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Sekai Project launches pre-kickstarter for Grisaia series

Sekai Project has launched a Prefundia page for an official localization of Grisaia no Kajitsu, with translations of prequel and fandisc Grisaia no Meikyuu and sequel Grisaia no Rakuen listed as stretch goals. The proposed goals are set quite high, which according to SP is because of the high cost of licensing character voices. Aah, voices, the bane of localization… some other examples of this would be MangaGamer’s Koihime Musou and Kara no Shoujo, which were originally released without voices and later received voice patches after a certain amount of copies had been sold.

Originally released as a fan translation patch on the translation platform TLWiki, the translation of Kajitsu was widely lauded for its high quality. Koestl, the project’s translator, will be returning to translate the rest of the series. Other members of the original translation team, such as herkz (one of the two editors), will be returning as well. That said, Koestl is currently translating Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning for MangaGamer.

The Kickstarter’s goals are currently stated to be:

  • $40,000: Grisaia no Kajitsu will be localized, with additional CGs added and a script cleanup.
  • $80,000: Grisaia no Meikyuu will be localized.
  • $120,000: Grisaia no Rakuen be localized.
  • $150,000: the fandisc Idol Mahou Shoujo Chiru Chiru☆Michiru may be localized (negotiations still pending)

As Sekai Project’s initial announcement said that they would publish Grisaia no Kajitsu‘s all-ages PS Vita version (rated 17+) on Steam, concerns over whether it would be possible to get a version including the original erotic content were raised early on. After initially saying that they would create a patch which could restore the h-scenes if applied to the Steam release, Sekai Project then backpedaled somewhat into vagueness, again raising concerns about censorship.

As it turns out, Sekai Project now states that they might not distribute the VN on Steam at all in case Valve decides to not publish the title’s all-ages version. In that case, both the all-ages and 18+ versions will be available through Sekai Project; otherwise, only the 18+ version will.

The “all-ages” version is still rated 17+ and has naked scenes, leaving only h-scenes and a few other borderline scenes out (Sachi and Michiru… playing on the beach comes to mind.) The removal of h-scenes is reportedly done well, with fades to black occurring only just before actual pornographic content. Some scenes added to the all-ages version of the VN may be left out the 18+ one, as they cannot be smoothly inserted into the story of the original.

The Prefundia page mentions the possibility for a translation of part 1 of Idol Mahou Shoujo Chiru Chiru☆Michiru (the second part is slated for a December release in Japan; sources claim it will be on the 26th, but this information cannot be found on the creator’s own site.) Idol Mahou Shoujo Chiru Chiru☆Michiru is a spinoff starring Michiru, who is an unpopular idol striving to become as famous as the admired Kazuki. Among other things, she becomes a magical girl… I’ve heard it’s pretty good.

Interestingly, a translator working on that same VN recently revealed his work on the Fuwanovel forums, and has now contacted Sekai Project regarding a potential collaboration. The translator is adamant that he will finish translation of the VN no matter what “even it’s illegal for anyone but myself to read it in the end.”

Update: Having gotten in touch with Sekai Project, the Chiru Chiru☆Michiru translator says this:

I’m in contact with Sekai Project, and have signed an NDA with them. That does not mean I’ve necessarily joined the project, but it does mean I probably will not be allowed to provide much more information about this situation from here on out.

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  • Aww, and here I thought we will get a definite version (H scenes + New CG/Scenes from the all ages version),

    Then that mean the 18+ version that will be release by sekai project will be the same with the fan translation version released by TLwiki before right? Albeit a minor changes in the translation

    • To be honest, the whole thing was a bit unclear, and it’s possible the page was actually edited to not list this any more. You might want to ask SP on their tumblr or something.

  • I would help them but the fact that it’s gonna be 100% censored if it comes to steam nahhhh. They said they will release the Ps vita version of Grisaia no Kajitsu thats why they will and can not provide an uncut patch and thats why I will not buy it or help

    • b-but they’ll also be selling the 18+ version, just in a different place!

      …I guess there is that steam game ownership factor though.

  • What i’m wondering is if TLWiki will translate the other 2 as a fan translation with all content uncensored available on their site like they did for the first or if we’ll have to get it from SP.
    Does someone knows ?

    • Well i doubt anyone would do a fan translation if this actually gets licensed by SP,there would be no point in doing it since they plan on releasing an All-ages version AND 18+ version.

  • I just don’t see the need for this. Why not put time and money into an entirely untouched project?

    What I’d recommend: Target another untouched mystery genre game. They are very popular atm, even amongst non-anime fans with all those hit crime dramas, like CSI, Dexter, etc. We saw the once unheard of title, Dangan Ronpa, quickly shoot to stardom over its first game’s initial fan-translation. Gather a huge ass list of all the untranslated mystery genre games, pick one, and surprise us, Sekai Project. It doesn’t even have to be hentai.

  • I’m really only intersted in this if it has the h-content, since its part of the story for most of the girls. I hate when they do shit like that. like Aselia the eternal lost an entire route, and one of the girls backstorys had massive plot holes due to the lack of the h-content in any english translated version.

  • this bites. i waited for this for over a year, and then i see this when i was looking for why meikyuu took so long. i will deny you, america! i will deny you! I’m poor so i need a free copy

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