3%
Gahkthun TL: 76%;
Edit: 21.5%
Higurashi (Retranslation) TL: Watanagashi at 20.1%
House in Fata Morgana TL: 51.9%;
Edit: 1.3%
Kara no Shoujo 2 TL and testing complete.Edit: 65.7%
Myth Announced
OZMAFIA!! TL: 32.6%
Supipara Intend to fund through Eden’s sales; see

Sekai Project

Sekai Project Release Date
Ame no Marginal April/May 2015
fault -milestone two- Demo released, full version slated for Q4 2015
Hitomebore Love at first Sight Released! Get it here.
Koenchu! TBD
Kokonoe Kokoro May 2015
Moonshot TBD
November Boy TBD
PacaPlus TBD
Planet Ruler TBD
RaidersSphere4th Steam Early Access Link
Shizuku no Oto TBD
The Fruit of Grisaia May 29th 2015
WAS -The Hourglass of Lepidoptera- TBD
WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.02 Alpha is out for Backers only

The Zakabox

Zakabox™ Commentary


「I’m kind of depressed now because it’s quite likely for me to be writing one of these shirtless, but I’m all T-shirted up right now. I even have trousers on, man – what a total and shameful failure to reflect the themes of the opening paragraph. I love y’all though, so instead of committing sudoku, I will mournfully launch into muh commentary.

Tay still hasn’t added an “Other” section for official translation for some unfathomable reason, so I should at least mention Code:Realize, an otomege to be localized by Aksys (this was announced a while ago, but I was dead.) The premise sounds pretty crazy. I mean, if your touch means imminent death, who’d want to go near you?

The Lamune thing was actually a thing quite a bit earlier where the translator opened up for others to help translate it, saying he was unlikely to be able to work much on it on his own. Looks like nobody joined up and he’s now decided to actually seal the deal. From the partial I read, Lamune isn’t spectacular, but has this somewhat unique atmosphere. I like interesting atmospheres! Try Autumn for another example of that.

For various reasons mostly relating to persuading a certain Arab of my acquaintance to read Autumn, I read Ibn al-Nafis yesterday. Would not recommend. Try The Cat and the Coup for something pretty cool in the same vein, though.

Wait, To Heart 2 progress? Wasn’t that one hilarious amounts of dead? Well well. Project has a Fuwanovel thread now, so go ahead and give the guy some encouragement.

No SubaHibi progress this week. The world is a cruel place, ladies and gentlemen of the 3144 club. I do wonder if herkzy will actually finish editing before 20 June; patch gets released then either way latest I heard.

Everyone poke Ryechu to edit Lilium x Triangle more, I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. Or at least I will. Hmm, wonder what happened to JOAT-Translations and their Target Nights progress, Ryechu was my main contact with them. The main site seems dead as a brick, but their tumblr still shows signs of activity.

Disc 2 of Oreimo Tsuzuku… is something the masses (that read disc 1) have been waiting for for a while, considering how unsatisfactorily some disc 1 routes ended. Not sure if it actually fixes that though. In any case it looks to be moving quite fast, prolly due to less text involved. Will project leader Dizzy Ziddy really fall into obscurity after the project finishes as he says, I wonder? He does still tweet a lot about other things, after all…

To SakuSaku Translations: Best of luck on Iroseka, it’s killed one project already after all~

To round it up, I would like to take this opportunity to say that while Tay is an excellent pusher of Publish buttons, he may wish to examine the parameters of his publishing beforehand.」

TAYsteful™ response

Goodness gracious this post is painfully colorful. That’s usually a bad sign : (. It’s disappointing to hear about Lamune, but I definitely send my best wishes/respect to zoom909. As far as my “Taysteful Response” goes, unfortunately I’m writing this before Zaka writes the Zakabox, so if I fail to respond to any of his cleverness or mocking, it’s not for lack of spine. By grabthar’s hammer, what a savings I will be avenged.

This week’s header image comes from Irotoridori no Sekai to celebrate the game being picked up by the SakuSaku TL team (announcement) (VNDB). Good luck, everybody : ).

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    • (You forgot Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai.) (… … Oh, sorry, not helping. : (…)

      Hopefully some intrepid TL groups decide to pick up these projects.

      • Walkure Romanze too…sigh…i wanted to play Walkure, Daitoshokan, Mashiro e Lamune…i hope someone will pick up and finish those nice VN. ç_ç

          • you take a good look on that list and there are way more vns than you think that have been unofficially dropped

        • I do have access to Walkure Romanze’s scripts and current progress if anyone wants to continue it.

