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Sprite/Fairys Booth at Denki-kai Matsuri 2013

BROUwtxCUAA8RCq It’s….it’s the Sprite/Fairys booth!! At the special one day event today, 2013 Akihabara Denki-kai Matsuri aka 秋葉原電気外祭り (which is in Shinjuku for this year). Picture posted by Comroad-san’s twitter account.

2013-08-09 21_48_49-Twitter _ com_kamimaezu_a_ 【本日の電気街】spriteさんは蒼の彼方のフォーリズムを中 ... It says, booth is thematically centered on Sprite’s new upcoming game “Aoi no Kanata no Four Rhythm” (see blog post). The new game is 18+.

sprite1 Heaven!


2013-08-09 21_59_12-2013年夏イベント -sprite Official Website – 蒼の彼方のフォーリズム - Just so you know they were selling the Sprite 2013 Summer Set in the A or B set. The B set for 5,000 yen you get the tapestry of the orange haired girl pictured above. Among other items like several B2 tapestries of the characters from Koichoco. []

And here is the tweet from the official Sprite/Fairys account thanking the fans today.


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