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(Japanese) Infinity series (Ever17, etc) VNs currently free downloads from Magino Drive

Right now, Magino Drive is offering two free downloads from the infinity series (Never7, Remember11, Ever17); seems to be part of a campaign so it will likely be a limited-time offer. While we have all three up here on Fuwanovel, this is your chance to get a legit copy if you so desire.

Navigating the website if you don’t know japanese can be a bit tricky, so I’ve put together a guide to making an account and connecting to the steps of another guide. The next guide is made by Yirba and covers “purchasing” the novels. When he made it, it seems you didn’t need to create an account. You do now, making things a bit more complicated… ah well.

When typing the names for registration, just copy and paste the examples given below that name on their site. Well, if you desperately want mine then they are ざかむと ふぇいくねいむ and ザカムト フェイクネイム.

In pretty much all cases the red buttons are confirmation ones. In some cases red text at the top of a page is not an error, just a success message. They really should have made that green…

Campaign link:

My guide:

Yirba’s guide:

After that, the top bar should have something like a near-full circle with an arrow (highly reminiscent of the firefox refresh button, actually…). Click that to get to your “purchases”.

They’ll have three red buttons in a triangle shape next to them, click the bottom left to get to the download page. The speed is about 100 kb/s, regrettably.

Since the two coupon codes only work one time each, you’ll have to multi-account if you want more than two of the novels.


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