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Cursed Sight: New Project by InvertMouse

Being able to control fate would be a blessing for many. To Miyon, it is her greatest curse.

East and West Taria are in conflict, and Miyon’s power will be the most valuable weapon.

Meanwhile, Gai has been sold by his family into Miyon’s temple. Will the two save or destroy one another?

InvertMouse, a long-time friend to our community and very talented game designer, has finally revealed his next game project: Cursed Sight. The team is made up of game creator InvertMouse, Tooaya (artist), Karla Featherstone (UI designer), Efe Tozan (composer) and Kyle Tyner (programmer). The visual novel will feature themes of struggling with fate.

This new visual novel is one of his most ambitious to-date: he’s planning on ~45,000 words, and as you can see from the assets below, the game looks stunning.

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So far we know of three characters:

  • Gai: Our protagonist is a young West Tarian sold by his parents into the Eastern Temple.
  • Miyon: Quiet, introspective, and oh, yeah, that’s right, born with the power to bend fate.
  • Sasa: A “bellstress” who performs at the Temple.

The Cursed Sight team has come out of the gate, fists-a-flying: in addition to the trailer you see up above, a demo of the game is also available on the Cursed Sight homepage:

Download the Cursed Sight demo

(Note: I just finished the demo and was pretty darn impressed by the art. The flow and cadence of the writing was good, too. As long as you can make it through the menu’s bell sound-effect to the game, you’re in for a treat : P. The demo is ~130 MB.)

How to support the project:

Support Cursed Sight on Kickstarter

Support Cursed Sight by Upvoting on SteamKickstarter: Support via Kickstarter: Support him here
Steam: Vote on Steam Greenlight: Vote here
Twitter: Retweet InvertMouse’s announcement tweet (link)
Facebook: Post links to the game’s homepage

Cursed Sight Gameplay Screenshot 01


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8 years ago

Wow this looks really impressive! InvertMouse, it’s great to have somebody with your level of passion for VNs and game creation in the OELVN industry. I truly look forward to this ambitious project of yours.