Tears to Tiara II getting English localization

On June 19, Siliconera reported that the PS3 gameplay/VN hybrid Tears to Tiara 2: Haou no Matsuei is being localized for North American audiences. The title has SRPG gameplay interspersed with ADV sections (according to one review I read, these can last upwards of three hours.) Aaeru actually did a picture spam for this title last year, prior to its Japanese release.

The first entry in the series was originally released as a PC eroge, then got a non-h remake for the PS3 and, later, the PSP. These remakes swapped the (reportedly terrible) real-time gameplay of the original for an SRPG system, among other things. Tears to Tiara’s PC version has a fan translation, and you can get it from Fuwanovel.

Siliconera did not name its sources.

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