Want Ever17 on Android/iOS? There's a poll for that.


Hey everybody, Tay here.  lolgc (through MetalUpa1014) has expressed a willingness to make an Ever17 patch for android/iOS (similar to the Steins;Gate patch he did with Ant08).  The catch? He wants to make sure there’s enough community demand before starting the project.

If you’d like to see Ever17 on Android/iOS, please consider registering on the Fuwanovel forums and voting in the poll here.  There are, of course, complications to the project (the thread linked to includes discussion of lolgc’s plans), but he’s asked that I blog these links to gauge community support.

As for me, more mobile VNs = good thing.  I voted “yes.”

Poll: Would you be interested in having an English patch for the iOS and Android versions of Ever 17? 

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  • Wait. I already played it on android.
    On the vnds android engine. Fully working with voice.

    It was included in the torrent “visual novels for Android” that i found a link to in an article once.

    So, i guess he’s too late. But always nice to see effort for android.

    • Supposedly vnds is not omnipotent. It can’t support video. Also MetalUpa1014 said it’s limited by terms of movement, donno what he means by that tho.

      Besides, if there is a possibility for a perfect port. I’d take it. haha.

    • Hi,
      VNDS is a simple visual novel engine. It lacks of many things, that are quiet essential for engines nowadays:
      No movie support
      No transistion animation support
      No charactersprites/backgroundimage animation (that’s what metalupa meant) support
      No menu support
      And even some more things…

      Anyhow, VNDS is okay as it had a nice idea, but you can still make out, that it was originally made as a homebrew application for the Nintendo DS.


  • Btw the article wasn’t from this site. I cant remember where it was. It listed a lot of ways to get novels working on android and downloads of novels were included.

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