CLANNAD’s Kickstarter is live!

A Kickstarter forĀ CLANNAD has been launched by Sekai Project just days after its Prefundia was put up. It’s raised $123,453 at the time of writing, not far from its funding goal of $140,000. This happened in more or less half a day.

Most of what you might want to know about the history of the project can be found in my earlier post about the Prefundia page, so I’ll just re-iterate two key points:

  1. The translation will be completely re-done by a team of professionals
  2. The release will be fully voiced bar the protagonist

As for new information… well, we did get a cost breakdown. 10% of the money will go to for Kickstarter / credit card fees, 40% to translation and editing, and 50% to licensing voices + physical goods production and shipping. At the bottom there is also a progress update on SP’s other projects:

[…] our previous Kickstarter projects are also progressing quite nicely! We’ve released World End ECONOMiCA episode.01, and episode.02 will be released by the end of the year. fault milestone one chapters 1-4 also have been translated and we will be updating the beta very soon!

I’ll end this with a letter from VisualArt’s CEO, Takahiro Baba:

"To our overseas Key fans, It has been a dream of ours to one day produce an English version of our game, CLANNAD. The translation of CLANNAD is particularly difficult where a simple mistake in translation would damage the nuances of the story. However, after planetarian's release, I believe many of you are well aware of the astoundingly high quality translation by Sekai project. CLANNAD is certainly a lengthy tale but I'm sure it will have a lasting impression on your lives. In order to allow a much larger audience to enjoy CLANNAD, I hope from the bottom of my heart that this project will be successful. Takahiro Baba, company president and CEO, VisualArt's"

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