Visual Art’s Official Store 2013 Summer – lots of ‘Key’ goodies

Visual Art’s Store 2013 Summer, [see official site] located at Gamers level 5 in Akihabara between 3rd of August to 16th of September. I’ve been to one of these before, it’s just a whole glut of merchandise. You can see a catalogue of all (?) the items they are selling on this page: [anibro.jpmaker/va2013/]
(Images and text from Akiba Blog.)
Inside the store.


2013-08-04 21_49_47-CLANNAD 10th Anniversary 特設サイト|Key Official HomePage The main attraction: They’re selling the Clannad 10th Anniversary Art Book, an A4 sized 272 paged book at the store for 7000 yen. There is a small list of the guest illustrators on the main page. 7k yen for an A4 sized book is too much.

gamers3-036 Seaside Tears 2-san says, 「It was crowded even at 17:00, they were limiting the number of people that can go in, and the queue went from level 5 stairway all the way down.」


The price tag at the top right of the above pic says 69,800 yen… for the “Ta-porin Curtain” 「ターポリン幕」. Crazy.

Komari happiness milk cookies.

Everytime you spend 1000yen you get one stamp. When you collect 5 stamps you get to enter the lottery for a chance to get above rewards.

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