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Lemnisca Translations unleashes Killer Queen patch

Written by Zakamutt


It’s been a little under a year since the fan translation group Lemnisca Translations started work on localizing the short visual novel Killer Queen by Flat, and after a little controversy along the way they’re now ready with the full translation. Included within the 1.00 release is the option to change between an all-ages and an explicit version. Also available is a separate gore patch, which adds mosaics to 2 CGs.

Get the patch over at the Lemnisca Translations website, where you can also read instructions for installation as well as get the additional gore patch. Use [email protected] to report bugs and typos to the team.

Plot summary (courtesy of Lemnisca Translations):

13 players are locked inside an abandoned building, each with a PDA representing a playing card from A to K and a collar device set around their necks. Each of the 13 PDAs correspond to a different set of objectives, and if a player doesn’t fulfill their PDA’s objectives in 72 hours, their collar will explode.

No one knows who has which PDA, and players are at a disadvantage if they proceed alone. But in this deadly game filled with mistrust and paranoia, who can you trust … ?

Killer Queen originally released in Japan in 2006 and was later followed up by an expanded alternate take on the premise with Secret Game in 2008; this in turn received a prequel in 2011 called Secret Game Code:Revise, where the action was moved from an abandoned building to a small rural village. Lemnisca Translations are planning to localize both Secret Game and the 2013 mostly rewritten PSP edition of Secret Game Code:Revise called Rebellions: Secret Game 2nd Stage, though it’s still unknown when they’ll start work on either.

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    • H scenes are translated, but turned off by default. If you want h scenes, you must go into the options and turn “ero content” to “yes”, or it will skip the scene.

    • They aren’t turned on by default, although it’s a non-issue. All you have to do is go to options in game, and the first one is quite a few hours in, towards the end of the first episode. It’s good to prevent accidentally scarring someone for life.

  • Admittedly, I was one of the users who really lashed out at the initial controversial posting of Lemnisca doing a once non-ero only translation. I thought it was disrespectful to the game’s vision, and a sign the translators didn’t want to bother translating ero scenes. I understand ero scenes are the bane of translators, but if you don’t like them, then translate another game, period.

    I’m glad they took some of the advice to heart and gave us options. More options never hurt anyone.

  • I have a question for those who have beaten the game: According to, this is a Kinetic Novel, meaning there are NO branching options. However, in this game topic on, the guy is talking about there are routes in the game.

    So I’m confused, which is it. Are there routes or not?

    • I guess I’ll answer my own question. It looks like the second route is unlocked after you beat the first one, but they’re both linear. It’s not like there is a decision that separates the two routes.

  • The loli looks cute buuuuut… it’s absolutely not my type of VN. x.x I’m really bad with horror and gore and such stuff. >.< Can't vision much romance in this. I'll skip it.

  • This is going to sound dumb, lol (no spoilers). I was playing this game late last night and when I went to sleep, I had a nightmare I was the protagonist in this game’s situation. I believe the game takes place over 76 hours, so I kept having a delusion someone was going to kill me in my sleep after the initial 6 hour non-combat rule had expired. I kept waking up over the night to match my protagonist’s behavior. So now I’m at work, half-asleep, typing this from my cubicle.

    I had a similar nightmare when I was playing Five Night’s at Freddy’s. I was afraid if I didn’t occasionally wake up every now and then to monitor my room, I’d get jumped on by an animatronic.

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