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Hey everybody, Tay here.  I hope you’ve had a great week and a happy New Year.  As many of you know, Fuwanovel has an amazing walkthrough section.  All the walkthroughs are spoiler-free, well formatted, and put together by awesome people.  Today I’d like to highlight the new Toradora! Portable walkthrough made (from scratch) by Nosebleed.  To my knowledge it’s the only complete guide written in English.

Not only is the walkthrough well-made, but it took an enormous amount of time.  The whole VN community owes Nosebleed a giant “Thank you!” for this project.

Thank you so much Nosebleed, and well done!

Fuwanovel: Toradora! Portable (Game Download)
Fuwanovel: Toradora! Portable Walkthrough (by Nosebleed)

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  • I didn’t think there’d be a blog post covering this, Tay is exaggerating~
    I grew quite attached to the game in the end, more than i imagined I would be and repeating it countless times, discovering everything was more fun that i had expected because i rarely enjoy grinding a game so much. A future heads up, I plan on making a walkthrough for when OreImo’s english patch is released, I’ve read the game system is similar to Toradora so that got me excited for it. These types of games with more mechanics other than simple choices are my kind of thing I guess and this one as my first project from scratch I have to say it’s pretty enjoyable to make and I hope i can make more in the future. I’m glad it was of help to so many people. And i hope one day our Fuwanovel walkthrough section is filled with hundreds of helpful walkthroughs.

  • I think it’s safe to say that Aaeru has abandoned this site. Her last forum login was apparently in September of last year. Oh well. It’s a shame, but at least the site itself is still running well under the other staff members.

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