Initial Grisaia no Kajitsu release to be all-ages only

Written by Zakamutt

In an unexpected development, the planned Grisaia series Kickstarter is now set to (officially) only fund the all-ages versions of Grisaia no Kajitsu and its sequels. Among other things, this means that there will be no uncensored digital download version available as a Kickstarter reward. An uncensored release some time after the all-ages version was promised by the series’ translator koestl; what will happen to the currently 18+ only hard copy reward tier seems to be up in the air. Whether KS backers of Grisaia will be able to get discounts on the uncensored versions of Grisaia after its release or not is also uncertain.

The decision was reportedly made due to Grisaia’s creator Frontwing insisting on a strong separation between the all-ages and normal release, which is likely borne out of a Japanese mindset. Sekai Project’s CEO explains:

In the industry (I’m referring to Japan in this case), all-ages and 18+ versions of the same game are considered COMPLETELY different products and thus why they are usually promoted separately. In this case, they want that to be very clear on the separation of the title’s content.

The all-ages version of Grisaia no Kajitsu mostly removed the actual porn while keeping lead-ins to h-scenes, but some textual parts of the Angelic Howl section of Amane’s route were also censored. Koestl is hoping that he will be able to change the text back to its original state where possible, but this is still not set in stone.

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  • A commenter brings up a valid point: for those not familiar with the project, it’s not clear from this post whether the Kickstarter in question was already funded or not. It’s important to clarify that the Kickstarter campaign has not yet started.

    • “In an unexpected development, the planned Grisaia series Kickstarter”

      …EDIT: however, I fully admit to some lack of clarity. I will probably change the wording of the intro slightly to “is now set to”. Will that help?

      • It makes it slightly more obvious. It’s typical for news stories covering a developing issue to provide a background segment at the end that summarizes prior developments (usually a paragraph or so). That’s probably what I’d do, especially for a flashpoint topic like this. You’re going to get a lot of readers that are hearing about Sekai Project’s Grisaia Kickstarter for the first time, so you need to bring them up to speed.

        • Noted. Probably too late by now, but will keep in mind for further posts. Always worried a bit about it myself; part of the problem is that wordpress post formatting is pretty terrible to work with even with the update. I guess I might just have to wrestle with it in text mode if WYSIWYG fails me.

  • Another victory for the utterly retarded stupidity that is censorship. Buckets of blood are perfectly okay, but show just a tiny amount of nudity and every American cries out in horror.

    • You can definitely see the east/west difference in that non-sexual, but more gory and such parts of Amane’s route are changed in the jp all-ages version, while SP would probably be ok with changing it back for the English all-ages release.

  • So… will the 18+ version of the games be released if all goes well? Cause I will not support this Kickstarter if not. I already played through the first game I’m supporting this to get to the other 2 games. I can’t imagine playing an all ages version Grisaia no Kajitsu. Especially Amane route putting the H scenes aside. That’s Lame

  • So basically, they can just back out whenever they want once they have your money and not deliver the 18+ version, and even if they do, you have to fund the all ages version so you can buy the 18+ version, paying first for something you don’t want. Luckily, not all is gray as there may or may not be a discount for the 18+ version that may or may not be sold, if you already paid for a copy of the all ages version… yay?
    Seriously, what the hell? They better make an official statement and get their shit together because no way in hell am I giving them money for something so vague and based on blind faith, and no, a twitter by koestl does not count.

  • If the 2 versions are considered different products, why do they not make a KS for the adult version only? I’m pretty damn sure people would choose that if there were a poll.

    Providing us with the adult version for free later – that is, if they make a clear statement on this regard – would kinda work for those who just want the downloadable version. But for the ones who want physical copies and stuff? I don’t know about that. Paying twice for the novel is out of the question. It’s just outrageous.

    • Simple, Kickstarter does not allow ANY sort of adult projects to be posted on their site.

