FuwanViewer 2.0 (beta release)

Hey guys, Nosebleed here with some Fuwanovel related news. For those of you who haven’t been around as long there was a project started back in 2012 called FuwanViewer which was intended to be an app that allowed Fuwanovel members to access our site’s library directly without the need of a browser. Although the first release was pretty well recieved, after some main site updates the software was no longer working and in August 2013 was effectively removed. However this didn’t mean the death of the project. Our  members Kreweta, Ilegend and Kuky_nekoi started working on an improved version of this app and after months of work a new and functional FuwanViewer has finally been released for testing.

Introducing: FuwanViewer 2.0 (beta)

This app is completely free and you can download it here. Simply extract the zip file wherever you want and run the executable file. Keep in mind you need to have an account on our forums in order to log in.

With this version of FuwanViewer you currently can:

  • Browse all novels in Fuwanovel with some basic information and preview.
  • Inspect a visual novel in detail ( i.e. get simlar view as on fuwanovel website).
  • Filter results by company name, tags and some other conditions.

The software requirements are:

  • Windows Vista/7/8 (Sorry XP users but Windows XP won’t run NET Framework 4.5)
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Around 128MB of RAM to run smoothly

There are already some known issues such as:

  • Your password is not 100% safe, it’s really easy to find since there wasn’t any encrypting.
  • Featured novels misses scroll bar.
  • Images are popping up in some annoying fashion.
  • Application size is big, that’s due to some development pieces being compiled and never really used in the app itself.

There are  also some future features that have been planned like:

  • Storing user related informations (read/finished/ignored novels).
  • Extending VisualNovel data with information from
  • Theming/Skinning feature, so that you may alter the app view in some minor ways.

Keep in mind this is a first release so if you happen to find any other bugs or issues, your report would be very helpful. You can drop your opinions and reports in the official thread so any new issues can be added to the list and you can get help in case you run into other problems.  There is plenty of room for improvement and all the problems will be looked into and worked on with time. Since this is a beta release the bigger the sample the better so don’t hesitate in downloading it. All feedback is greatly appreciated in order for the app to be improved with what the users need and want. Even if you don’t find any bugs, just the support and constructive critique is already great.

I hope this app can be useful to any members out there that didn’t know about it or even other Fuwanovel visitors. And finally a big thank you to these 3 members who have been working for quite some time now to make this happen. Your efforts are greatily appreciated.

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