Fuwanovel Forums: 50 translated VNs you should read before you die


Hey everybody, Tay here.  Kaguya has put together an awesome list on the Fuwanovel forums: “50 translated VNs you should read before you die.”  Give it a glance — lots of good memories there : ).

Also, as it turns out, Kaguya has pretty good taste.  If you’re missing some of these on your list, add them! They’re all solid suggestions!

Fuwanovel Forums: 50 translated VNs you should read before you die

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    • I’m not one to care about nomenclature. If more people note it, I’ll put something else there, though. Also, anyone with any suggestion is free to say them. If any of them are good, I’ll edit the list~

  • I know he said he didn’t, but I still wish he’d order that list by ranking. You can’t really compare this list to a typical “50 movies before you die list,” because unlike movies that can easily be watched, a visual novel is not easy to simply read. It would take months to read all 50 for even an avid reader.

    He could have at least paid respects to a few of the visual novels by placing them close to the top. To place Chaos;Head at #1 feels like a slap in the face.

  • Tried reading Chaos;Head once… couldn’t take it anymore after less than 3 hours of reading and ended up dropping it…
    That said, I’ve read a good majority of them.
    Not sure why Soul Link would ever be on anyone’s top list though. For an “action” VN, it was one of the dullest thing I’ve ever read. After reading it I thought I’d give the anime a chance to see if it was any good… and turns out it was the biggest pile of poo I’ve ever had the displeasure to see/ear.

  • Ehhh? I dont see any classic… like True Love, Kana Imouto,Eve, Gloria or Nocturnal Illusio, even VR May Club.
    They are short and old games and for me they are essentials.

    • They have quite an emotional value for me, but I made this list as a guide to new people. And frankly, if I were to rate them objectively, leaving most of my personal opinions aside, they wouldn’t feature so well compared to the newest VNs. This is not “the 50 visual novels I like the most”. I tried to gather a lot of different themes for newcomers to have a guideline on where to start.

    • ” This is not “the 50 visual novels I like the most”. ”
      Thats explain a lot.
      And yes, let a newcomer play Kana Imouto.. well is not fair xD.
      But at same time, some oldies are good starters, cuz they dont have to wait hours in a download or play hours to get an ending.

    • Yep, Nocturnal Illusion MUST BE in this list (you can remove Aoi Yori Aoshi) >_<

      I'm joking, I know this have many "Emotional value", for this reason I prefer Nocturnal Illusion.

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