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Prizes to earn for Steam reviewers of Dandelion

Cheritz, a Korean company creating female-oriented visual novel / dating sim hybrids, are running a competition + raffle where you can get “random unrevealed/soldout game goods”. The competition can be entered from any country; last day of entry is the 27th.

To enter, you’ll have to buy Dandelion on Steam, play it once, then leave a review on its Steam page. While the price is somewhat steep at $29,99, the novel is voiced and production values are quite high. You can find the full instructions here.

Apart from Dandelion, Cheritz has put their second VN, Nameless, up on Greenlight.


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9 years ago

This is a good marketing trick, convincing us to buy the $30 game (35ish in Canada) in exchange for a chance to receive more good IF we promote the game. This will most certainly garner them more money than they lost in prizes.

Reply to  Kimanor
9 years ago

It’s pretty lol, yeah.

9 years ago

the patch for Princess Nightmare is out could you upload the patched version of it?Its an otome game

Reply to  asan
9 years ago

Having troubles, doesn’t seem to run on win8 at all