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Visual-Novels-Vs-Anime-6 Found two articles:

Anime vs Visual Novels – Why We Need More Translators
Mentioned and praised Katawa Shoujo, Higurashi and Majikoi.
“These three visual novels are certainly not all that is on offer, in fact I have barely scratched the surface. Unfortunately, the main problem with visual novels is that most have not been translated and that leaves people like me who only know basic Japanese with no easily accessible way to play them. Fortunately, big releases and fan favourites tend to attract the attention of the many translation groups across the internet and a lot of games can be patched to become playable.” – James Mapley

And a review of If My Heart Had Wings on by Andrew Barker

If My Heart Had Wings Review
“The story follows a predictable plot arc of trials and success, and it fails to deliver any real emotional impact at any stage. That said, If My Heart Had Wings never tries to be truly tragic like many other games in the genre. Instead, it chooses to focus on positive experiences and friendships. The plot progresses slowly, but it’s a relaxing ride. With the help of Kotori Hanabe, a disabled girl bound to her wheelchair, Aoi learns to overcome the restrictions and fears forced upon him by his cycling injury. Likewise, comedic elements such as a top hat-wearing duck, keep the game lighthearted, even through dramatic moments.”
“It will come as no surprise that character archetypes are found in abundance: Ageha the childhood friend, Amane the smart and clumsy girl, Asa and Yoru the twins with opposite personalities, and so on. They are a likable bunch, so it’s easy to forgive the obvious stereotyping. I found only Kotori to be of particular interest, though she only narrowly avoids the tsundere typing. Her personality feels realistic and consistent throughout the game, though it suffers during her ending where things wrap up far too conveniently. Interestingly, Kotori’s disability is rarely touched upon except during her story path. At first, I thought the casual treatment of it was a positive; that she could be treated normally by others. By the end, I wondered if it had been implemented as a gimmick by the developers to try and set their characters apart and not actually thought through in great depth. A more meaningful implementation of the condition would have been worthwhile.”
– Andrew Barker

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  • Rpgfan doesn’t review 18+ games. Even if there is an official English release with NSFW content, they only discuss worksafe versions.

    As for translations, of course I want more – including more diverse products that can’t be described as porn games or romance stories. But like it or not, popularity rises to the top. It’s difficult to find people who like unusual things, let alone work on them. Maybe if someone created VNs about space marines, fighting tournaments, or vigilante gangsters…

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