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Recently Recommended Eroge on Erogamescape 06-08-13

On Erogamescape (EGS) they have a section called Recently Recommended where they list all the latest released eroge that have good ratings from users. I know that EGS also IP blocks gaijin countries. But they did a poor job and they forgot to block Australia. That’s why I thought I’d post some screenshots for people who can’t access.

ev701a_AA_AB Totono from Nitroplus median = 81 from 245 votes. [VNDB]

2013-08-06 15_53_18-最近のお勧め ErogameScape-エロゲー批評空間-
Natsukumo Yururu median = 80 from 171 votes. [VNDB]

2013-08-06 15_55_17-最近のお勧め ErogameScape-エロゲー批評空間-
Furerabu median = 81 from 153 votes. [VNDB]

2013-08-06 15_56_34-最近のお勧め ErogameScape-エロゲー批評空間-
Otome Riron to Sono Shuuhen median = 87 from 125 votes [VNDB]

2013-08-06 15_56_57-最近のお勧め ErogameScape-エロゲー批評空間-
Gensou no Idea median = 81 from 122 votes. []

2013-08-06 15_57_13-最近のお勧め ErogameScape-エロゲー批評空間-
Majikoi A-2 median = 80 from 81 votes. []

2013-08-06 15_57_25-最近のお勧め ErogameScape-エロゲー批評空間-
Futagoza no Paradox median = 77 from 67 votes. []

2013-08-06 15_57_40-最近のお勧め ErogameScape-エロゲー批評空間- 
Gleam Garden no Shoujo median = 83 from 43 votes. []

2013-08-06 15_57_53-最近のお勧め ErogameScape-エロゲー批評空間-
Gangsta Republica median = 80 from 39 votes. []

2013-08-06 15_58_10-最近のお勧め ErogameScape-エロゲー批評空間-
BRAVA median = 78 from 26 votes. []


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10 years ago

EGS is working for me here in Russia. My friend from Ukraine can’t open a site though.

10 years ago

I did play Fureraba and would love to recommend it for HNNNGGG moments.

10 years ago

Also works from the Philippines. I never knew they did IP blocking

10 years ago

Hahaha, I did them all except the two lasts :). And yeah they are very good !

Dregon Skreper
10 years ago

Well it looks like its time to pull out the ol’ hotspot shield for this.

10 years ago

I’m interested in Gangsta Republica. I wonder how well that one is.

10 years ago

This is great! EGS blocks IPs for where I live and it’s quite a pain to find a working proxy to access it.

Could you please make this a recurring monthly thing?

Reply to  歌音
10 years ago

i hope so