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Love at First Sight

Written by Tay

A new review by the FuwaReviews team is up! Solidbatman took on CreepyCute’s newest title: “Love at First Sight”, which was published by Sekai Project on Steam last week.

Its a story nobody really asked for, but everyone secretly wanted, Love at First Sight starts off as a cliche romance story but gets a little one eyed twist. Mamarou, our protagonist, comes across Sachi, the one eyed girl mentioned above. The set up is as generic as it comes, but can a romantic story involving a cyclops be enough to make this VN worth a read?

I’ve been covering this game for the past week and a half, and I am unspeakably relieved to confirm that eye puns are at a comfortable minimum in this review. Spoilers are also more or less absent, so go ahead and dive in.

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  • Uh… I think I’ll rather try Starless out (after knowing what else is in it [vomit]) then try this one out. That eye seriously bothers me. The artwork is nice though but that eye… damn! *shivers*

    • “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.” – Inigo Montoya

      But more realistically… Maybe the eyeball is thinner and flatter? With the right lens it could work. The optic nerve doesn’t go very far and it would compact down quite a bit as it travels to/through a new/customized foramen into the skull. I could theoretically see everything fitting… But only if it’s not a spherical orb. One giant eyeball like ours? Yeah, you’d probably be right.

      Depth perception tho… Can’t think of a way to make that work. Can you?

    • That might be true, but the story of Saya No Uta is decidedly disturbing and messed up. This, as far as I know, is trying to be cute and romantic in an edgy way or something.

  • i agreed with master shogun the genre for saya no uta is mystery horror anyway and this is more like pure love romance. Sorry but this vn isnt for me and if the heroine is yuki onna, kyuubi, or bakeneko still acceptable but i dont understand why they decided this creature to be the heroine

  • Why did they decide on a Cyclops for the heroine?
    Because this is a VN adaptation of the artist’s characters.
    The VN is actually very cute. There’s nothing particularly sickening in there, though if you can’t stand the pic up top then it just isn’t for you.
    If there was one bad thing about the novel, it’s just so short.
    You barely get anywhere with the two main characters, so of course you literally get nowhere with the four side characters.
    There is also a bit of raw wounds fetish (source: the author himself), but again, nothing particularly icky.

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