  • Every week i’m starting to read update with hope to see good news about Mahou tsukai no Yoru and every time end up dissapointed. It hurts.

  • The Lamune update came from talking to Zoom directly. Lots of people asking me where I got that info. As I said last week — I’m checking into several projects which haven’t been updated recently, and as I find out their status I’ll try to make you aware.

    • Although it’s not on the list, I’ve been trying to get a hold of the Concerto Note guy for a while now. He was active just a few months ago, saying he found an editor for the project, but now his site is down and I can’t find any contact info for him anywhere, other than an abandoned IRC channel (irc:// It’s a huge bummer.

      • RE: Concerto Note – Hmmm. Maybe we should compare notes. I think I was trying to do the same thing, might be worth comparing what we’ve heard/where we’ve looked.

        • Okay here’s a list of my notes:

          1. ….

          Yeah… That about sums it up. Okay, for real, his last known activity was at around February, when he was talking about how he found an editor (he didn’t say who). I think he posted a contact email in the blog comments but the Wayback Machine did not save that. I’ve scoured their site using the wayback machine and could not find anything. I’ve scoured google trying to track the translator down, couldn’t find anything. I’ve idled their IRC channel for a few days, no one signed on. That’s about it. Maybe we need to put out an all-points-bulletin on him.

          While I’m here, in other news, it seems that everyone missed that the Rose Gun Days team is going to release a complete patch for Seasons 3 and 4 (so the whole game) in a week or two.

  • Astral Air actually got updated to 10317/63940 in addition to the common route being completed.

    • Oooh, nice! I have to rely on progress pages (AstralAir’s site still doesn’t have that new number up) and blog posts, as there are too many projects for me to follow closely on social media/etc.

    • because it sells well, if you consider the sales of the sakura series. also most of their upcoming titles are oelvn´s from small companies who made it on kickstarter & its cool that sekai backs them up. regarding cyclops girl & insect-tan, they were accquired long ago and it would be a waste to not publish them now, after spending money.
      also keep in mind, that a good amount of the bucks they gonna earn with those smaller titles are going to be reinvested in greater ones. lately there was a post on twitter regarding a new title (pixeled pic) which might be ever17 or stuff.
      other publishers have/had a similar policy

      • But they do it by their choice, to help others produce their own material.
        Despite how crappy a lot of the title they release are, they’re actually helping the development of English created visual novels, however, if you think about it, it’s mostly the developers that ask Sekai to publish their project to help them out…

    • If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 6-8 times: people come for the TL updates, but they stay for the Zaka(box). It’s that rugged, viking lord charm. Or something.

    • I actually always wrote a little thing at the bottom of them back when I was in charge. I expound for a bit longer these days, though.

  • Just wanted to say; thank you so much for your hard work in making this translation status thing for everyone! It must have been hard to keep up with all the updates and news for these translation projects ;;;

    And we thank you for always putting up the Ayakashi Gohan’s updates in orange!! (Because although the updates came from us, I personally get excited seeing them here hahaha). Keep up the good work, guys~ (And you, Tay!! :D)

    • Your project is one of my favorites to track : P. I try to comment on each of your updates, but congrats again on the steady progress!

    • Yeah, I’ve posted about that for a few weeks in a row b/c I thought people would want to know. Check out that link — EldritchCherub gave an update as to why the site’s down and where the project is.

  • I have recently come to the sad conclusion that majority of current existing English-translated VNs that I haven’t already read, don’t interest me, and the majority of the ones that are being translated or picked up, are either uninteresting or get cancelled halfway, often without any notification. As a result I have decided to learn to read Japanese. It’s the only way I’ll get to experience the gems that official localization groups ignore in favor of tasteless nukige, gimicky humor games and overall mediocre galges.
    I’m not complaining, as I know translation, licensing, proofreading, and all that stuff can be problematic. Just saying, I feel that way too much money/effort is thrown into projects that hardly deserve it, and the only way to get to enjoy some true masterpieces that may never reach the West is to learn Japanese. Wish me luck, guys. Who knows, maybe I’ll become a translator too one day.

    • Tenshin Ranman and Your Diary, the two erojiji/CraneAnime projects, should be presumed dead at some point. Even if there are people in their IRC who claim they may not be 100% dead, the likelihood of a complete patch coming out for either from them is very low.

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