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Quick Update #3

We now have a pre-patched version of the Lamune partial up. It seems the H-scene in the translated route was cut by the translator, but a restoration patch can be found in the thread thanks to MeruP (if it goes missing because of MeruP liking to move things in his dropbox, ask someone to rehost it. Or just bug people anyway before it happens.)

Update 21:38 CEST:

Looks like there is a second scene on the route, MeruP’s working on something for that now. Watch the thread I guess.

Update 23:35 CEST:

Apparently it can only be unlocked if you have 100% completion. Nevertheless, a patch is now made if you want it that much 😛

Update 01/07:

Apparently 100% completion might not quite be needed, according to Zoom909:

Not sure what you mean by 100% completion.
Each time you finish a girl’s route, the corresponding extra scene appears in the omake menu. So once Nanami’s route is over, the extra scene will be there.

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