VNs Translation Progress (22/10/13)

Hey people, Kaguya here.
I’m starting this small corner where I’ll make updates on any progress on the translation of visual novels monthly. Want to check them by yourself? You should go to vntls, where they post all updates

Seeeki! Bukkake Bokujou! – Released

Ruby Striker – October 25th release

Toushin Toshi II – Released

Toradora PSP – Fully translated, Oct 26th release planned

Supreme Candy – 8122/43261 (18.8%) lines translated

Monster Girl Quest 3 – 89376/131806 (67.8%) lines translated, 62% partial patch released

Koiken Otome – 50.24% translated, 13.77% through second pass

DRAMAtical Murder re:connect – Fully translated, reviewing routes

Coμ – Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku – 32142/51433 (62.49%) lines translated, common/Benio route partial patch out, Hisoka route fully translated

12Riven -the Ψcliminal of integral – 31.5/72 scripts translated

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia– 97.5% translated, third partial patch out

Hatsuyuki Sakura – Between 10 and 15% translated

Kourin no Machi – 13075/36959 (35.4%) lines translated

KuruKuru Fanatic – 46% translated

Oreimo PSP – 251/299 scripts translated, 69/299 through TLC+Editing

Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ – Down the Rabbit Hole I patch released, 41090/53562 (76.7%) lines translated and 40597/53562 (75.8%) lines edited

I/O – All scripts and tips translated. 127/249 scripts and all tips edited

Killer Queen – New translation started from scratch, 40/72 scripts translated and 18/72 scripts edited

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate – 227/397 files translated, 132/397 files edited, Common/Chisato routes fully translated

Yosuga no Sora – Common 100%, Sora 100%, Nao 19.76%, Kazuha 100%, Akira 61.99% Motoka 23.08%, Common and Kazuha fully edited

Princess Evangile – 41% translated, 40% edited

Armored Warrior Iris – 46% translated

Valkyrie Svia – 32% translated

Space Pirate Sara – 25% translated

Air – 90.4% translated

Highlights go to Monster Girl Quest 3 and Air. Both had very significant progress this month.

Also, we had the release of two VNs this week, Toushin Toshi and Bukkake Bokujou, a Alicesoft RPG and a nukige by softhouse seal respectively.

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My name is Kaguya. I'm a global moderator on the fuwa forums and a VN reviewer for the Fuwazette. I'm particularly fond of action VNs, have soft spot for grandiose melodrama and have impossible-to-meet standards for mystery stories. I'm somewhat active all day round, so if you ever need to contact a member of the staff team for anything, just throw me a PM on the forums!


    • Well, there are various sites that already do VN tracking. I am, by no means, trying to omit that from people. The main idea here was that there are quite a few newcomers or even normal people who don’t like to do information gathering/don’t bother enough to do it, so I decided to do this.

      I also try to filter the information by checking the translator pages and such, to avoid mistakes that happen sometimes. The idea here is just to help more people, not to get glory to ourselves. If I was truly unconcerned, I’d just copy-paste whenever they posted something, without checking the information first.

    • I shouldn’t even need to expound on this, but as that list was made possible only via the vntls scraper, it goes without saying that they deserve some kind of mention. Just so we’re under no false assumptions, vntls isn’t a mere VN aggregator or tracker; they use self-written tools to compile their weekly lists.

      Things may be different where you live, but in most parts of the world, failing to mention a source implies original research, and therefore, regardless of your intentions, this is essentially theft of credit.

    • On the other hand, if my point isn’t getting across, maybe Aaeru can explain it better. Regardless, in the VN fantranslation community, where most work is performed free of charge and receives only limited recognition, it is crucial to properly apportion credit to those who deserve it.

      Failure to cite sources is, of course, also a breach of journalistic ethics, but that’s less important here.

  • omg, someone is translating Space Pirate Sara!? And according to VNDB, it is MangaGamer!? Is this a sign of future Black Lilith titles from MangaGamer?

  • leave this to vntls, or leave a link. it really does look like you copy-paste from them. And if you really do want to help newcomers leaving their link will help them see all the VN’s current status. and vntls updates weekly which makes it better.

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