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Great Article: Destiny Fails Us Otome Game Preview


Hey everybody, Tay here.  I’d never heard of Destiny Fails Us before reading this hilarious article about its demo.  Here’s a small taste of what you’ll read (and it only gets funnier):


There I was, relaxing, taking some much needed me time, forgetting about the world around me, trying to just focus on the monitor. The screen was awash in lovely graphics while my speakers pumped out some soothing soft jams. The oddly compelling story of drama-tastic love had me in a haze of sorts. There was so much going on. So many people’s feelings to consider, relationships to manage, grades to think of. I was so engrossed that I didn’t even hear anyone enter the room, I just heard a voice belt out “What in the holy hell are you doing?” behind me.

“Nothing!” I shouted nervously in an uncharacteristically high pitched tone. “I’m just playing a game!”

“It sure doesn’t look like a game,” replied Jessica as she sharply looked between me and the screen “it looks more like you’re reading schoolgirl manga.”

“No, it’s a game, based on an online comic called Destiny Fails Us.”

“Uh huh.” she replied skeptically. “Do you shoot people in it? That Draco Malvoy kid in the suit looks like he needs to be shot in the face.”


The article (link) is hilarious.  It speaks to everybody who has ever had to explain visual novels to a skeptical audience, and shows the evangelizing power of raw, untainted VN gameplay ; ).  It’s a great read.  Also, if you know about Destiny Fails Us, want to learn more, and/or want to contribute to their Kickstarter, check out the links below.  For reference, at the time of publication the Kickstarter project has cleared the funding amount ($3000), and is about to hit its first stretch goal ($5000).  The Kickstarter has ~24 hours left in its funding cycle (at the time of publication)


Article: Destiny Fails Us Preview

Webcomic: Destiny Fails Us

Kickstarter Page: Destiny Fails Us | Otome Game Kickstarter

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