We’re Back In… Mostly the Same Colors

Written by Zakamutt

After the blog hack (did you enjoy the Moncler apparel?), we decided we should do a clean install of the blog software. We’ve kept more or less the same data, but I couldn’t really remember exactly how the blog was set up. This means the interface, especially the footer, will be a bit different.

I have also added a bit of a personal touch with a search bar at top right, because it was annoyingly at the bottom that one time I used it. That, and I did a Nielsen Norman binge once and I think it said something about it. This may have been a bad idea.

Apart from blog stability, this should also make having FuwaReviews(tm) on the same domain as the Gazette easier bar the blog software being silly again.

If you have any feedback on the UI we’re using now, it will be sagely considered by a council of me and whomever I can pull off the figurative street at the moment. Either that or I’ll consult with someone who actually knows their stuff.

Regular operation to be resumed soon; VNTS due in about six hours if I’m not too sleepy then and sixteen if I am.

Please have mercy on my punning self

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