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50 Translated VNs You Should Read Before You Die- Big Revamp~

Written by Kaguya

How’s everyone? Kaguya here.
Remember the list I made over one year ago?

…Well, of course you don’t. No need to be so honest when replying, though.
With the passing of one year, a lot of VNs were translated (kind of) and I’ve changed my opinion on a lot of them as well. In the end, about half (if not more) of the titles there were changed, every name now has a VNDB link for those who want to know more about the VN and the list’s quality has gone up a lot, in general.

You should check out the new one on the fuwanovel forums!

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My name is Kaguya. I'm a global moderator on the fuwa forums and a VN reviewer for the Fuwazette. I'm particularly fond of action VNs, have soft spot for grandiose melodrama and have impossible-to-meet standards for mystery stories. I'm somewhat active all day round, so if you ever need to contact a member of the staff team for anything, just throw me a PM on the forums!


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