Quick Update #1

A few things have happened recently:

The final patch for Starry Sky ~After Spring~, which has images finally inserted into the game and some text corrections, has been released. You can get it here; the patch release post has been updated yet again. The project leader for the After Spring patch is now looking for translators for a Ken Ga Kimi translation project.

A 100% patch for Koiiro Chu! Lips has been released by denwatls, which translates Misaki’s route in addition to the routes translated in the previous 80% partial patch. It also contains spelling corrections, reduces the OP volume and lets you skip the intro/outro. Denwatls is currently working on a new, secret project.

We do not yet have pre-patched versions of either of these uploaded. An unpatched version for After Spring can be found here; as for Koiiro you can just drop the new patch.xp3 into the main folder of the current Fuwanovel release.

Update 21:18 CEST

Seems like the koiiro patch has a bug that breaks Nagisa’s route. Redownload the patch file and all should be well.

Update 00:34 CEST

Fuwanovel’s Koiiro release now has the latest patch applied.

Update 01:08 CEST

Andddd the Starry Sky release is now updated as well.

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