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Umineko Fighting Game Ougon Musou Kyoku now 100% Translated! final patch very soon

1 cj_iwakura’s team has been working on Ougon Musou Kyoku/Golden Reverie the tag-team Umineko fighting game, yesterday they posted on their blog that scripts are 100% translated! [See this blog post] They are very VERY close to release. They’ve only got to fix line breaks, some graphic updates and testing.

Ryukishi07 responds to the project on twitter:
2013-09-03 04_05_13-Twitter _ cj_iwakura_ @07th_official Definitely plan ... 
(1st tweet) Ryukishi07: “Wow! It’s in English! Is that an English Patch?!”
(2nd tweet) Ryukishi07: “English patch means overseas people can play it as well, that is great. Thank you. Please work on CROSS as well.”

Follow patch progress on their blog: []
or keep an eye on CJ_IWAKURA on reddit.
Twitter account: [@cj_iwakura]

2Btw Cross is referring to Ougon Musou Kyoku CROSS, sequel to the original game which was released at comiket81 in 2011 which adds 7 new playable characters I believe?


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10 years ago

R07 is so nice. Great job! That last picture doh.

10 years ago

No it’s not a sequel it’s just an addon.

10 years ago

IS that playable even though you haven’t finished the VNs yet? Currently at the beginning of Chapter 4 and I don’t want to get spoiled on Chiru.

Reply to  kayserlein
10 years ago

You can play this before Chiru. But do not play it without doing 1-4.

Reply to  kayserlein
10 years ago

I personally wouldn’t play it before reading Chiru, there are a few new characters whose personalities you don’t want spoiled.

Intonsum Satanity
10 years ago

I had no idea that this was being translated O_O
I’ve seen this on YouTube and I like it, just like VNs.

10 years ago

[…] Tal vez lo más bonito de la situación es que Ryukishi07, el creador de Umineko y mandamás de 07th Expansión se siente contento por la traducción y le dio el “vamos”, así que todo 100% bien con ésto. El parche todavía no tiene fecha de lanzamiento. La fuente es Visual Novel Aer. […]

10 years ago

Wow! Last update I saw was months ago, but it’s nice to know that this is still on going. Keep up the good work guys! ^_^

10 years ago

Will this patch work for CROSS, even without the later translations?