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Kotaku Reviews Kara no Shojo


Hey everybody, Tay here.  Kotaku’s published another VN review, this time focusing on Kara no Shojo.  Richard Eisenbeis, the author, leads with this statement which concisely articulates the points of the review itself:

Kara no Shojo (The Girl in the Shell) is simply one of the most graphic and disturbing visual novels I have ever played. It is also one of the most captivating.

Richard Eisenbeis had previously reviewed Saya no Uta (while his feelings were mixed on the game, he did recommend it with a Kotaku “Yes”).  Kara no Shojo similarly gets a “Yes”, but it comes with a caveat, pictured below:


Whether or not you like Kotaku, it’s certainly widely-read in the gaming community, and is slowly evangelizing our little-known genre.  Let’s just hope Richard picks a less-depressing/-disturbing game next time.
Kotaku: Review of Kara no Shojo

Kotaku: Review of Saya no Uta

EDIT: Thanks to Daniel who reminded me in the comments that Richard Eisenbeis also reviewed If My Heart had Wings on Kotaku. Link below:

Kotaku: Review of If My Heart Had Wings

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