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“A promise from the Broken World” IndieGoGo Campaign – Fuwanovel Community

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve last posted. You can blame that on school, work, and Archeage. Anyway, today I thought I’d introduce an interesting crowdfunding campaign from a longtime member of Fuwanovel. Who knew that someone within our community would actually start their own crowdfunding campaign to write something that interests them. I for one can say that I find it commendable to try to follow one’s own dream. With that in mind, let’s dig right into the crux of the IndieGoGo Campaign.

The campaign is run by longtime member Steve, who was also formerly a moderator and admin for Fuwanovel. He’s looking to raise funds to create a self-published work in the form of a light novel, but in the style of a visual novel. It seems like an interesting mix of styles and could be quite the interesting project to keep your eyes out on. We’ve always been keen on supporting creativity and self-created works, be it in the form of translations or even full on written works.

Taking a quick look through the campaign, we find that the book will be in the following genres: Romance, Post-Apocalyptic World, Mystery, Fantasy, Drama, Science Fiction, Alternative Dimensions, Dreams

Delving deeper into the text, we also have a plot premise that goes something like this:

Hundreds of years after a nuclear apocalypse, the few survivors living in underground bunkers were able to continue the human legacy. Nobody was however able to rebuild what was once destroyed – that being hope for peace, technological progress and other great deeds that people before the war were striving to achieve.

Yukirou used to live in one of these bunkers. But just like people fought during the war, people these days still fight the same way. And even though the ideals they are fighting for might have changed over the centuries, the main reasons for fighting remain the same – greed, lust for power, desire to control others.
And so during his childhood, after a riot caused a series of malfunctions resulting in a full lockdown and large fire spreading throughout the bunker, he was forced to escape using a secret shaft only a young and agile boy like him could fit through, leaving behind everyone he knew and loved.

Thrown into the outside world full of dangerous animals and people (often times very hard to distinguish the two apart), he soon met a mysterious girl. Introducing herself as Chiiko, she started addressing Yukirou as onii-chan*, despite this being the first time he met her. To Yukirou she almost seemed like a gift from gods to guide him through the hell he must explore.

And so he ventured towards the future, towards all the mysteries of this land that he is slowly discovering to be very different from what he was taught. Perhaps the world is not what it seems to be. Hopefully Chiiko will have the answers for him when the time to ask the questions comes.

*onii-chan is a Japanese term younger sisters use to call their older brothers, honorific -chan often signifies close relationship.

Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Drop by the forums.

Link to Campaign: IndieGoGo Link

Link to Forum Topic: Fuwanovel Thread

Overall, the project is certainly an interesting one and we at Fuwanovel are always keen at looking at member-created works as well as translations. Looking into the future, I’d like to see if it would be possible to get Steve and some other members for interviews on the blog for their current personal projects and follow-up with them. I mean, I was given the same treatment, so why not share the love.


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9 years ago

Am I the only one who thinks the story is based on Fallout 3?

Reply to  ShadowBreaker
9 years ago

Btw, I am not criticizing, I love Fallout 3 and for that reason I look foward for this

Reply to  ShadowBreaker
9 years ago

Haha I must say you are fairly observant to notice something like that. To tell you the truth, it is not based on Fallout 3 but it is inspired by the Fallout series (Fallout 2 is after all my favorite RPG).
It definitely has some elements I took from the games and I might end up using lot of the “facts” I learned from the series about radiation and similar post-nuclear war symptoms (mutation has some role too, as was implied by the “people who might not be people anymore” and “hard to distinguish between dangerous people and animals”, but not to an extent as in Fallout series).

So if I were to be honest, I would say that you can call the story a mix of Fallout, Irotoridori no Sekai, Flyable Heart and few other VNs, taking place somewhere in the Japanese mountainside (so different from the usual desert wasteland of Fallout).

Reply to  ShadowBreaker
9 years ago

Nice, Fallout 2 was awesome ( I hope someday it gets remastered), I am trully looking foward for your work. The part that made Fallout pop to my mind (aside from the existence of vaults) is: ” the main reasons for fighting remain the same – greed, lust for power, desire to control others.”, that made that epic sentence pop to my mind: “War, war never changes”

Reply to  ShadowBreaker
9 years ago

Oh yeah that’s true. But there is one more thing that also never changes. Something it might get lost, it might get overlooked, forgotten. But in the end it is always there, waiting to be found 🙂
I am of course talking about love~