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Chaos;Child, the Next Science-Adventure Title, Announced!

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During the Live5pb 2013 event, 5pb officially announced the the fourth game in the Science-Adventure series: Chaos;Child. About 13 hours ago, MAGES musical producer Chiyomaru Shikura tweeted about this release with some serious enthusiasm.
This new visual novel is stated to be more of a direct sequel to Chaos;HEAd, and will attempt to offer some closure for some of the main conflicts presented in Chaos;HEAd, chief among them being the lingering presence of the Noah system.  According to the Anime News Network: “A major key in the game’s story are ‘Power Seals’, mysterious seals that are placed all around Shibuya.”

While it was in fact stated that the release of this game would be in 2014, the platform was not clarified.  Currently, is has not been stated whether it will be for the PC–like Chaod:HEAd  and Steins;Gate were–, or Xbox and Play Station–like Robotics;Note.

In the words of MetalUpa, “Hopefully we’ll see a PC release this time, so a fan translation can be created.”


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