Vnsociety looking for editors for Hatsuyuki Sakura & Aoiro Rinne

29463 Vnsociety recruiting people. Anyone want to give a go as editor? Hatsuyuki Sakura is a great game, it got getchu bishoujo game award and voted by 2ch as best game of 2012.

photo-2 Visual Novel Society is Looking for the following.
==================[ TOP PRIORITY ]======================

For Hatsusaku Editor please contact Zky, For Aoiro Editor please contact Cafe. For Image Editor please contact me (d_fallen_god) via my email: [email protected]
For translator for 11eyes contact Zky or me. 11eyes is 29% done.
Zky and Cafe is on #vnsociety @
I got a tons of emails regarding 11eyes and hope it will come back alive and kicking.
Though I like to revive the project but clearly no available translators to work on it.  []

For translators who may be interested in any of these:

If interested in any of above novels. Please contact me(d_fallen_god) at my email: [email protected]

For editor roles you need fluent english and lots of 根性!(aka guts) because it is a lot of work.

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  • What i must do as a image editor?
    My english is not very good (its not my native language), but i can use progs like photoshop, gimp & co.

  • I am American, and I speak English fluently, however I do not know much Japanese. If you just need as many hands as possible to help, I can try and do whatever you need. Like I said, I would thoroughly like to help with the editing if you really need it, but I am useless at translations. I would be contacting the specific person you informed us about, but you neglected to say how… Anyways, please email me if you want me to try to help.

  • I shot an e-mail out to d_fallen_god already and got a reply, so I’m camping the IRC right now and waiting for people to show up. This is something I’d really be interested in getting into, and I can bring a lot of editing experience to the table from my university years.

    So thanks for the posting, Aaeru. Put in a good word for me? Or just a word?

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