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Toradora! Portable Walkthrough

Toradora mainArt

Hey everybody, Tay here.  I hope you’ve had a great week and a happy New Year.  As many of you know, Fuwanovel has an amazing walkthrough section.  All the walkthroughs are spoiler-free, well formatted, and put together by awesome people.  Today I’d like to highlight the new Toradora! Portable walkthrough made (from scratch) by Nosebleed.  To my knowledge it’s the only complete guide written in English.

Not only is the walkthrough well-made, but it took an enormous amount of time.  The whole VN community owes Nosebleed a giant “Thank you!” for this project.

Thank you so much Nosebleed, and well done!

Fuwanovel: Toradora! Portable (Game Download)
Fuwanovel: Toradora! Portable Walkthrough (by Nosebleed)


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