Steins;Gate Now Available on Android (in JP)

2013-08-09 19_32_30-STEINS;GATE - Android Apps on Google Play Steins;Gate finally available for Android. [Google Play] <—japanese only! [via Visually Neko.]

”Same treatment as Chaos;Head though: 1st chapter is free, the rest are in-app purchases. Hopefully Lolgc (who did the Steins;Gate iOS patch) would do the English patch for this as well~” – Sakamoto_Neko

Thanks for the heads up via Sakamoto_Neko. Hoping someone can port the existing translation to Android. There is an official translation coming via JAST USA if you didn’t know.
2013-08-09 19_36_50-STEINS;GATE - Android Apps on Google Play

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    • Tried to install it on VMWare two weeks ago – wouldn’t let it run, though.
      Knowing that you are making the translation patch, it seems that Steins;Gate doesn’t use any encryption.
      If you use our patch as the base, we would appreciate credits^^

      — I’ll finish VN4ALL first and then come back to Chaos;Head Noah for iOS & then maybe Chaos;Head, as I was able to install it

    • Yeah, you’re right, it is based on yours patch and credits will surely be.

      > it seems that Steins;Gate doesn’t use any encryption
      On the contrary, S;G for Android encrypted by the method unknown for me, but that didn’t stop me and as result you can see this photo attached at the upper comment.

      — Good luck with VN4ALL!

    • Sakamoto_Neko, I’ll release it as soon as possible at my new blog – .
      Currently I have a few things to do: fix the word wrap in the script manually; translate the system messages (actually I don’t know Japanese at all and I use online-translators to understand the sentences. If anyone who knows this language wants to help me with it, I will be glad), and other small fixes.
      There is one more thing I want to say. First patch will be only for a preview-version (not paid), because I don’t have a free 3000円.

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