      Many games, etc. have tried and have been taken down. The best course of action devs have been able to do is create a ’18+ version’ as a side-project alongside the ‘safer’ version of the game.

      • No. The reason is because frontwing does not want it. It’s as simple as that. That’s one of the reasons why the KS campaign took so long.
        Why the kickstarter campaign started now is also because frontwing pushed for that to happen now as the anime finishes airing.

  • I really want to read the other two novels in the series, but not if I have to pay a premium for a gutted novel. Did they not think this through? I’m sure the majority would rather have the 18+ version.

  • Annoyingly this is how the world works if the game had just an r-18 version this issue wouldn’t have arisen simply put since there are “two versions” of the game the importance to distinguish between the meant for release for example if you had two copy’s of a movie one was full of unedited offensive content whilst the other was clearly moderated for all audience, which will sell more obviously the one suited for multiple viewers then after the regular version was released then the company will release the original as is for people who wants to experience more content.
    Well my opinion may be wrong or right who’s to say but as I see it they would rather release the whole trilogy as all ages first well I don’t understand why they don’t just release both version at the same time.

    • Fucking stupid companies don’t realize, that 99% of the people who play visual novels like H-scenes in their games since it makes it more emotionally attaching.

      • I have a feeling your numbers are a bit hyperbolic…

        …not that I don’t personally like muh porn.

        I personally think that the way they force writers to frame the story around them might be the main benefit, can’t say I’m sure if it’s an actual factor though.

  • I don’t think Frontwing understands that nobody wants the all ages version. This isn’t Japan where a sizable minority/console players would play the all ages version. Visual novels have such little popularity in the West that the few people who are interested in Vns are only interested in uncensored versions.

  • I should clarify that everything that is currently happening with the planned Kickstarter is still being discussed by Sekai Project and Frontwing, meaning that things could still change. Right now they’re stating that the plan is to have the Kickstarter for the All-Ages version(Possibly also due to Kickstarter’s policy on adult content in projects), then after a bit time the 18+ version will be released in some way and possibly at a discounted price if not for free for backers, though this depends on what they end up deciding in the end.

      • Nope, they do have a problem with it if it goes ‘too far’ in some cases.

        Hunipop had to advertise a ‘safe’ Steam version of their game while working on a ‘Steamy’ NSFW version as a ‘side-project’.

        The games you listed in particular never had a serious ‘sex-scene’. Grisaia not only has full-blown out sex scenes with the CGs, but with minors as well(aside from Amane) which can pose as a problem to them.

  • Hello. I would like to start off this is a bad idea. I don’t know why you are doing Hello. I would like to start off this is a bad idea. I don’t know why you are doing this but it is a bad idea. First off I would like to ask generally what
    age group plays visual novels? Is it children under the age of 10? Or is it
    adults who are over the age of 18? I would have to say the majority of people
    who play visual novels are over 18. That means you might lose people who only
    play 18+ Visual novels. (I’m not saying there are not people under the age of 18
    play visual novels.) Another thing even if you were to put this as a all ages
    only, the next generation is getting smarter and smarter by the second. I’ve
    seen children hack, I’ve seen them use torrents. So even if you put this as a
    all ages only if its on the internet it will surely be found. Grisaia no
    Kajitsu series is a popular series amongst fellow otakus, especially the H
    scenes. (Not for you know what material…) I feel as if the story has a H
    scene it will be more like a real life story. But sex is sex is probably what
    you are thinking. But think of it this way. 1. The first series of Grisaia no
    Kajitsu was a 18+ game. Deciding to make it the rest of the series all ages
    only would be ridiculous. Because what if someone under the age of 18 wanted
    to play this series. But couldn’t because the first Visual novel was a 18+ only.
    So him or her would have to wait till they are 18 in order for them to play the
    rest of the series. 2. I feel as if there is a sex scene it makes it more
    romance themed. Brings the story to life. Makes you know the character more
    (Even if its a boy or girl). 3. Some people not all people but some people play
    visual novels for Story+Hscene. Some people play the visual novel for a story.
    I personally like H scenes for many reasons. You discover what you can do with
    the human body. (Positions you get to use in the real life) You get to see your
    favorite character’s everything, It feels like you are actually there. Whether
    she likes to moan or have a favorite position she likes to use you will know
    more about her. I’m going to be honest with you me personally I will be sad that
    there will no longer be any H scenes but I’m not going to stop playing the

