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Oregairu on PS Vita Has Completely Different (read: better) Artstyle!

俺ガイル_vita製品_化粧紙_ Oregairu on PS Vita only, being published by 5pb. [Official Site] Full name is, “Yahari Game demo Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru.” Release date: September 19th. They’re claiming that the author of the LN Watari Wataru is “supervising” the creation of the game (but not writing it). And if you buy the limited version you get the obligatory original unaired anime episode on blu-ray. Very standard. (but limited version cost 9,975 yen which is 2835 yen more than regular version!).

And look at this!
2013-08-04 04_23_00-PS Vita版『やはりゲームでも俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。』公式サイト ^ Properly done CG in the game!! That art is not by the anime studio.

c20130614_oregairu_13_cs1w1_480x272 Even the sprites are properly drawn. This is remarkable because normally they go cheap and get the anime studio to spew out their crap art for a game like this.

c20130614_oregairu_16_cs1w1_480x272 Can’t see Yui’s face ;_;

It’s somewhat comparable to the LN Art: (yea i know, looks completely different)YahariLoveCom_v1-005 YahariLoveCom_v2-173 YahariLoveCom_v2-193 YahariLoveCom_v2-006-008I like how they went for their own style for the game. There’s no info about who the artist is though.

Some screenshots of the unaired episode here:
2013-08-04 04_20_11-PS Vita版『やはりゲームでも俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。』公式サイト


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10 years ago

Yay, although I don’t have a psp nor I know japanese :C

Reply to  SieghartXx
10 years ago

Ummm its on vita not psp…

10 years ago

The artstyle kinda got me interested in this game. But, how are LN/Anime visual novel adaptations overall ? Does it differ too much from one another to tell ?
Maybe I should wait for reviews first ?

(I actually want to improve my japanese level, and so I’m thinking of buying some VNs for my Vita. That’s the only way I found to force me to look up —thus learn— kanjis.)

Reply to  Kayseur
10 years ago

isn’t it easier to just play VNs on PC so that you can use ITH to hook the text and automatically dictionary them?

Reply to  Kayseur
10 years ago

Yes, yes it is easier. But, that’s the point.
If I get to use ITH, I’m not learning anything. I just look at the translation and nothing more. I learn almost zero kanjis, while when I truly forced myself to read Senran Kagura in full japanese (where hooking text wasn’t possible), I got to learn a good bunch of new characters.

So, on the good side, it’s more enjoyable, kind of, but that’s not really what I’m looking for. Well, that said, I sure could try not to use ITH but… if there’s the possibility to, it’s just so tempting I can’t help myself. Plus, I like playing on my Vita after all.

10 years ago

Its similar to the anime art TBH>&!

10 years ago

[…] they don’t fix the art, then no buy. (especially since Oregairu Vita is making a huge effort). Why do people keep buying these things. See the character art in the […]