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Zakamutt's True Remembrance Review

True Remembrance

Earlier today, Zakamutt wrote a stunningly good review on True Remembrance, a memorable visual novel developed by Shiba Satomi. Here’s a short summarf of his thoughts on this game:

The prose is pretty good: you can feel that the translator and/or editor did a quality job…major props to the guys that worked on that.

The music fits well; it reminds me of the Kanon soundtrack in a good way — it gives off that winter vibe. However, I feel there could have been a few more tracks and/or track variations thrown in — one piece in particular was repeated a bit too much.

The sprite art in True Remembrance is beautiful. It’s not exactly conventional beauty, though…There’s something about the artstyle — the sprites kind of feel like they were done in watercolor. A kind of washed-out, transparent, cold feel. It really fits the game’s winter atmosphere.

All in all, True Remembrance has my strongest recommendations in a long while. Pretty much everything about it is good, and it’s not a super-long read either…I cried a little, and, well, it’s just beautiful in general.

[I give it a] 9/10. I hope Sekai Project (kind of a spiritual successor to Insani) eventually brings over more doujin VNs after they finish with Narcissu; all the ones Insani translated have been interesting.

Check out the full review on solidbatman’s blog.

True Remembrance


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