  • At the Sekai Project forums, Koestl said it’s likely they will remove the mosaics from the h scenes for the 18+ version of the game. Now that I’ve had some time to cool down, I guess I’m a little less pissed off. If they actually give away the 18+ version to backers, or to a lesser degree give a considerable discount, I guess I just might consider backing this again. Sadly, the lack of official statements mean that all their promises are nothing but wishful thinking at this point.
    Here’s hoping Frontwing and Sekai Project get their shit together and deliver.

  • I don’t think people should pay money for something they don’t want for the unsubstantiated promise that they’ll get what they do want. And since it’s versions of the same thing, you’re asking people to pay for it twice.

    Should I pay for a 1.0 version of a game and then pay full price again for a 1.1 patch?

  • Most definitely will not support the kickstarter. Sekai project will most assuredly screw us on the sequels as well and giving us the lamer all-age versions from those. And the Japan moron in charge trying to hose us in the west for even more chunk change and differentiates the uncensored from the censored products. That CEO has a warped mind. Blood and violence is a-OK, nipples? HELL NO. Stupid logic. Big disappointment.

  • The hell? I was ready to throw money at them like there was no tomorrow and then this?

    No monies, sorry. I’ll keep it for myself until 18+ day comes (if it ever does)

  • Do what you want. I don’t care, as long as I get to read the 18-age version (the line where it said “some textual parts of the Angelic Howl section of Amane’s route were also censored” was enough for me to stay away from the All-ages version, since Angelic Howl is, for me, the BEST route in the whole Visual Novel. Some parts are way too emotional to be censored).
    Don’t read the All-age version, even if you are under 18 years old. Trust me, it will suck and it will drop important stuff.

    • Edit: I hate my laptop when auto-corrects my engrish -__-
      -If someone can help me with this, I’ll be happy!-
      –Punctuation now properly spaced as requested, thanks to Mare and/or Zakamutt

  • There seems to be a lot of hate comments so here is some info so there aren’t as many misconceptions on the project:
    1. Frontwing being a pussy and separating ‘All-Ages’ & ’18+’ versions. (Possibly not understanding the Western Market properly either)
    2. Sekai Project have guaranteed that they will do an ’18+’ version after the ‘All-Ages’ version if it is funded.
    3. It is very unlikely any part of the ’18+’ version to make it into the Kickstarter.
    4. Sekai Project are looking to make the ’18+’ ver free or discounted for those who back the Kickstarter however it is not 100% yet and details still unknown.
    5. The ’18+’ ver will have a good chance of having uncensored / mosaic-free CG.
    6. Add-ons will be made for the non-limited goods.
    7. Rewards on the prefundia are likely to be final.
    8. Sekai Project is waiting for Frontwing to reply regarding some of the above points before starting the Kickstarter.

    I’m happy from finding the above information but I’m hoping for more information regarding point 4 before I support the KS and project.

  • Aaaaan im gone…lol,i was planning to buy thisjust for Meikyuu and Rakuen and without an official announcment i wont be wasting my money for a possible all age meikyuu :S

  • thank you for the insight from the comments above, i to wanted a 18+ version, i was willing too spend $245. now like other, am waiting it out.

    if it get released at a later date, am sure i will pay much less for the digital only of the 3 games 18+ an am fine with that. i was willing pay more too show support for more liberal freedom in are media choice.

    since they feel were not mature enough too handle fake picture of sex an random nudity, i feel their not mature enough for me too support at this time. it may be petty but money does talk an i want them too listen…

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