Hate Plus Gets a Community-Produced Ending Patch


Hey everybody, Tay here.  In case you haven’t heard, fans of Christine Love’s Hate Plus (Steam Link) have produced a mod to change one of the game’s endings.  l4rm, the group responsible for the mod, has produced substantial new content for Mute’s route.  I’m going to spare you spoilers (hint: go play the game!), but once you’ve finished it, take a look at the group’s blog.  Channeling deep Final Fantasy 7 lore references, the group   boldly claims that,

“Instead of sitting on our thumbs for some false hope of a secret update, we are taking action.”

The mod can be found on the group’s blog


Project Members:

Project Lead and Writer: Kyonko802

Coders: Zem, grenju

Beta Readers: Phazonreaver, Lunar180, Xasther ReeD, For River

Artist: Kai-Yan

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