New Angel Beats! Visual Novel CGs

Hey everyone, this is shcboomer reporting in for the first time on the blog. As a tasteful entrance into this posting business, I’ll start off with a short post about the latest released CGs from the Angel Beats! 1st beat VN.

The first three CGs here are scenes between Yui and Otonashi. According to their description, Yui has been doing some training, and this scene occurs as Otonashi carries Yui back to the dorms. This scene was not present in the anime, and further shows the development of the trust formed between Yui and Otonashi.

Next up, we have a CG of Iwasawa in a cheerful mood chasing a butterfly around. Although Iwasawa is known for her love of music, this scene portrays her as she opens herself up to Otonashi.

This scene should be familiar to those that have watched anime. This CG occurs during the Guild operation where only Otonashi and Yuri are left. Here she shares the story of her past with Otonashi.

Another familiar scene to anime viewers, the aftermath of a battle against Naoi. Prior to this scene, Tenshi and Otonashi are trapped in prison, and Otonashi breaks out to find Hinata and the others dying on the ground.

The last of our new CGs depicts when Naoi tries to brainwash Yuri after taking out all of the SSS in battle.

No other new information was released with this news. Angel Beats! 1st beat is still set for release sometime this year in 2014. The full series will span 6 volumes, and will cover the 19 members of the SSS.

Source: Dengeki Online

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