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Planetarian [PSP] English Port


Hey guys, Tay here.  Earlier today Zakamutt pointed us to a PSP Planetarian patch (English) found on the Living the Nerd Life blog.  I do not currently have a PSP to test this patch, but if anybody’s interested in trying it out and reporting back, I’ll be happy to update this blog post.  The patch creator, ShinjiGR, announced the patch on the Fuwanovel Forums just before the weekend.

Thanks Zakamutt for the heads up, and to ShinjiGR (blog owner) for the link.


::UPDATE::    From the comments below and from reports emailed to me, all reports confirm that this is an extremely effective patch.  Great work, ShinjiGR!


Blog: Planetarian [PSP] in English!

Patch: Mediafire

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