The girl in Fairy Fencer F looks just like Kotori from Date A Live

81Q1YbMkq0L._AA1500asdf_ Is that Kotori? No, she’s a new girl called Alyn from an upcoming game Fairy Fencer F by Compile Hearts XD, voiced by Ookuba Rumi (Chinatsu from Yuru Yuri, Yuzuko Nonohara from Yuyushiki).  [see Official Site]

b0129971_1126489 This game is standard turn based JRPG. On the wikipedia page it says, “This game will have an evolved version of Hyperdimension Neptunia battle system.[3]

l_5194a83b9dcd3 Too many games to buy.

b0129971_11261592 Silver haired girl is Tiara and the guy’s name is “Fang”.

l_5194a83bbffaeBattle system. Even simpler than Atelier.

In this shot she looks different now.

050c Obligatory Kotori pic.

There is a promo vid here. Scheduled for release 19th September for the Playstation 3. No it won’t get translated, don’t even dream.

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